Thursday, December 20, 2007

Shrapnel’s Persons of the Year

TIME has its "Person of the Year." Last year's selection was shamefully absurd, i.e. a piece of foil on the front of the magazine that reflected the readers visage. Very corny stuff. That permitted the editorial staff to dodge issues and remain in a politically correct fetal position. My dog barked at the presentation on the cover, but TIME refused to publish my letter to the editor that asked how my canine's reaction should be interpreted--was there a deeper meaning to the bark?

Those of you who read SHRAPNEL should realize that this blog is not soothingly maternal, CHICKEN SOUP DOT COM. Like the blog's name; shrapnel makes you bleed when it strikes its target. Last year, based on their massive national impact, I made the illegal alien "Person of Year". I was astounded how these mostly Latino unskilled masses poured across the borders, in the main unmolested by federal, state, municipal authorities and promoted by religious leadership; how they marched in mass with Mexican flags and banners proclaiming their defiance of US laws smacked of revolutionary fervor. Politicians in both parties cringed as illegals proclaimed political power. Well, the borders are still open, but since last year Americans got fed up watching their country illegally invaded by those who refuse to blend into the melting pot and constitute aliens in our midst With the failure of Senators Kennedy's and Bomb Bomb McCain's efforts to grant them amnesty, the wind fell from their activist sails. Massive demonstrations were curtailed. Authorities have begun to hunt them down, deporting illegal aliens in increasingly larger numbers; moreover, after the Kennedy/McCain debacle you hear less of the crap that, WORK MAKES YOU FREE. The immigration problem is defused, but not solved by a long shot.

TexMex American Alberto Gonzales is certainly a 2007 nomination for a stupendous negative impact on the country. Under President's Bush's guidance, he promoted open borders, illegal electronic eavesdropping, torture and made a complete ass of himself testifying before congress trying to defend the political firing of several US attorneys. Finally resigning, he now has his own lawyer to defend him during investigations... And he was GW Bush's number one law enforcement officer, so you can imagine what other evils still lurk in the Administration; not only that--what about the other incompetent asses yet to surface? There are plenty more on every level; time for the country to cringe in anticipation.

VEEP Cheney's number one pistolero, Neocon Scooter Libby, was convicted of felonies for obstruction of justice and lying. The charges stemmed from outing a CIA operative in the Yellow Cake cause celebre. On the eve on his incarceration, generous GW Bush commuted his sentence. Most believe the commutation of Libby's jail time was a token of appreciation by the President for Libby's silence. You will never get the truth unless you water board the VEEP or the President or Karl Rove. Anyway, they tell me that is not torture.

My next candidate is a bundle, collectively tied together, they make the grade from small time sleazes to big time bums. My proposals are 9/11 Rudy and his federally indicted stooge Bernie Kerik. Rudy had GW Bush nominate Kerik for the cabinet post of Homeland Security. The nomination blew up as Kerik had to withdraw his name under suspicion of moral turpitude. As more details of Rudy's business associations with the now federally indicted Kerik developed, Rudy had to continue to explain his relations with Kerik. Rudy's miseries were compounded by his using NYC transportation and police protection to squire his amorata, Judy Nathan, around. An article in the September 2007 issue of VANITY FAIR, written by J. Bachrach, profiled Judy, now his wife, as cross between Leona Helmsley and Lucretia Borgia, so even Rudy's wife has problems. If she becomes first lady, promise she may provide more press titillation than Hillary and Bill.

Need a boxcar or perhaps a whole train to present the next persons of the year – they are the odious neocons. Neocon Alpha dog Wolfowitz departed the Pentagon under fire for his leading role in the invasion and occupation of Iraq – someone kept putting tacks on his chair and slapping KICK ME SIGNS on his back. Bush then threw him a plum as the head of the World Bank, which he proceeded to screw up by letting his love life dictate his job performance; he was forced to resign. Clueless Condoleeza recently gave him a job at the State Department ; they are making book on how long he lasts. Neocons and GW Bush wear the albatross of the Iraq war around their necks – they tell us the US is winning – the surge is working. Well, not true. Police chief of Basra, on the departure of the British from the city, reported 48 women were killed for violating Shariya law in the last three months. The police chief himself has had 20 assassination attempts on his life in the last six months. He complained that the British indiscriminately armed Shiite militias... Hmm, is this not what General "Save Us Petraeus" is doing in Iraq with the Sunnis? Neocons love wars other Americans fight – sadly, like cock roaches, they seem to survive in both parties against mounting disgust – Neocon Senators Joe Lieberman and Bomb, Bomb McCain have publicly joined forces to elect Bomb, Bomb president. If the policy drama were not so deadly, it would be classified as political burlesque. Lieberman was asked as an Independent Democrat why he supported a Republican presidential candidate. Lieberman pitifully responded that no Democrat asked him. After Joe's pathetic run with Gore for president, who can blame them?

In each of the above candidates, GW Bush's towering incompetence is evident – his finger prints are there. So based on impact, albeit all negative,GWB caused the most havoc and influenced the world the most. Man of Year or Chump of the Year – either works, depending on your interpretation of honor.

There are still a couple weeks left in 2007. That is plenty of time for GW Bush to involve us in more wars. Hold your breath. Meanwhile, Merry Christmas! It is still a great country, just badly needing a ruthless leadership purge in both parties. Colonel Robert E Bartos USA Ret


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Good write up. Time's Man of year: Stalin, Hitler, a mirror and now Putin. Who is running this magazine? Are they high or insane?

Again the question remains, have the US politicans always been this bad. Or are we just better educated on these people then before?

The good news is: Ron Paul has $16 million and has a record of $6 million in one day.


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