Thursday, March 06, 2008


According to superstition, if the first day of March is miserably cold, it portends an early, mellow spring, with March going out like lamb. Too bad this analogy cannot be applied to political events, because this year March came in as a full blown gale and politically will go out with the same shivering force. March also provides predictions linked with the Ides Of March, a time of deadly foreboding stemming back to the soothsayer's prediction of the bloody assassination of Julius Caesar.

President Bush kicked off March by announcing that he does not intend to reduce US troops in Iraq any further while he remains in office. He also advised the American people that he has recognized the separatist state of Kosovo that declared its independence from Serbia. His administration rejected a Congressional request to pursue a grand jury investigation of contempt against his presidential advisers Bolton and Meyers. GW Bush even had time to attack Obama for his readiness to engage foreign enemy leaders in dialogue. Meanwhile the price of oil busted the 100 dollar a barrel record as we watched the dollar sink to its lowest rate against the Euro. The US economy continued to tank. It has been a busy and fruitless March so far for Mr. Bush and America.

The issue of Kosovo has been obscured in the US press as it focuses intently on the US elections, Iraq, and the economy; ironically, this fracus may have a longer lasting impact on the US as the other problems are resolved or fade.

Kosovo is an ancient Serbian province that the Serbs carelessly permitted Albanian illegal aliens to enter. The population of Serbian lands by Albanians was a gradual process until this minority out-populated the Serbs, who went North into metropolitan Serbia. Finally, confronted by armed Albanian insurrection, the Serbs decided forcefully to eject the Albanians from Kosovo. The US and NATO intervened to prevent this, with a massive bombing campaign of Serbia; as a result, the Serbian Army pulled out of Kosovo and came to terms with NATO and the European Union. Under these conditions, Kosovo remained part of Serbia until the recently declared unilateral independence by the Kosovo Albanians.

Mexico, with its hordes of illegal aliens in the US, is gleefully following this US support of Albanian illegal aliens' creation of a separatist break-away country. Mexicans still do not form a majority in Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, parts of Texas and Utah, but given the open borders and the Mexican fecundity, this is a matter of time; especially true now that the MELTING POT concept in the US is moribund. US recognition of Kosovo sets up a rational for illegal Mexicans to argue to separate large chunks of the US as they achieve a majority in Southwestern states. If the US is helpless to close its borders, what will it do with an armed Mexican insurrection inside US borders, justified by historical precedence ?

This drama of independent Albanian Kosovo is not over. Serbs are not like the US Democrats in congress who roll over with every GW Bush provocation. The US embassy in Belgrade was recently burned; anti-US demonstrations by Serb minorities are breaking out in European countries. And Russia with a long historical religious bond with Serbia is sworn to interfere as a Serbian protector. GW Bush and his morons could find themselves in a Balkan war based on their usual stupidity as countermoves by the Russians go into play... GW Bush may have to pay a high price for getting a street named after himself in Tirana, Albania and his visage on an Albanian postage stamp.

On 1 April 2008 GW Bush intends to curtail all US military and economic aid to Israel unless it suspends construction of Israeli enclaves in the West Bank and Arab parts of Palestine – APRIL FOOL. Colonel Robert E. Bartos USA Ret


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