Tuesday, May 23, 2006

First US Protestant Pope -- Pope George Castastrophus

GW Bush finally gave his ballyhoo prime time speech on immigration last week. By those who grade elocution, it was a success. By those who understand substance, a failure. The next day, Bush's handlers let him fall off the bed of the truck - off the cuff, unscripted, stuttering and stammering, Bush brought US moral compulsion, responsibility and religion into the illegal immigration issue, undermining any success in his previous day’s elocution.

Last time I checked, GWB was elected President of the US, and part of that office came with the baton of Commander and Chief with a mandate to protect America -- nothing there about saving or pitying illegal immigrants who bust our laws and borders.

There exists an overwhelming number of religious professions and foot stomping, handkerchief waving, singing evangelical congregations that regularly inject their views throughout the nation and as such, are a part of policy formulation. Despite this, GWB’s election was not to establish a demigod with a special link between heaven and the US. Protection of US borders is Caesar's duty not God’s.

If GWB aspires to be the Protestant pope, we should first assign him a special regalia that distinguishes him from the Catholic pontiff -- snatch his traditional papal tiara and replace it with a large Mexican sombrero -- then fill his pockets with hallucinogenic mushrooms -- prohibit the use of palm fronds in ceremonies, to be replaced with fresh marijuana stalks -- all religious music to played by a Mariachi band.

His title should be EL PAPITO -- His curea that legislates amnesty and guest worker programs has to called EL SENATITO.

It is uncanny. Put a photograph of GWB and the Reverend Pat Robertson together and you would have a tough time determining who is who -- the two fellas have almost morphed into each other.

Bush's attempt to control illegal immigration without first controlling the borders is absurd -- his guest worker program is built on a crumbling premise -- Bush claims he cannot have protected borders without a guest worker program -- implicit in his thesis is that illegals will stop crawling across our borders if the US had a guest worker program -- absolute baloney -- amnesty programs will encourage more wet backs as it did under Reagan's 1986 program of amnesty -- there is still great uncertainty on how many and who are the illegal immigrants in the US -- nor are there sufficient courts and processing centers to control them.

Like his bloated budget and war in Iraq, does GWB intend that the next president also solve his border problems?

Why Bush did not fill the border patrol budgeted allocation has not been explained. Instead he proposed a 6000 man temporary employment of national guard units. Units are to be deployed for two weeks during normal summer call up times -- TWO WEEKS! It will take guard units that long to pack and unpack equipment, set up communication nets and command posts, and learn the terrain... Bush says the guard is not to carry weapons or interdict illegal border crossers -- gimme a break -- in this case why not send a girl scout troop -- this restricted guard deployment is just a fig leaf to cover a naked fact: Bush does not want to protect the borders.

Understand Bush wants to keep the cheap labor flowing for his corporation contributors, but this national-interest-be-damned policy is only part of the story

Before 9/11, Bush stood with the Mexican President Fox in Florida at a press conference and stated in Spanish with a Texas twang, MI CASA, SU CASA, i.e., MY HOUSE IS YOUR HOUSE -- hey George, it is okay to invite these desperate, milling masses to your rancho grande in Crawford, Texas, but I do not want these illegal immigrants on my doorstep.

Some believe that this human flood across the Mexican border is intentionally advocated by the Bush administration. It is part of a secret grand strategy to fuse an economical political union of Mexico, USA, and Canada -- Mexamericadia union as a counter balance against the Euro Union. If true, suggest this onerous proposal be put to a national vote in the US -- certainly cannot trust our bought Congress to handle the issue.

Bush's half-baked immigration policy is supported in the Senate by Ted Kennedy, hero of Chapaquidick, and tarnish-of-on-the-blade John McCain -- both of these guys should scare the hell out of the red blooded Republicans.

Noted recently that GW Bush gave press interviews while in Yuma, Arizona. He sat in directors chairs, separately with CNN and NBC White House press reps -- in the hot open desert sun -- no hat -- even a prairie dog knows enough to avoid the desert sun and hide in the shade -- that adolescent stage set was not macho -- just stupid -- You got to wonder about the President's judgment -- Mr. President, stay out of the sun.

GWB's polls are in some cases as low as those of Richard Nixon. You would think that he would do the country a service and follow Nixon with his resignation. But he would be followed by whack job VEEP CHENEY, with his 17 per cent approval rating. So his replacement would even be worse.

John McCain went to Lynchville, Virginia to kiss the ring of Jerry Falwell and to be anointed the new Protestant pope; he wants the presidency very badly to flip flop on his values on the born again Christians -- let's hope the Republicans deny him the nomination -- enough influence from the moral minority. Colonel Robert E Bartos USA Ret.


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