Friday, November 02, 2007

Fires, Firemen and Firebugs – GW Bush’s Conflagrations

Whether massive forest fires in Southern California or a framed wooden structure going up in flames at the South Eastern shore, when comparing events, there is a quantum difference in scope and economic damage; they each killed about the same amount of people – several. Some fires started accidentally or as an act of God; others were apparently intentionally started by a pyromaniac.

Ever since GWB has held office, he has been surrounded by fire. Early in his term two balls of fire knocked him off his feet: Jihadists commandeered commercial aircraft and crashed them into NYC’s Twin Towers and the Pentagon. GW Bush disclaims responsibility – blames the Clinton Administration for his unpreparedness despite ignored warnings. Our self proclaimed Decider who is Commander-in-Chief, apparently ignored the military maxim that The Commander is responsible for everything his men do or failed to do. Bush, like FDR, will bear the historical yoke of opprobrium for failure to protect his country. FDR used the Pearl Harbor attack to declare war on Japan and Germany. It is obvious now FDR had smarter generals than GWB... When he did that he split his forces into what developed into two separate wars. Bush used the 9/11 attacks and also split his forces; he attacked Afghanistan and Iraq. It is clear now that the attack on Iraq was a war of choice as Iraq was no threat to the US. Conclusion is that it was a colonial war for oil in a post colonial period. Bush is still not close to wining either war. With oil at close to 100USD a barrel and the destruction of Iraq, the war looms as a costly tragic failure. The whole region is now destabilized with Turkey moving to war in Kurdistan.The Afghan War persists without end. It has now destabilized Pakistan. Pakistan and Afghanistan also are regionally destabilized. GWB has spread the fires of war until they are out of control.

Bush has unsuccessfully attacked two Islamic countries. He further has caused political turmoil in Pakistan by sponsoring the return of Benazir Bhutto because he wanted a more pliable client than Musharraf. After a deadly bombing at her homecoming queen parade that killed well over 100 people and wounded hundreds more, she has decided to escape to Dubai from where she came. There she can play romantic revolutionary without her or her followers being blown apart.

Not that he has not caused enough chaos, Bush appears determined to attack Iran. Congress apparently has provided him the necessary cover to initiate hostilities with Iran. According to a recent Zogby pol, over 50% of those polled Americans agreed that GWB should go get 'em. What is another Islamic country attacked here or there? Iran will be number three – of course. Bush will eventually try to stabilize Pakistan as it falls apart. This number 4 will soon be on the Israeli/Neocon schedule. Madness pure and simple...

War in Iraq grinds on. US KIA in October was a low 39. Whether the number of US killed is a measure of victory is moot. By this standard the war in Afghanistan with roughly 460 KIAs total should be won; it is not by a long shot. US command in Iraq claims al Qaeda is on run, especially in Anbar, the Sunni strong hold. No US troops were killed in Anbar last month. Does this mean The US can end the occupation soon? Of course not. The troops must remain to protect Israel from Iran and on and on – GW Bush is a firebug. The only fire he did not start was Afghanistan; the rest he set. Colonel Robert E Bartos USA RET


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Al Qaeda, foreign fighters, we saw none of those types in Iraq - not that there not there now. But Arabs don't work that way. Outsiders are not easily accepted. I guess we were because they (the Iraqis) were curious. When that curiosity wears off it will be very dangerous being a MiTT or and AST.


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