Monday, April 03, 2006

Alamo II

Montezuma's revenge in the old days was a discomfort that plagued tourists in Mexico who ate too much spicy food or drank unbottled water. Times have changed. The Aztec chieftain's revenge has expanded into the reconquest of Old Mexico that includes a large chunk of California and US states along the Rio Grande River..

Pathetically, no US government official seems to know how many illegal aliens have streamed across the US Southern borders. Estimates of this invasion range from 12 million to 20 million. You hear that the illegal aliens keep coming at 3000 per day - Ronald Reagan's amnesty programs in the 1986 significantly increased the flow of Illegals. Now GW Bush's proposed amnesty serves as another smoke signal to encourage the Aztecs to keep coming and they will...

We know that 30% of criminals incarcerated in the US are illegal Latinos - that 50 percent drop out of public schools - that US taxpayer funded welfare services, schools and medical facilities are overburdened by their presence. There are estimates that this illegal flow costs the US 65 billion a year. Now Americans must face the facts that these non Americans have succeeded in organizing nation wide demonstrations in several US cities to protest enforcement and passing of laws to stop their illegal advances.

When Chief of Police Bratton in LA was asked why he did not curb the 40,000 Latino student truancy during the demonstrations that blocked some freeways, he was speechless. The LA major who is of Mexican descent effectively condoned the demonstrations that reached up to an estimated 500,000 people. This first nationwide flexing of Illegal alien political muscle was just a tune up for bigger things to come. Though some were singing WE SHALL OVERCOME, this coordinated, multi city show of force made the black Million Man March or Martin Luther King's demonstrations appear as church picnics.

As the illegal aliens took to streets, the US Senate Judicial Committee reported out a bill that encouraged more illegal immigration - more amnesty, no border enforcement and no employee penalties for hiring. The coincidence of the nationwide demonstrations made the Senate Committee appear to buckle to pressure from the demonstrators. Fortunately, this bill has a long way to go to become law. It has the whole Senate to pass, and runs up against a no-nonsense House bill that has teeth against the illegal aliens. Main exponents of the bill in the Senate were Senators McCain and Kennedy, our rich man who loves the poor. As far as McCain, this should cook his goose with the rank file Republicans in his run for the Republican presidential nomination. It will, however, fill his campaign coffers from corporations who want cheap stoop labor to continue at whatever political cost.

It is not just big business who want the flow of illegal immigrants to continue uninterrupted. There is the Catholic Church who plays the good Samaritan card, helping people in need. At least the church diocese in Southern California is willing to break Caesar's law to administer Gods law. The competition for souls is serious business, and the protestant missionaries have been making significant inroads into the Catholic Hispanic flocks. So the Catholic clergy tries to upstage them by going political. It happens frequently in Latin America where the Protestant groups genuinely appear to work closer to the needs of the people than the Catholic clergy.

US trade unions, crushed by globalization and outsourcing, are desperately trying to replenish their ranks with new members from the millions of illegal workers to be organized.

The Democrats figure that the Latinos are working class people and will vote for their agenda. The Democrats miscalculated on the Cubans who turned mostly Republican and, therefore, are not going to let it happen again. They are prepared to curry favor by supporting illegal immigration through amnesty. Watch Hillary Clinton as she panders to the illegal immigrants

Though the Republican party is one of big business, the party is split on the issue - little guys vs. the big guys - money vs. the voters - at least the Republican congressional representatives have not sold out like many of the Republican Senators.

There is case to be made for more workers needed on farms, construction, and hospitality industries. Just issue more visas - look the applicant over, filter out the bums and those with contagious diseases - even heard a bleeding heart extol the virtues of illegal nannies - "IF WE TRUST THEM WITH OUR CHILDREN, WHY NOT TRUST THEM TO STAY IN THE US? Lady, be certain you get a health certificate before you entrust your children to their care - lots of TB, hepatitis, and other diseases are brought across the border.

The fact is that unless you have enforced laws, you will soon have in America, massive corruption and anarchy found in Mexico and some other Latin countries - economic opportunities are limited in these societies - so people flee, but they bring the same chaos with them if unregulated - they consistently violate housing codes and zoning ordinances - half of them refuse to be educated - a high proportion end up in jail- very few have any loyalty to America and remain content speaking Spanish only - very little assimilation by the Illegals as opposed to legal immigrants who make an effort to be part of America - Western Union even has a special money telegram formatted to send only to Mexico, so most of their money is spent in Mexico - revenues from illegals is higher than oil revenues for the Mexican government and the main source of income for the country.

GW Bush is hopelessly splattering US money and men against the wall in Iraq. At the same time he cannot protect US borders from large scale foreign penetration - what a guy - what priorities! There may be doctors without borders, but countries do not survive without them and loose their identity.

Recent demonstrations by illegals was an amazing feat of organization - the illegals fearlessly responded to the call of Latino media hosts to take to the streets - impact appeared significant as politicians scrambled to reward their illegal conduct - to protect them from the law and expulsion. Expect more demonstrations until they turn violent, into an internal security problem and municipalities and states will be forced to move against them. April 10 is the big next call to the streets.

Watching the squirming politicians, desperately jumping to please the law breakers, my sense is that the illegal alien situation has been allowed to fester too long. The non citizens are now reaching for political power - old Montezuma has already almost substituted the eagle and the snake for the Golden Bear. The war has started - it is just that the gringo politicians do not get it. Seventy per cent of the American people do. REMEMBER THE ALAMO. Colonel Robert E Bartos USA Ret


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Great articles, I have been a long time follower since you were writing on I am surprised you do not have any published works?


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Me gusta el contraste de los colores!


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Just found your blog. Like it a lot. Can't say I disagree with you on anything. Keep it up.

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