Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Reaping His Harvest of Incompetence-GW Bush

There is a scandal a week for GW Bush. By this time even his Red Staters have to fret with chagrin. It is not that the President is out of touch. He pops up every day on TV painfully trying to explain his rolling incompetence. His omnipresence in the face of serial disasters simply enforces the reality that he can not do the job.

There is a reasonable expectation by the American people that The President, given the enormous resources at hand, should stay on top of the game. He does not. He is down to a 34% approval rate by the American people. If he keeps slipping, about the only place he will be able to place his presidential library will be in the fortified Green Zone in Baghdad.

Economically, he has the largest deficit in the country's history . His record 750 billion balance of payments with other nations greatly favors foreign countries, and the gap grows yearly. He does not stand in the way of out sourcing US industries. The US auto industry is shot. No serious textile and shoe industries now exist in the US. Steel is in jeopardy as it can not compete with foreign subsidized steel industries. The Chinese refuse to revalue their currency, flooding the US market with artificially cheap goods. GWBush apparently loves to sell US infrastructure industries to foreign countries. His latest effort to sell the operational control of six US ports to an Arab corporation woke America up with a gasp.

Bush's lame excuse that failure to sell the facilities to a fat cat Arab Sheikdom is that, it would send the wrong signals to the Arab street. If he wants to send the right message, try withdrawing troops from Iraq or put the unbalanced US support of Israel in a proper perspective. As far as the United Arab Emirates, he has just picked up another flabby, unpopular, tribal country to defend along with Israel in the Middle East.

About turning over US ports to the Arabs to control, remember that United Arab Emirates is surrounded by countries that produce radical Islamists--the temptation will always be to do business with them as the Emirates have done in the past--the country may have modern facilities, but its religion remains rooted in that old time Islam. Apart from the Administration, the frightening thing is that Jimmy Carter, Madeline Albright, and Viagra Bob Dole approve the sale. To make it even scarier, JCS General Pace and former CENTCOM Commander General Franks support the deal--these two generals have never been right about the Middle East-- thy are two mindless rubber stamps for the Bush Administration and bear responsibility for the current chaos in Iraq--under no circumstances trust civilian and military US elites on this one. Evidence already exists the issue is soaked with lobbyists money.

Bush's foreign policy borders on insanity. His response to 9/11 involved him in an elective war in Iraq that he is badly losing. His focus on Iraq dulled his strike on Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Bin Laden has again slowly strengthened his hold on the region. His policy with Latin America is in shambles--the Mexican border is unprotected, because Bush believes it is a good source of stoop labor--Chavez, Castro and Morales have developed into the Three Musketeers sticking it to to Bush and have become champions with resources of the Leftists all over Latin America. Bush's China policy is an open door to subversion and economic ruin for America. Hamas control of Gaza was another example of an American and Israeli promoted disaster--Iran has offered to pick up the pieces by financing the newly elected Hamas government.

Recent events in Iraq have made it clear that the civil war has escalated seriously. Thirteen hundred Iraqis have been killed in the last week.. In addition to the major Shiite mosque at Samara, hundreds of other mosques in Iraq have been attacked . Slaughter of Iraqis continues as the US hopelessly pleads for a government of unity. Incredibly, Bush has threatened to withdraw US troops if unity is not achieved by the Iraqis. Some threat! This should have the opposite effect, and increase the intensity of the civil war. . . And American troop KIAs and WIAs rise steadily. Still no US realistic exit strategy

GW Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and now Rice are the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse--Rice recently joined the the fearsome foursome, rewarded with a burning tire around her neck for her inept role in Gaza.

There are still three and a half years of GW Bush Inc. for America to endure and survive--in a parliamentary system, this gang of fumblers would been long gone.

I am getting mixed up - was it Katrina or/and Arab port sale or that Cheney shoots a lawyer that Bush first learned about them on TV? Colonel Robert E Bartos Colonel US Army Ret


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Sir - I take offence at some of your remarks directed towards our Commando-In-Chief. First off, Bravo on the spin put on his approval ratings! In actuality, 34% represents 100% of the American people who approve of his work. Last I checked in this great land of ours - 100% is greater than 66%. In fact, of that 66% how many DON'T KNOW, ARE'NT SURE, or JUST DON'T GIVE A DAMN! So you see our Presidents approval ratings could'nt be better. Nice try.

It's obvious you need a reality check with your suggestion of a presidential library in the green zone. I sincerely doubt it. IT'S DANGEROUS!!!!

I also noticed that you have joined the evergrowing list of bluestaters who complain about outsourcing. The answer is simple. America has grown fat & lazy. I remember when I lived up north, I used to have a 3 hr commute into NYC - ONE WAY!!! I never complained. So if you're in manufacturing head on out to Shanghai. If you are a customer service rep go straight to New Dehli. Still with me boys & girls.

The ports deal, for those of you who are'nt politically savvy, is just another way of our president of ushering the UAE into the
AHGC (ARAB HOMOGENOUS GLOBAL CONUNDRUM). The UAE will someday take its place amongst fundamentalist Saudi Arabia, pro western Eygpt, militaristic Pakistan, moderate Morrocco, and secularized Central Asia. All under one umbrella! George has a plan.

Your comments, Sir, are obviously a poorly veiled attempt at "de-Bushification".

PLEASE someone tell Al Haig Bush has been shot & the White House is out of "control". Or better yet, we can pull a "George Aikem" as we stand on the tarmac of Baghdad International & look squarely into the CNN cameras & proclaim: "We've won!!! Now lets put our tails between our legs & haul ass"!


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