Thursday, January 26, 2006

St. G. W. Bush vs. the Devil Bin Laden

President GW Bush and his catastrophic "A" team have told the American people that the US is winning the war on terror. But after over a year of absence from the media scene, Bin Laden released an audiotape that drove the stock market Dow average down 213 points. Symbolically, this low tech tape had the impact of an aircraft smashing into Wall Street. .

Last time Bin Laden dropped a tape was during the 2004 US presidential election. In this excursion, he essentially thumbed his nose at the president and said "Catch me if you can". It also gave presidential candidate Kerry a golden opportunity to rise above the Bush administration cliches on terror , identify himself as a master of the universe, set himself apart from the president. All he had to say was "Kill the son-of-bitch. Instead Kerry pontificated and missed an opportunty to project himself as the man of the hour. Political theatrics,sure, but Kerry never mastered them and he went down,down with his party.

Bin Laden has had his turban knocked off by Bush---The Arab's sanctuary in Afghanistan was crushed and dismantled, but not destroyed. He has lost important first and second echelon fighters in his Al Queda movement,.but his leadership cadres continue to function. He has failed to strike at the heart of America in another terrorist attack, but succeeded with increasingly devastating terror attacks against US allies. The US has forged administratively an international.anti-Al Queda terrorist apparatus, but will not protect its borders from terrorist penetration. It mistakenly believes that a source of cheap stoop labor is more important than security.

It makes me cringe everytime an adminstration blowhard tells the American people how it has so far protected the US homeland against another Al Queda attack.This is just another version of the hapless Bush "Bring 'em on". Public remarks like these made by high level officials, inflame the terrorists, make them more determined to attack. Its effort to make propaganda on this issue demonstrates, in this instance, that the Bush administration has no brains or class. It should quietly pocket this positive situation and cross its fingers that it continues. Most experts on terror believe it will not continue, which makes this senseless bravado even more incomprehensible.

Bin Laden's biggest success, apart from his attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, was to use the US invasion of Iraq to open a second terrorist front against the US..

GW Bush is a bible thumping, born again, Christian evangelical whose world is cast in good vs. evil,e.g., his axis of evil foregin policy formulation. In Iraq the devil did not chase him as he did in 9/11 The president almost innocently walked into the Iraqi trap, and the devil snapped the cage closed. Now Bush is unable to extricate himself from the morass that has brought the US death and unacceptable open expenditures

It is now history. The US turn from major operations in Afghanistan to Iraq has relieved pressure on Al Oueda and the Taliban. There is a resurgence of the Taliban all over Afghanistan . Abetted by careless US air strikes that kill innocent people, the border areas in Pakistan along Afghanistan have never been more pro-Al Queda. As far as Iraq, the capture of Saddam has removed any regional check and balance on Iranian Shiite power. It has actually increased Iranian power ,as the Iranian ayatollas now influence 60 per cent of Iraq .To make matters worse, el Sadr, head of the most powerful Iraqi Shiite militia, said he would defend Iran if it is attacked. The great irony is that the US, still using yesterday's playbook, is killing and imprisoning anti-Shiite Sunnis as fast as it can.

Most experts agree that the the US invasion of Iraq created a new Mecca for terrorists who now have a first hand opportunity to dip their hands in American blood. There are more suicide bombers than bombs. There is an anti-American frenzy that feeds bloodshed not only against Americans, but against any local moderate elements that support stability in Iraq.

The war in Iraq was promoted by Israel-first Neocons and the big oil lobbies So far Israel is less secure and oil is bumping seventy dollars a barrel, with Iraqi oil production below pre- invasion levels. When GW Bush writes his memoirs about the invasion of Iraq, he may as well say the the devil made him do it. It is as good a reason as any so far. His arguments for invasion like WMD, Iraqi links to Al Oueda and imposition of democracy are now smoking on the trash heap of history.

Pictured with this essay is a medieval, fortune telling Tarot card, number fifteen, of the Tarot trump cards--the Devil. There are symbolic representations on this card that GW Bush would appreciate, especially given his bedeviled state of mind.

The Devil appears to be a tall, gawky, ungainly fellow. He wears female breasts which implies an intuitive female side. Has bat wings and travels at night when all the good, god fearing people are sleeping. Of course, he sleeps in caves; he has two satanic imps, one called Al Zawahiri and the other Al Zarqawi , that blindly do his bloody bidding. He holds the sword carelessly by the blade and uses it to kill the innocent as well as the guilty He sows death and destruction without remorse.

Goethe wrote "You have the devil underrated
I cannot yet persuaded be
A fellow who is all behated
Must something be "

The devil, a fallen angel, is also known as Lucifer-the light giver. To the Islamic Jihadists, he is just that. He has a fanatic following and has spawned a world wide movement that will deify him whether he is killed in battle or dies quietly with a toothache in his heel. He remains a deadly force against the US that the House of Bush unintentionally help build.

As GW Bush proceeds down the twisting road in the Middle East, he may do well to ponder the meaning found on Chinese road signs today. " Go smoothly on the slippery road, for therein lurks the skid demon" Colonel Robert E Bartos Colonel US Army Ret.


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I nominate George Doubleyou to the EvilDoer"s Hall of Fame.
Faustus San Sebastian


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