Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hitler’s Resurrection – USA

Adolf Hitler, a murderous fiend who should have been buried over 70 years ago, seems to pop out of his grave regularly to create more evil mischief. He is the hero of active neo-fascist groups in Europe and America; he is an inspiration of the what is left of the Ku Klux Klan; the white supremacist militias adore him; and ironically, he is promoted inadvertently by Jews who publicly excoriate him in their holocaust museums, films, literature and news reports – this negative publicity, as horrible as it is, backfires as it keeps Adolf's narrative alive from generation to generation.

There is another factor that befuddles his detractors and that is of all the ISMs fascism is the most theatrical. Its flags, weapons, equipment, uniforms, medals, badges and films are highly sought after by contemporary collectors – to such a high degree that there is a lucrative market in reproductions of most objects.

If you question the theatrical appeal of fascism, check out Hollywood that pumps out films on the subject annually; many of these films are promoted by American Jewish producers or film companies; and, they make a profit or would not be continually made. (FYI: Schindler’s List grossed 110 million.) All of these films deplore fascism and the Furhor, but continuously function de facto to keep the ideology alive. To some, these anti-fascist films unintentionally glorify evil. Despite de-nazification, outlawing the party and in some countries, making it illegal to deny the Holocaust, neo Nazi movements persist, but with more noise and little political power.

Hitler's perfidious reputation is now being used to malign President Obama and his programs. Town Hall meetings have pictorial posters depicting Obama as Adolf Hitler along with signage that does the same. Politics are a dirty business, however this conduct has nothing to do with discourse and everything to do with character assassination by false association.

There is a persistent belief projected by the media that Obama is under attack at the town hall meetings this August because his health care proposals are so controversial. This is only partially true. The virulent attacks are race based. Their expanded intensity was signaled by Obama's bungling of the black professor Gates and the white Irish cop Crowley incident in Boston.

The same group that likes tea bags, is concerned with death tribunals; it is a group that worships firearms, challenges the president's citizenship, finds a Communist behind every bush, and is concerned over government spending for anything but open ended wars. They also provide an umbrella for the Hilter spouting crack pots. This larger group lost the last election and is using the town hall venue to continue to peddle their rejected political products. TV cameras make them all eager to be celebrities.

This group is dumb enough to want to continue to buy heath insurance privately at $375 a month with a $2000 deductible. This fleecing by the insurance companies comes with the prospect of raising premiums and deductibles annually. These losers are mostly abject followers of a howling full-moon Sister Sarah Palin, so what hell... no loss to the body public.

For Obama however, his big problems could come from progressive Democrats as they lose confidence in his ability to fulfill his campaign promises to them. The disenchantment has already begun.

As things stand, in the end, there should be little frustration by the right wing over the Administration proposed health care reform. President Obama has appointed the two Emanuel brothers to command his health care juggernaut through congress. They so far have protected the drug and medical insurance companies and sold out the little guy.

Brothers Emanuel have reached their level of incompetence early in Obama's administration. Ezekiel is a physician and medical ethicist turned bureaucrat. Rahm is a trained ballet dancer turned politician and when he is not doing pirouettes in the White House, he acts as Obama's chief of staff. Ezekiel already is in hot water because he has espoused rationed care to certain groups. He is, however, on record against euthanasia.

It has been reported that the White House Emanuels have already cut a bad deal for Americans favoring Big Pharma over drug prices that will be part of a Senate health bill. As far as a government insurance public option, the White House has apparently dropped it to the delight of Big Insurance. So where is the serious reform? In the end Obama's health reform will come out well below expectations as hamburger, but the White House will call it more elegantly, Salisbury steak.

In the USSR, in the mid 1960s, the Soviets in Moscow celebrated their national holidays with anchored barrage balloons illuminated at night with ground search lights. The search light focused on a profile of Vladimir Lenin (DOD 1924) with the words written in cyrillic, LENIN LIVES which always reminded me of the Gotham City distress signal for Batman... crazy stuff.

Dictators are hard to kill. Most die with their boots off. They are hard to forget compared to benign leaders who are quickly forgotten. The 20thc is packed with dictators. Pol Pot, Josef Stalin and Hitler are the grand prize winners for murder and mayhem. Stalin was the biggest killer of the three, but Hitler is the favorite bete noire... so popularity in this bloody circle depends on whom you kill rather than how many. Colonel Robert E Bartos USA Ret.


Anonymous WLindsayWheeler said...

Col. Bartos.

The person that came to the townhall with an Obama poster with a Hitler moustache was a Black man. Check it out on YouTube.

Col Bartos, let me remind you of Communist Ideology because if there was no International Socialism, there would be no need for National Socialism. The goal of International Socialism is the destruction of Race and Nation. You ought to know that!?! When you attack people for being racist, you are a communist. All human beings from time immemorial have been racist, to have racial prejudice and to have volkenhass.

What is happening is social engineering by the cultural Marxism in this country. I point to this The Historical Roots of Political Correctness

The people behind this movement are all Jews, Col Bartos. Are you not a student of the Russian Revolution? Have you not heard and researched Rosa Luxemborg and her book, The Nationalities Question? Do you know nothing of the Frankfurt School, all of them Jews and a Herbert Marcuse?

Why is AH a hero to the some people? Because he was about defending his people and his race from extinction. Multiculturalism and Poltical Correctness are genocidal; they are about destroying nations and races and encouraging miscegenation! And you are for this?

Secondly, in 1880 there were over 200 socialist and communist organizations in America! Is not America becoming Communist? I turn you to Jonah Goldberg's book Liberal Fascism, a term coined by H. G. Wells. In the book he says, "American Progressivism---is in fact a descendant and manifestation of fascism". (pg 2) He goes on to describe Woodrow Wilson's administration as "the first fascist American government" and it was continued by Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his Administration.

There is NO right health care. Where in the Constitution is health care delegated to the Federal Government? Where Col Bartos? Is it the job of Government to provide Health Care--or is it Socialist/Marxist idea?

Let me remind you of an old Greek saying, "Tis meet that Greek rule Barbarian". (Aristotle's Politics) "Meet" is the Greek word for Righteousness. Europe is Helleno-centric. We have a barbarian that rules over us. That is UNrighteousness.

Blogger Bob said...

What a crying shame... You went and drank the kool aid.

What is it that turned you, Col. Bartos?

Blogger Bob said...

One other thing Col. Bartos:

Judging from the tone of your latest post, I now wonder if you are a black man. Whether you are black or white has made no difference in your previous postings and has never before entered into my thought processes over your comments.

Your latest post seems to indicate you are now siding with Obama and his polices for primarily racial reasons.

If so, Fine and dandy. But tell your readers the why for sudden and vicious attack on ordinary Americans.

If you are not black, why in the world are you attacking all those millions of Americans in what the liberals love to call "flyover country", voicing their concerns over polices that they believe to be unconstitional?

So you don't like Sarah Palin. Don't reduce yourself to chin-dribbling spittle because of it.

Anonymous WLindsayWheeler said...

Here you go

Obama's Friends

She left out Saul Alinsky.


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