Tuesday, March 21, 2006

GW Bush's Blue Ribbon Panel on Iraq

Save your money Mr. President. Forget the smoke screen Blue Ribbon panel composed of has beens to make recommendations on how to save your skin in Iraq. Here are my modest recommendations at no charge.

--Reassign top General officers in Iraq and CENTCOM to desk jobs or encourage them to retire. Assign military leadership that can fight insurgent wars without killing civilians, and eschews large scale search and destroy operations that stir up the territory, infuriate the populations and impart a false sense of progress in the press.

--No more Fallujahs.

--No More Abu Gharibs

--No more "Bring Em on" misguided, moronic, presidential incitement of the insurgency.

Control security contractors paid by US firms with US appropriated money or ban them from Iraqi operations--no more cowboys running loose that cause problems for the command.

--Rescind the Medal of Freedom to screwups like Gen Franks, Slam Dunk Tenet, and hapless Bremer... Stop rewarding incompetence.

--Pull national security clearances on all neo conservatives Suggest they take work as ball boys or sit on milk crates to check passes at industrial complexes.

--Insist Mr Wolfowitz surrender his American citizenship--and just satisfy himself as an Israeli citizen.

-- Fire Rumsfeld -- Fire Rumsfeld -- Fire Rumsfeld. If you fail to do this, expect more military disasters.

--Keep Condoleezza out of contact with Islamic people. She is part of the problem. At NSC, up to her eye balls in deceit, she acted as a midwife for the invasion of Iraq. She badly muddled the affairs in Gaza. Recently in Islamabad, she hectored our besieged Pakistani pal Musarraf on democracy -- the lady has to be qualified for something -- it is just not national security policy formulation or diplomacy...

--Arrest Chalibi. Issue oneway tickets to the exiled Iraqis from London, to return. These US sponsored carpet baggers, despised by Iraqis, create more turmoil than stability as they grab for power to enrich themselves and families.

--President GW Bush, please do not travel outside the US borders. You will just complicate things even more.

--Have IRS investigate the Dubai Carlyle Group and Halliburton--no more government contracts to Halliburton or its subsidiaries.

--Have VEEP Cheney retire for medical reasons -- he has lost his groove and aim.

--No more funds especially appropriated to Department of Defense without accountability.

-- US foreign aid to Arabs and Israel to be balanced -- no weapons or funds to Israel unless it returns to 1967 borders

--Priorities in Iraq -- stability, Law and Order, functioning water and power systems, fuel, roads and airfields -- forget about the democracy. The only Iraqis who salute the concept are the sycophant carpet baggers from London.

Appoint Representative Murtha to draft troop withdrawal plan for immediate US troop redeployment from Iraq and implement it.

Give up the idea of permanent US bases in Iraq -- Stop pouring cement in US Iraqi bases. Order Gen Abizaid to announce this intention loud and clear -- there is good old Kuwait for such mindless basing -- it should stay loyal to US until the dollar collapses or its guest workers take over.

Make oil deals with tribes or militias in Iraq -- forget about the inept, shattered, US created central government..... the latest figure for development of Iraqi oil fields is 30 billion dollars of which 10 billion realistically should be earmarked for bribes.

There is no doubt GW Bush will ignore my blue ribbon recommendations for Iraq -- His blue ribbon panel will make ambiguous recommendations, compromises forged by political haggling to protect various political and economic interests like the 9/11 commission before it, and it too will be ignored as GW Bush tries to hold Iraq by his finger nails to avoid official defeat during his presidential term. Colonel RE Bartos USA Ret


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