Thursday, June 14, 2007

G8 Conference 2007 – GW Bush off the Ranch

GW Bush missed part the first day of the G8 conference in Rostow, Germany. Uncertain whether his upset stomach was diplomatic or from wolfing down too many rich German pastries mit schlag. Putin certainly rained on his parade with his counter proposal on Bush's missile defense proposals in Poland and the Czech Republic. Or maybe bad news from the Iraqi war front or the failure to pass his demented amnesty immigration bill in the Senate caused him to have a distressed stomach. Let us hope after a spoonful of soothing Pepto-Bismol our President will be back into the diplomatic fray.

His medical drama at the G8 meeting, raging anti-Bush demonstrators, and a few gaffes in Rome were not positive for Bush when wandering off his ranch. Be thankful he did not start WWIII. There was a moment of pathetic bravado in Albania as he promised the the Albanians an independent Kosovo which now is part of Serbia. He better be careful the Russians do not promise to give Mexico the states of Arizona, Texas, New Mexico and Southern California, because the Mexicans occupied it through illegal immigration as the Albanians did in Kosovo. To be loved by Albanians is something – almost as good as being loved by Laplanders or Eskimos. Take what you can get – Albanian postage stamps with his image and a street named after him – that is more than he will ever get from the USA.

Bush may call Putin Vladimir but I am certain the Russians call Bush something far worse than Georgee Boy. From my personal experience, I know they called Hopeless Henry Kissinger all kinds of derisive names unofficially despite the fact that officially, the Russians intentionally flattered Nixon's emissary. Russians told me directly, off the record, that Hopeless Henry melted like a pat of butter in the hot sun when flattered. There must be some truth to this considering the seriously flawed pro-Soviet SALT I agreements and the ABM treaty Hopeless Henry brought home.

Whatever idiot who told Bush he could sell the missile defense program to the Russians with radars and interceptors stationed in Czech Republic and Poland as directed against Iran, should be fired. At this time I cannot believe there is consideration of Iranian missiles as a high threat to any European country by any European... Now, the interruption of the flow of Iranian oil, that is a different story.

Apart from their leadership, not only did the Czech and Polish man on the street deplore the missile defense system as raising tensions with Russia, and with all the controversy, the system simply does not not work. So it smacks of another military industrial complex boondoggle, much like the US strategic ABM defense system; this constitutes more sweet lemons, like the invasion of Iraq sold by GW Bush Inc. As far as unrest over the deployments, historically, the Poles seldom play follow the leader unless the leader is a Polish Pope – the good Soldier Schweik Czechs will follow as always like well fed sheep. Poles and Czechs soberly understand that if the system is deployed, it will be targeted by Russian air, missiles or SPETNAZ, i.e. special operations.

Opposing US deployments, Putin suggested to Bush that if the system is to be deployed against Iran, then the radars be aimed at Iran from south of Europe, he offered a Russian radar site in Azerbaijan to be shared by Russia. Putin also added the interceptors could be deployed at sea, or Turkey or Iraq. As a far as Iraq, Bush can barely hold the Green Zone or protect the police chiefs in Iraq. And the Turks surely do not wish to become a Iranian target. Seaborne missiles are a very expensive proposition and tie up costly naval forces on a continuing mission on a permanent basis. So Vladimir pumped the ball vigorously into Bush's court and caught the US flatfooted, and US is now playing defense.

Over the years I have learned. that there are many things that Russians tend to do badly, but on the other hand I learned that you do not mess with them when it comes to ballet, music, vodka, caviar, making soup and baking breads; and for certain, in the game of diplomatic chess, they seldom lose long term. As far as a real chess game, except for Bobby Fischer, they also seldom lose. Their gamesmanship in human intelligence collection is superb. Remember, CIA Ames and FBI Hansen spied for them? These swine cut deeply into US national security...

When serving in Russia, sometimes to break the routine, I played chess in the parks with old, retired workers and peasants; despite the fact I had played competitively in the Big Ten chess circles when a student, I never won a game from the randomly selected Russian opponents in over two years – so my hat's off there too. Vladimir is slated to meet Georgee Boy in Maine on July 1st, 2007 at Daddy Bush's Rancho Norte, so the saga will continue. The colossal stupidity of the whole issue is that the Russians can target and retarget their missiles quickly without detection. And without on site, around the clock inspections, who in the US Intelligence Community knows the Russian targeting in Europe? You have to assume it is NATO command and control, military installations, air defense, ports and large cities. The US intelligence record under GW Bush is abysmal. One thing for certain, the Russians trust the US as much as we trust them. That is ZERO. I would feel better if Bush called Putin VLAD THE IMPALER rather than just Vladimir... Mission Accomplished Bush tends to entangle himself in his own self delusions and goes astray. Have listened to Putin in Russian; he is intellectually very keen and has that KGB sense of quick decisive action – comparatively, GW Bush is just a man of action who tends to take the wrong action. Bush should be advised that Putin is a Cobra in a basket, always ready to strike...

While our President overcomes his dyspepsia in Europe and euphoric toasting by Albanians, big things have happened to his military establishment at home. General Pace, Chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon, has been tossed over board by SecDef Gates, because he cannot be confirmed in the Senate for a renewed term as Chief. Pace did everything he could do for the Administration to hold on to the job. Disgustingly, he even sent a letter to the judge of Scooter Libby begging for the felon's mercy. Good riddance to Pace. His overeagerness to please the incompetent politicians did not serve the nation well. He was part of the Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Feith, Chalibi, Franks, Bremer sick gang that caused the disaster in Iraq. Apparently, a Naval officer will be the new head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff with an Air Force officer as his deputy. This follows an appointment of a naval officer to head CENTCOM. To make the security situation fit our military leadership, now all the US has to do is to train the Jihadist to fight at sea or in the air! It is so bad. It makes any real US strategist want to weep... Bush's new military high command just complicated the problems for the US in asymmetrical warfare. Colonel Robert E Bartos USA RET
* Photograph: Painting The Aurora, 1917 by Evgeni Levin-ex collection


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