Friday, May 11, 2007

Drifting and Dreaming – Republicans in 2008

At the recent presidential debates, was it the gong show or 10 Republican candidates acting like circus trained seals barking on command as moderator Chris Matthews threw them verbal sardines? All but one robotically loved the Iraq War. Three holy rollers said they did not believe in evolution; they collectively invoked Ronald Reagan's name 19 times and GW Bush's name only once. Maybe they understood Daddy Bush and his first born boy buried any vestiges of conservative policies in the Republican party. At least Ron Paul reminded them what an old school Republican used to believe.

Bomb-Bomb-Bomb McCain appeared so mad that he might have had to be restrained as he projected an excited fury over today’s American enemies in Iraq and Iran. As I recollect, he also committed the US to nuclear warfare if Israel is attacked by Iranian nucs. In what treaty is that protocol? Perhaps he was soliciting campaign contributions from jittery Israeli First Americans. Bomb-Bomb-Bomb looked his age and unfortunately acted out the brittle downside of his 70 years, as a man who knows his time is running out. If you believe GW Bush has lost it as president, consider the fact that Bomb-Bomb-Bomb never had it. His success at self promotion has been eclipsed only by Paris Hilton.

Lost in the sturm and drang of the debates, was Governor Tommy Thompson's proposal on Iraq. He wanted every one of the 18 provincial Iraqi capitals to share in the country's oil profits, every Iraqi citizen allocated a fair share oil profits and the Iraqi people to vote democratically on the continued presence of American occupation forces. The first two proposals are of course utopian, but the last one would be interesting. You will not need a Zogby poll to tell you the results: over 80% will vote YANKEE GO HOME. Thompson still calls himself Tommy – when does he graduate to Tom? South of the Mason Dixon Line old men die as Jimmy, Bobby, Sonny; that’s a little boy tradition I never understood, but accept. Tom Thompson, with his dyspeptic looks, needs a white grocers apron and he would fit into the local super market management in the butter and eggs department. I like the Tommy Tom, he is genuine. As governor, he ran a politically divided state successfully and has solid common sense despite a few public gaffs made playing in prime time. Would trust him to do the right thing as president over most of the other candidates. So what if he is not the prettiest – neither was honest Abe.

Buzz has it that Romney is the White House's favorite Republican candidate – there have even been trial balloons launched suggesting Jeb Bush is to be his running mate. Romney's strong suit is his predatory pragmatism; quite simply, he will say about anything to win and apparently with clear conscience. Keeping his eye on the ball, he gets the job done and has a CEO mentality that if you do not produce, you are out. He is good looking, smart, energetic and has demonstrated he can lead. He is a Mormon – a religion that believes the resurrected angel Moroni will show them the way rather than a resurrected Christ. So what if he puts a gold statue of Moroni blowing his horn on top of the White House or the Washington Monument, as long as Moroni produces for the country. This religion gives the born-again evangelical holy rollers a holy fit. They do not consider the religion Christian, so this question of Mormonism may be a serious problem for the base of the Republican party, who prefer crosses on their churches over the Angel Maroni blowing his trumpet. Should he receive the nomination, his Mormonism could cause issues with blacks and Jews in a general election. Can Moroni get the US out of Iraq and catch bin Laden, if so bring him on. I will even learn the four Mormon handshakes and change my name to Brigham, if I thought it helped.

Rudy Giuliani still thinks the USA is like NYC. I spent over a year there as a grad student – it is another world – where else in the USA do you still have Socialist rent control? Everyone there has a mighty minority problem, otherwise, how can a charlatan like Al Sharpton survive? You have Puerto Rican Day when mothers have to hide their daughters and you cannot leave a potted plant out or it disappears; the Irish have a parade and fight over whether gay Irishmen can parade; Macy's barrage balloon floats attack parade bystanders; Chinatown provides any exotic sin your heart desires as well as great Kung Pao chicken; Brighton Beach produces the best fake Russian antiques in the world; and Jihadists targeted and struck the city twice. Last Sunday the NYC Jews held a Solidarity With Israel parade with Mayor Bloomberg as Grand Marshal, so the city apparently has its own foreign policy. Despite all this turmoil, it is probably the most exciting and interesting place in the world... But do not for one moment believe there is transfer of training from there to run the White House; it is like taking a rodeo rider on a bucking Brahma bull to ride in a refined judged horse show competition. There have been governors of the state of New York, but not NYC mayors in the White House for good reason – the thug mentality helps in NYC, but runs into trouble quickly in Washington. Giuliani's gumba, Bernie Kerik, lasted about a week as the nominee for the Home Land Defense cabinet post. Rudy has many albatrosses around his neck with more to come and will probably sink like a stone – Rudy could do the job... As far as his performance at the debates, with Rudy take what you got; he is not going to change and he certainly is not as bad as what we have as president now.

Iraq is the burning issue of the 2008 election. Democrats appear skittish to cut off funding for the war. Even Senator Webb who was elected on a stridently anti-war platform is now just talking about finding another course. Believe Webb has caught Potomac fever after his election. Democrat candidate Edwards has the right idea: just keep sending the bill back to Bush without the pork and let him veto it over and over. There is a good chance the Democrats will blow the war issue, or nominate Obama or Hillary; if they do, the Republican candidate has a chance. In this instance, let us hope there are more choices on the Republican side. By the way, Democratic Senate Majority Leader Reid is a Mormon. Guess he waiting for the Angel Moroni to show him the path on Iraq. Colonel Robert E Bartos Colonel USA RET

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Anonymous Bob said...

I am a bit hopeful that either the Republicians or the Democrats--I do not care which--will come up with a candidate marginally better than the batch of political hacks we have today.

I say either the Republicians or the Democrats, because Ross Perot destroyed the idea of a successful third party candidate for at least the rest of this generation.

If not, I will have difficulty bothering to vote.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am pulling for Ron Paul

Ron Paul won the GOP debate.
MSNBC Lying:
ABC tried to hide Ron Paul victory also:
CSPAN Has Ron Paul victory:
Youtube debate Ron Paul:
Ron Paul the only Conservative Running:


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