Monday, July 10, 2006

Feliz cumpleaños, Presidente Jorge – Artist: Aaron Obilinovic

By the Rockets Red Glare

July 4th 2006, US Independence day, has come and gone. Americans celebrated with traditional fireworks all over the country to include firing a manned shuttle rocket to a space station – other nations celebrated the US holiday with their own versions of fireworks, but these were not benign nor a homage to the US...

North Korea, one of GWBush's designated members of the EVIL EMPIRE CLUB, at last count, blasted 7 rockets into the Sea of Japan – the only damage this inflicted was on Bush's Far East foreign policy. He had established a world-wide, public opinion phalanx to prevent this event and he fell flat on its face. There were post mortems on the TV news and talk shows to discuss the issue. The only person who made sense was New Mexico's Governor Richardson who said for Christ Sake, talk to to North Koreans directly rather than through a filter of six regional nations that all have different agendas with North Korea...

I am uncertain that would work either, because the North Koreans believe without nucs it would end up like smashed Iraq; however, it is worth a try – send a US envoy to North Korea who speaks Korean, has the stomach to digest fermented kimchee, and the liver to process rotten rice wine – nothing to lose except the envoy. Red China remains the fulcrum to solve the problem and it likes things just as they are.

Bush's policy the last five years has fostered eight more North Korean nucs and scores of rockets with upgrades... One thing Condoleezza and the President should have learned by now is that the Red Chinese are not going to save their bacon in North Korea – every time North Korea sticks it to the US, Chinese buddhist priests bong gongs, explode fireworks, and run around celebrating with burning joss sticks deep in the Forbidden City in Peking. They chant: "the big noses and foreign devils no changee North Korean regime".

Also Bush's Mexican policy of open border came to head this 4th of July... As of right now there is a question about the validity of the recent presidential elections between Calderón, right wing party of Vincente Fox and Obrador, of the left wing party of Karl Marx – Obrador had been cheated in two runs for governor of the Mexican province of Tabasco, so he is not expected to accept a close defeat without inspiring social unrest. As a leftist leader, he can call strikes and paralyze the country – even potentially, start a revolution. Remember, the Mexican soldiers are not from the bourgeoisie. Although Calderón has squeaked by with a narrow majority, the left wing believes the majority is never right unless the left wins.

At a very high price, with his open borders policy, there is no question now – Bush was in collusion and supported the right wing Fox regime in hopes for a future defeat of the left wing of Obrador. Time will tell if it worked. For certain, we will be the first know at the Mexican border. If the illegals are wearing Gucci loafers or open-toed high heels, carrying jewels and gold ingots, the right wing lost the election and is fleeing subsequent turmoil in Mexico.

On the 4th of July, the President delivered a speech to the troops of the 82nd ABN DIV at FT Bragg, North Carolina and was warmly received. He said our enemies are vulnerable and urged the troops to march on to freedom – GWB cited the killing of Zarqawi as progress, though the progress since his death is not evident – at last check the Sunnis refuse to participate in the unified government. One of al Zarqawi’s three wives said Zarqawi was betrayed by al Qaeda to get him out the way... WHO GOT THE 25 MILLION REWARD MONEY, Mr. President? Did we do al Qaeda a favor? While we march to freedom, the Insurgency expands as well as the theme of YANKEE GO HOME by the newly formed Iraqi government. It still is mystery to me why the US continuously destroys Sunnis when the near and long term threat to US interests in the country are the Iranian backed Shiites. Somebody in the military US command other than Special Operations should think about this and make policy changes; this is not rocket science.

Questions by the press are now finally being asked of why everything is going haywire for Bush internationally. Even his pro war Neocon magazine, The Weekly Standard, is rending its hair over the mess. Bush explains he does not want to end the war without victory, because it would be a betrayal to those who already have died and made sacrifices. Too bad we cannot define victory concretely, and as far as throwing more lives after the ones that we have lost, it is an example of loser's sweat and not leadership... the handwriting is on the wall. US will be forced out now or later – as we observe, the longer it remains, the less leverage it has to influence the situation. Colonel Robert E Bartos USA RET


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good writing as always.

FYI- I made it back to the US after 3 years in Italy minus 10 months in Africa.

Food is good, roads are wide and there seems to be plenty of jobs.
Good to be back, in the USA.



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