Friday, February 29, 2008

Bomb Bomb McCain – Self Immolation by Lobbying

The NEW YORK TIMES and Bomb Bomb McCain, two high viz. players, rolling in the public muck together is splendor in gutter. Both deserve each others opprobrium.

The NEW YORK TIMES, at least in my time, has been dead wrong on major issues and has editors sacked for carelessly overlooking spurious content of stories. My awakening to the fallibility of TIMES dates way back to the advent of Fidel Castro when the paper promoted him as an agrarian reformer. It even insisted he was not a Communist. More recently, it splattered itself ignominiously on its pages with its coverage of the run up to the Iraq war with Judith Miller's pandering to the Israeli Lobby and Neocons on phantom Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq.

Hysterical attacks on the paper by the Conservatives for picking on Bomb Bomb McCain for his sticky relationships with lobbyists and the possibility of a female lobbyist trading sex with him for influence, really appear at this stage to be more smoke than fire.

Bomb Bomb has hired Robert Bennett, the attorney for the damned, a supreme fixer for pols in a pickle to defend him, even if there are no legal charges pending. When asked by the press whether lawyer Bennett will press for a retraction by the the TIMEs or whether to sue for defamation of character, Bennett replied negatively, saying that Bomb Bomb just wants to get the whole thing behind him and concentrate on his presidential campaign – HMMMMMMMM – not exactly the posture of an innocent, outraged man. If the Republican spin machine can use this messy affair to rally their ranks and squeeze out contributions, their conservative base is even more gullible than even I suspected. Loyalty apparently trumps brains in that Party. Bomb Bomb is awash in Lobbyists with them even running his Senate office and campaign. By any measure, Bomb Bomb selection as the Republican candidate for president is one of last resort by the party. His party remains split as Rev. Huckabee continues to stick pins in him, merrily continuing pursuit of delegates; he is apparently funded by God.

Lawyer Bennett was President Clinton's defense attorney against Ms. Paula Jones. CARAMBA

Bomb Bomb has never appealed much to me. His character was never an asset. Never considered him a military hero, despite five years as a POW. (See my blog dtd 7 Feb 08 – Bomb Bomb McCain's Candidacy etc.) I was particularly disturbed over the endless use of his incarceration as a peg for pity in his political campaigns. What surprised me was that after his Keating Five influence peddling scandal, that he would carelessly jump into that slimy pit again. My expectation was he would be ripped apart for his blind support of the Iraq war and now for his delusional promotion that the surge is working. By many observers Bomb Bomb has a rancid personality – has a hot temper – so his judgement is easily clouded by rage; it is a matter of time before the press will finally stick a fork in him. His contrition for his missteps will not be accepted this time as they were for the Keating Five episode and signing that paper for the enemy in Hanoi.

Never cast judgment on another man's philandering is a good rule to follow; there are always unknown circumstances – so far no blue dress with Bomb Bomb's DNA yet has been discovered. The fact that ladies trade sex favors for influence goes back to Salome or even later in the Court of Louis XVth with Madam Pompadour – to Hollywood starlets looking for roles – to secretaries working her way up through the glass ceiling in lobbying firms.

The Plum book is a book that describes about 7000 federal patronage jobs a new US president can appoint. Understood, but unwritten in it are also free federal limousine rides, health care, steady pay, and all the women you dare to plank. Anyway that is what the wags believe. They figure all this just comes with the Washington, DC power turf. So whether Bomb Bomb was involved immorally in any such way does not perturb me much, unless he was obsessively driven to trade his political influence to a lobbyist for a sweet dalliance – old, short, balding men always have a stronger need for love. Colonel Robert E Bartos USA Ret.


Anonymous WLindsayWheeler said...

Welcome to Rome. America is the New Roman Empire with all its decadence. With cage fighting becoming primetime TV, it is only a matter of time that real gladiator bouts begin.

After the world wide depression, then it is time for our Emperor to make an appearance. The republic has fallen, Hussein (our Julius Caesar) will Nov 20th, cross the Rubicon and usher in the neo-Roman Empire.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

McCain is awful. Probably worse then Clinton at least, she is not insane.

John McCain vs Micheal Ware on CNN is a must see for McCain fans.

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