Friday, January 11, 2008

Apotheosis of Obama and Huckabee – Snow Angels in Iowa

Winner in the Iowa Caucuses was divinity. Two preachers, Huckabee by training and Obama by temperament, snagged the winning crowns for their parties nomination in the snow fields of Iowa. That is enough normally to scare and to drive a secular guy like me to despair; that is, unless you consider the consequences of their frightening opposition winning.

Romney is a boy scout. The poor guy does not even know how to throw mud-balls without getting dirty. He spent piles of money while his main opposition, Rev/Gov Huckabee, worked the media for free advertising. Huckabee was far more clever. He charmed the media like a snake charmer makes a Cobra do his bidding. There is no question he made foolish mistakes on foreign policy. When the media confronted him with questions, he just blew them off with a smile – he even managed to put light between himself and GW Bush's pathetic foreign policy. At the same time Romney followed the Bush party line to the an agonizing "T". Romney is old wine in an old bottle and you can understand why he is the Republican establishment favorite. Huckabee is new wine in a new bottle – much too harsh for a delicate Republican palate. Romney uses Jeb Bush as his celebrity pony, while Huckabee use a sweaty unshaven "B" grade film/TV actor Chuck Norris. When a journalist told Huckabee that journalists have their own opinions of politicians, Huckabee retorted that politicians have their own opinions of journalists. Doubt Romney would have answered that way unless he had vetted the reply with his expensive group think staff.

Bill's wife Hillary had a tough time in Iowa with both Edwards and Obama. She finished behind both of them in third place. Later she stated in New Hampshire that the people of Iowa are always difficult for Clintons and she expected more understanding from the people of New Hampshire. Oh yeah! The lady's problem is that people understand her – they understand the concept of fractured ego; i.e.: internal values formed by always changing to conform to external forces, so in the end you have no internal values except opportunism. It became obvious as the campaign went on that her main support was bought and paid. She was used as a meal ticket. Her celebrity pony was Magic Johnson, a guy with a few head problems himself. When that did not work, she brought in mums, Chelsea and wandering Bill. What happened to black loyalist Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Rangel? They certainly were not passing out VOTE OBAMA pamphlets.

Obama is messianic. He is not a trained preacher, but his sermonizing comes naturally. He speaks from bottom of his soul. He is intelligent and charismatic. His set speeches are riveting, but his debate performances are less effective. He is more a prophet than a God – a John the Baptist for Christ or a Mohammed for Allah. My sense is that unlike Huckabee, 9/11 Rudy, Bomb Bomb McCain, or Edwards, he cannot go for the jugular vein if demanded. Dementedly, Bomb Bomb always goes for the jugular vein, but usually the wrong one.

Oprah Winfrey is Obama's celebrity pony and has made a positive difference in his bid for president. At this point I believe Obama's appeal to white voters is over rated and not fully tested. His success so far have been in two states where there is a very small Afro American minority. Whether this can be sustained in states where the black minority is greater and racial tensions are more intense is yet to be be determined. No one in the media seems to have addressed this point.

Change is the magic word to characterize the presidential election. Bill's wife Hillary would have us believe electing a woman represents change. Social engineers in the media try to convince us that electing an Afro American is change. Both postulations are equally absurd as they represent vessels for change. Change is end the war in Iraq. Protect ports and borders. Stop the bleeding of US industry and jobs sent overseas. Stabilize the dollar. Smash the international Jihadists in their tracks. Develop détente with Russia. Kick the Chinese ass in trade. Send the illegal aliens home. By Bush standards this is a call for Utopia; by national interest standards, it is a call for survival.

Based on the Iowa caucuses, a child asked his father what he should do to become President of the United States. Father responded, STUDY DIVINITY. Colonel Robert E Bartos USA Ret

P.S.: FYI Bomb Bomb McCain's celebrity pony is independent Democrat Senator Joe Lieberman, aka: Israeli Nuncio to the US Senate. Let us hope that he blights McCain's presidential run as he did Al Gore's.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You failed to mention the South Carolina debate winner. The same guy who received the most money in the 4th quarter. The same guy who received the record $6 million in one day. The same guy who was drafted and served 5 years as an Air Force Capitan. The same guy, who had the best 2 minutes on television last week.

The same candidate who followers chased Neocon Sean Hannity into a building.
Yelling "Fox News Sucks!"

The guy, who wants out of Iraq, Dr Ron Paul

Anonymous WLindsayWheeler said...

Ron Paul also got cheated of votes in New Hampshire.

You have an accurate description of Bomb Bomb McCain. "Goes for the jugular, but the wron jugular". He is philosophically illiterate and clueless like George Bush. He is an auslage goy.


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