Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Opera Bouffe Plays at the United Nations

The most recent annual conclave in New York City of world leaders at the United Nations session met all the requirements of an opera bouffe: it had comedy, satire, parody and farce. You could find almost anything in it except substance.

If you are not convinced nationalism trumps globalism after observing the diplomatic circus that recently was portrayed in NYC, suggest a brain transplant. I accept the fact that there are issues that transcend national borders: e.g., pandemics, exchange rates, terrorism, global warming, banking investment, natural cross-border disasters and war.

These calamities and issues are best addressed on an ad hoc basis or specifically tailored organized entities. The UN is structurally designed for failure when it faces problem solving.

I had originally picked four of the performers at the last UN session for my international Looney Tunes candidates: Venezuelan Chavez, Libyan Gaddafi, Israeli Netanyahu and Iranian Ahmadinejad. I had closed my book on the most absurd leaders until President Obama jumped into the ring with his hysteria over the 2nd Iranian nuclear processing site at Qom, Iran.

So let us reopen my book. Apart from the manufactured issue of a 2nd nuclear processing site in Iran, Obama really had an issue over which to be upset. It was that Netanyahu told him to kiss his his ass on the US demand that Israel cease construction of settlements on the West Bank and Jerusalem. Once the Palestinian heard that Obama was unable to move on continued Israeli colonization of Arab lands as promised, Abbas told Obama to screw himself on the talks and refused to participate. There was not a peep from Obama over this contretemps as he held photo opportunities with the Arab and the Jewish leaders at UN HQTRS.

Obama's sturm and drang over the discovery of the 2nd nuclear processing site at Qom, Iran was a red herring to deflect the attention from the wreckage of his Mid-East policy just torpedoed by Netanyahu. The Iranians reported the unfinished site to the UN nuclear watchdog committee that immediately advised the US delegation. There is every indication that the US was aware of the site and accepts the fact that Iran has the right to produce atomic energy for civilian purposes. The site, though extensive and protected underground, has no evidence that it will produce weapons grade material.

US SECDEF Gates called the site illegitimate. When pressed on why, he replied weakly that it was because the Iranians hid it. Now that the Iranians disclosed the location and has invited UN inspectors, is it now legitimate?

Netanyahu called US speaker of the House Pelosi and his favorite senators and congressmen in the pocket of the Israeli lobby and demanded they punish Iran for building the site. Israel has recently suffered serious setbacks in the UN over the Israeli nuclear weapons stock pile and killing civilians in Gaza bombardments, especially for using white phosphors shells. So the Israeli Premier is generating a smoke screen to cover this as well killing the chance for peace. US MSM generally supported Netanyahu, so you know the fix was in.

The obnoxious Netanyahu should be put on a no-fly list to protect himself, his country and the USA. He made Obama and the US congress jump – question is just how high. Is it high enough to draw the US into a foolish war with Iran?

There was an unusual reaction to Obama's attack on Iran over the second site. Kurdish Talibani who is president of Iraq warned Israel that Iraq will not permit an attack on Iran by Israel over its territory. He also encouraged the US to agree to an accord that acknowledges Iran's right to pursue peaceful atomic energy. Apparently Israel's old enemy Iraq is a developing new enemy.

For Obama to salvage his credibility internationally over the collapse of the Middle East policy, he must not reward Israel. Here are some policy options: Exchange Ambassadors with Iran; curtail military spare parts and military equipment delivery; terminate US under writing Israeli mortgages on West Bank construction; and, stop dual American Israeli citizenship. No more Seders at the White House; install large tariffs on Israel imported products; stop all foreign aid; and, insist that all pro Israel lobbyists register as foreign agents.

If none of these measures get their attention, permit Gaddafi to setup his Bedouin tent on the White House lawn and sell grilled lamb kabobs... that should drive Jews crazy. Colonel Robert E Bartos USA Ret


Blogger Bob said...

"I accept the fact that there are issues that transcend national borders: e.g., pandemics, exchange rates, terrorism, global warming, banking investment, natural cross-border disasters and war."

Well, at least there's a bit of good news...

Turns out global warming is not the beast it has been advertized to be.

You can scratch one thing off that list... It's a start.


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