Monday, March 27, 2006

St. GW Bush and His Dragons

St. George slaying a dragon is just a too tempting metaphor to pass up when it comes to our President GW Bush. The dragon personifies evil and, born again George is frantically trying to slaughter it. For GW Bush, evil comes in reappearing, vaporizing forms: alcohol, liberals, Bin Laden, Saddam, terrorists, bird flu and Beelzebub. His task never can be completed - so much evil - so little time...

Why the president has this obvious quirk - continuously to fight all demons everywhere - is better left to psychoanalysts who study the patient's childhood. With Mr. Bush in the White house, his messianic conduct to rid the world of evil becomes every American's affair, as the president dumps the US treasure and blood in hot pursuit of his fixation.

There seems to be no brake on his foolishness - Republican redstaters worship him... Most of his public meetings turn into some half-baked evangelist tent ceremony without the snake handlers. With very few exceptions, the Democrats roll over. Most voted for the Iraq war and do not have the guts to admit they were deceived or stupid. Like the Republican majority, the Democrats sit in the lap of the Israel Lobby - and that gang wants wants the war to go on endlessly. Insecurity is an Israeli passion turned into a disease. If the war does not continue, the Israeli fall back position is to station US troops in Iraqi permanently, as some sort of amorphous barrier to an Arab onslaught.

A few days ago Mr. Bush announced that the US intends to station troops in Iraq permanently. That most certainly will make the Israelis happy for awhile, but it will make the Jihadists absolutely euphoric. A similar basing move was already tried in Saudi Arabia and it blew up in our faces - remember Kobart Towers? One thing that came out of the 9/11 investigation was that Bin Laden galvanized recruits for his 9/11 attacks based on the fact US infidels squatted on sacred Islamic soil - how Bush could consent to such a dopey strategic move again with this historical precedent is as mystifying as the invasion of Iraq. Maybe his old personality defect overwhelmed him again. One thing for certain is that an American base on Arab land presents a staked goat for the Jihadists and will put more wind in the anti-American Islamic sails...

Some other shoes that Bush dropped at his recent press conference is that he will leave the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq to next American president. Is that so? Also he will leave repayment of deficit to the next president too... Is that so? If all this is so, why in the hell do American people need GW Bush to strap hang on the American bus that he is paid to drive?

Bush's conduct in this case is reprehensible - it is a denial of his responsibility as President for fixing damaging events he fostered. He took us to war - spent the dollars and blood, and now wants to walk away - have someone else clean up his mess. He has a history of not finishing his job and this is just another example. The American people should be enraged at his behavior.

Bush's wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have turned sour. Blaming the media for his dilemma, he recites platitudes on democracy as a solution. And he does not really know what to do. As his polls seriously plummet, the American people show declining confidence in his judgement. He has a failed presidency and it is still has about three years to go. Like the Dubai port fiasco, from now on, the congressional check and balance should be applied very strictly to his conduct... he is certainly now a desperate man, and even when he was not, always recklessly unpredictable.

St. George set out to slay the evil dragon, but the dragon ate him instead... Colonel Robert E Bartos USA Ret


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