Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Israeli Menace to US

Sending US VEEP Joe Biden to Israel to broker peace between the Israelis and Palestinians is like sending a cocker spaniel to a dog fight to make a deal between two raging pit bulls. Predictably, Joe got mauled by Israeli pit bull Netanyahu, while the Palestinians began another round of rioting in Jerusalem.

Biden has been openly in the American Israeli lobby bag most of his political career, so it was surprising that publicly he was so blatantly kicked in the ass by the Israeli leadership. President Obama's policy to stop Israel expansion by more housing received another blow with the Israeli announcement to build 1600 more units on Arab land in Jerusalem; all this while Biden officially was visiting the Israeli government.

Not only does this make Biden appear to be sap, but as his representative, it makes Obama out to be weak. With two American Jews, Axelrod and Emanuel, in key positions, principally running his White House, it rightly or wrongly suggests Israeli penetration of the main US policy apparatus. This is especially true of Emanuel who served in Israel during the Gulf War greasing Israeli vehicles while his fellow Americans fought in the Gulf War. It is a fair question to ask whose flag he is under today?

There has been an effort by mostly American Jewish columnists to interpret Natanyahu's brashness as a process error in Israel in administrative procedures; but Netanyahu and his stooges in the US have apologized only for an error in process, but not in substance – the expansion of Israeli settlements will continue as planned. Call it an Israeli policy of SCREW YOU, AMERICA.

Hillary C. our SECSTATE, who has been remarkably unsuccessful in her tenure as American's number one diplomat, charged to Joe's defense chastising Israel for picking on the US right under the VEEP's nose. H. Clinton was a flop on her recent trips to Africa and South America, so doubt the Israeli will pay attention, especially since leadership at STATE is surrounded by pro Israeli embeds; and Axelrod and Emanuel are in the saddle at the White House. Expect only hot air from the former senator from New York who understands the political hazards of the Jewish question well.

The rant that Israel is the oldest and most reliable ally is propaganda. What ally of the US has attacked an American ship, i.e. the Liberty, killed American servicemen, constantly sent spies against the US, and advocated war against Islam involving the US as a pretense of fighting terrorism? Israel is, in fact, our oldest most reliable enemy. You have to ask what Israel has done for the US except cause headaches.

The Gulf War and Iraqi invasion demonstrated Israel is not needed for military intervention or projection of force in the region. As a matter of fact Israel complicated both operations. Efforts by President Reagan to rescue the Israelis from their foolish invasion of Lebanon in 1983 ended with the deaths of 241 marines and 59 French paratroopers who were part of an international force to permit the Israelis to exit from their ill-conceived operation.

The fact that the US insures building loans on Israeli settlements and provides 3-4 billion in aid so Israel can buy state-of-the-art US armaments makes the scheme more preposterous; especially when US white phosphorus and cluster bombs are used on Arab civilians.

There are plenty of remedies for the US to influence Israel-start by recognizing Iran diplomatically. Tweak the aid packages by the US to get its attention. Discourage massive Trotsky-like solidarity Israeli parades in NYC as counter productive to US foreign policy objectives. Solidarity with Netanyahu's Israel is not in the US interests. There is no reason Americans should die for Israel – that is an Israeli duty. This point should be made loud and clear as Israel flirts with unilateral bombing of Iran with US made aircraft and bombs.

All this takes political courage by US politicians who cannot resist contributions to their campaigns by Israeli lobbyists or opprobrium from elements of a main stream media who in knee-jerk fashion support Israel, right or wrong. Even the evangelical right has a misguided pro-Zionist spiritual faction that would have to be drawn in to restore sense and balance to US policy in the region.

Doubt Israel could have survived without US military aid and diplomatic support. The US even pays Egypt and Jourdan to be sweet to Israel. The UN investigations of Israeli atrocities during the most recent bombardments of Gaza and, Swedish reports of snatching body parts from dead palestinians should be enough to put distance between the association of US and Israel. Colonel Robert E Bartos USA Ret


Anonymous WLW said...

Great Post. We are controlled by the Jews and always will be. They are driven to be in government and to assert influence in government. We allow it. Until they are suppressed---nothing will change.

Just like the Jews were the aristocracy of Europe from the mid 19th century onwards, the Jews are the American aristocracy. They control and influence everything we are and do. America is a land of Jews, racial Jews and all the goy here in America are metaphysical Jews. Everything is Jewish.


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