Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Wheel of Fortune Spins Against GW Bush

Wheel of fortune turns for GW Bush. As it spins, the American people are taken for the ride - that ride right now is plummeting downward.

Pictured Tarot card, the wheel of fortune, projects two figures - a devil on the left and the Egyptian god dog Anubis the right - the figure on the right presages good fortune as the devil on the left represents the opposite ... and with the devil is where unfortunately the USA finds itself today.

Apologists for "Bring em on GW Bush" argue he is a victim of uncontrollable events. This is of course BALONEY- if they believe that why not accept the ancient Chinese concept of the RIGHT OF HEAVEN, i.e., when the nation is beset by war, famine, drought, fire, floods, or bird flu, just remove the emperor, because the gods regard him with contempt.

President Bush has spun his own rope on which he is hanging. He cannot even blame his Republican congress for his present stew. As a matter of fact, it helped him make the rope and followed him into the abyss..

Deleterious relations with the Chinese were set when GWB's knees buckled as the Chinese forced down and looted a US recon aircraft early in his administration. He was caught flatfooted by al - Queda 9/11. He inflicted a mortal wound on himself with his foolish invasion of Iraq. Blew his opportunity to kill Taliban Omar and Bin Laden in Afghanistan. Missed an opportunity to unseat the Venezuelan Chavez in 2002. Welcomed the Mexican Fox to violate US borders to the tune of 12 million illegal aliens. Permitted the peace process to flounder in Palestine/Israeli conflict. North Korea is having a good time firing up graded missiles that one day will carry nuclear warheads. Meanwhile, economically, deficits for the US are out of control...with Balance of payments enormously favor overseas countries. As a result, foreigners are buying US infrastructure at bargain prices with cheap money. Bush's ineptitude to come to grips with the Katrina disaster haunts him even today

It is not as if things cannot get worse. VEEP Cheney tossed raw meat before the Israeli lobby recently indicating the US will not permit Iran to have nuclear weapons, though Israel may possess them. The Iranian UN representative, undismayed, responded with "let the ball roll ".--- A few days later Representative Murtha scoffed at Cheney, stating that that US military forces are broken and can barely handle what is on their plate today--equipment worn out, recruitment down, military hospitals full of wounded, and desertion rates up.

Civil war in Iraq is alive and well and intensifying despite the fact Rumsfeld denies it - by now the American people should catch on---Whatever Rumsfeld says, the truth is opposite. Perhaps Rumsfeld is waiting for the sides in Iraq to don blue and gray uniforms before he recognizes a civil war there.

Our SecState Rice dutifully chimed in a few days after Cheney to announce that Iran is the worlds biggest terrorist -Condoleeezza, what happened to Bin Laden? Did he vanish into Aladdin's lamp? It is this kind of pandering to the Israeli lobby that makes US foreign policy almost farcical.

There is one ray of hope... The congress has forced GW Bush to cancel the sale of six east coast US ports to rich Arab sheiks--apparently the sheiks could buy many leading Republicans and Democrats, but not all of congress--about 70% of the Americans were against the sale - and many congressman are up for election soon, so this public outcry was sobering for them, and they reluctantly turned against those who regularly buy them lunch.

Generals Franks, Pace, and Abizaid were formed into a high kicking chorus line by the Bush administration to support the sale to the Dubai sheiks - I am not certain what the generals know about commercial US port security, but their unabashed public approval of the sale was over the top - that United Emirate ports are important strategically to US operations in the Gulf is unquestionable, but they were not in jeopardy - what is questionable is that the Generals appeared to sell themselves to the company store in what turned out clearly to be a political issue -to make matters worse while the generals were dancing to the Administration's tune, GWB pulled the rug out, surprisingly cut a deal to cancel the sale, making them look foolish.

Generals are political animals, or they would not be generals . Normally, their politics are confined to the Department of Defense grids. In this case, they stepped out of the boundaries and rolled in the tar pit with elected officials, soiling their uniforms.

Congress took the ball away from the president and cleaned the Dubai mess up - some fat cats lost money, had a stick poked in their wheel. But the US should be a little safer. As a result the wheel of fortune moved an inch in favor of the US--Colonel Robert E Bartos USA Ret .


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The wheel of fortune in the U.S., my dear Colonel, is greased by AIPACs' & WINEPs' influence on foreign policy & public opinion. If we could just put our house in order, everything else will fall into place.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have read this blog since the beginning. I have known it, from what I know firsthand, to be all too often sadly on the mark. I ask the following questions. Where are we going in this country? Are we headed down the slipperiest slope of all? Does the average person even know, or want to know, how dire things in so many vital areas appear to have become; or does everybody just have their heads in the sand? Are there only a few voices crying out in the wilderness trying to warn the nation of the all-too-real potential for disaster on a Biblical scale? I observe debt beyond all comprehension, learned people without any true knowledge or common sense, and the average person praying only for the best while knowing but not wanting to see that the worst is right on the horizon. Something is very, very wrong.


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