Sunday, September 17, 2006

19th century Italain Iron Wall Shield Depicting Dante's Inferno

GW Bush 9/11 X 5 = 0

Like the Ides Of March, the fifth anniversary of 9/11 has come and gone. Americans, Iraqis, Palestinians, and Afghans were killed in faraway places on that day, but not in the USA. That gave GW Bush grim solace as they did not die on our shores But dead is dead, contrary to those of you who hold on to resurrection miracles.

The Jihad strike against the USA on 9/11 blasted an unfocused GW Bush out of his seat. For the last five years he has been trying to play catch up – at least the gapping hole in the Pentagon has been repaired, but NYC still has a yawning cavity unfilled; and, a suitable monument to those who perished in Flight 93 has not been erected. Five years is a long time in an industrial society – even the economically and hopelessly inefficient Soviet Union figured a Five-Year Plan was time enough to accomplish something. Greedy Hollywood did manage to capitalize on the tragedy, producing warped films on the event – guess that is something...

By now even the most ardent supporters are questioning Bush's military responses to the Jihad assault... He went in Blitzkrieg into Afghanistan, but unlike the German field marshals, he did not send the forces to mop up and hold ground – he missed Bin Laden at Tora Bora, because he thought he could bomb him to death, and failed to close his escape routes. To add to the tactical ineptitude, Rumsfeld agreed that Karzai, the US Afghan puppet, would accept Taliban Chieftain Omar’s surrender at Kandahar, even when he was surrounded by US Marines. Guess what? Omar escaped with Karzai's help.

Where was CENTCOM Commander Franks when all this went down? Answer: writing his book. Taliban is back, clearly, bombing and shooting up the American led NATO Coalition, and Bin Laden is still playing catch me if you can; his security was enhanced recently by Pakistan's agreement to stay out of his back yard. At the same time the Parkistanis promised to keep hands off the Taliban staging for attacks from Pakistan into Afghan territory. US has succeeded in rolling up some of Bin Laden’s lieutenants, but most have been replaced. Deadly Jihad attacks since 9/11 in the Far East, London and Spain, plus foiled attempts elsewhere, make it appear there is a Jihadist under every rock – all this since 9/11.

Bleeding, bloody Iraq will go down as a historical albatross around the neck of America. Instead of snuffing out Bin Laden as he was being hammered in Afghanistan, contrary to the rules of war, Bush chose to divide his forces and invade Iraq. Now it is evident he did not have enough forces or strategic wisdom to finish the job in either place. Where was CENTCOM General Franks on this? Another dropped ball? Answer: still writing his book. Bush opened a hornets nest in Iraq; he destroyed the country, crushed local talent with political and security leadership, and presented an engraved invitation to Iran to extend its hegemony. The last chapter is being written now in Iraq with the Administration doing its best to suppress the bad news. All poor Bush wants to do is hold on until his term is over. One thing Bush did accomplish clearly with his invasion of Iraq, was to reinvigorate Bin Laden both tactically and strategically.

Blame game for 9/11 is reaching a ferverish point as the midterm elections approach – Bush is trying to blame Clinton's actions for him being caught flat footed – as far as I am concerned, Bush was Commander and Chief. He had the strategic warning of the attack and bungled it, so he is responsible. But, you still have wonder why Clinton's National Security Chief, Sandy Burger, was caught stuffing his bloomers with classified documents in the National Archive Building after 9/11.

Bush did his best to suppress the 9/11 investigations. He was forced to proceed mainly by an outcry from families of 9/11 victims – the insecure Bush even had to have VEEP Chaney hold his hand during the 9/11 interviews by investigators. As far as the USAF air defense during the attack, it failed. Especially, when the Pentagon is hit and over a hundred people killed; you got to wonder as to what the hell happened when you cannot even protect HQs. Recent documents and tape recordings of air defense communications have surfaced, revealing all the confusion and ineptitude. Anybody relieved of command? Not that I heard...

Is the US more safe now from Jihadist attack than it was five years ago? One thing absolutely certain is that Arab public opinion, aka the Arab street, of hostility and rage toward the US, has increased significantly since 9/11. This is the crowd that provides the anti-American, ready-to-die Jihadists. Invasion of Iraq combined with the US military atrocities, was a major factor driving Islamic fanaticism. Blind diplomatic support and blank check to Israel to kill Arabs with American weapons is a permanent running anti-American sore, and it has been enhanced recently by Bush standing by as the Israeli destroyed Lebanon, and inflicted massive civilian casualties. After all this destruction, Israel still has not retrieved its prisoners, the alleged casus belli. The US record in Afghanistan is one of careless bombing killing the alleged Taliban – it is so reckless at inflicting non-combatant deaths that Karzai asked the US to stop bombing in Afghanistan. Net result of all this, despite killing thousands of Arabs, is that Bush has increased the number of enemy during the last five years and it appears to be growing worse. As far as the USA being safer... Are you crazy?

Bush gets credit for no Jihad attack on US mainland in the last five years. This is despite the 20,000 US wounded, and over 2,900 US killed in action in Iraq and Afghanistan. No expert believes this freedom from attack will continue despite Bush’s foolish bragging of KILL THEM OVER THERE AND THEY WILL NOT KILL US HERE. What about the killed and wounded Americans OVER THERE? US Ports, air and ship cargos, nuc power installations, like our borders, remain unprotected.

Continued serious mistakes by Bush has embroiled the US in permanent war against Islam. Bush vigorously promises more of the same... His policies are blowing up in his face and he is taking America with him. Our country is split badly when it needs unity... Bush has lost credibility as a leader and cannot unite the country. For example, Bush could not even resist using his recent 9/11 speech to plug his war in Iraq. Surprised he did not jump into the pit in NYC city with a fireman and a bullhorn to recapture his popularity of five years ago. When you elect a cheerleader President, pathetically, this is what you get. Colonel Robert E Bartos USA RET


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