Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Murder at the Holocaust Museum

It was an 88-year old man with a relic 22 calibre rifle named von Brunn who murdered a black security guard in an attempt single-handedly to storm the Holocaust Museum and Memorial in Washington DC a few days ago.

Von Brunn apparently was so physically decrepit that the guard whom he killed with a single shot in the breast sought to help his assailant through the door. After he fired, other museum guards quickly brought von Brunn down in the doorway with head shots: two 38 calibre slugs in the face. Last report was that von Brunn was in critical condition in a Washington, DC hospital, charged federally with murder.

Murder in our nation's capitol is a recurring horror, but this one stopped traffic on a key artery, the 14th Street Bridge, and caused paroxysms of journalistic frenzy. We learned immediately that the killer was a neo-nazi anti government hater. He left his manifesto in his car that was double parked outside the museum – it was reread repeatedly for at least three days by a titillated main stream media.

About the only groups that pay much attention to these neo-nazis or skin heads are the Southern Poverty Law Center, whose main spokesmen appear Jewish; swastika tattooed Aryan Brotherhood types, who abound locked in prisons; and, wanna-be storm troopers found roaming in wooded mountain states. There are American Jewish groups who react to Holocaust issues with fury and hunt for Holocaust deniers, now that most of the Nazis are dead and gone.

For example, on 11 June 09, Newsmax.com published an over-the-top story by Rabbi Dr. Morton H. Pomerantz titled: Obama Breeds Climate of Hate Against Jews. He wrote: Our new president did not tell a virulent anti-Semite to travel to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington to kill Jews, but he is most certainly creating a climate of hate against us. It is no coincidence that we are witnessing this level of hatred toward Jews as President Barack Obama positions America against the Jewish state... In Cairo, Obama said things that pose a grave danger to Jews in Israel, in America and everywhere. This screed gives you the sense of the hysteria that can be found over the issue in America.

Relax Rabbi, Dr. Pomerantz, no Jews were killed; only black people are in mourning and they do not blame Obama.

The FBI took the neo-nazi threat seriously some time ago and crushed the leadership cadres. At best, the movement survives on an individual basis or small cell – the open, mass David Duke appeal has long disappeared. A Lone Wolf like von Brunn continues to be a problem for the FBI as they operate in outside networks, and are not easily penetrated.

One crazy fallout is the fascist and racist memorabilia attraction. About 20 years ago the New York Times Sunday Magazine section published an article with photographs depicting American Jews as the largest group of collectors of Nazi uniforms and objects. Ebay now proscribes the sale of such Third Reich items, but the market flourishes and not only among Jews. Sale of the such items in Germany is VERBOTEN.

As museums are opening in the US celebrating the racial struggle, a market in slave related items, segregation signage, and Klan regalia is developing. Little Black Sambo has returned to its historical niche.

The general media outrage of the murder by von Brunn at the museum may have had the opposite intended effect: by publishing his demented creed while it condemned, the process had the opposite affect of propagandizing it. The adage that a WICKED BOOK GATHERS NO DUST has merit. Except for the announcement that the museum is now open, the sudden collapse of the story after three days of intensity bears witness to the editors' late enlightenment. Too late, the neo-nazis will count him as hero and figuratively send von Brunn to Valhalla with a Viking funeral.

The FBI has announced von Brunn will survive his wounds. Depending on how much cognition the 88-year old man, shot twice in the head, has left, the projected trial may draw more freakish attention than OJ's. It is a sordid tale that will end sordidly. Colonial Robert E Bartos USA Ret.


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