Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Diversity Vs. Destabilization

If you believe diversity as currently practiced in the USA is a positive, you are foolish; on the contrary, it is a negative proposition that forces national disintegration. Let us examine various ethnic American groups whose narrow advocation of policies is destructive of US national interests. As a sample, I picked three: Armenians, Jews and Mexicans; there are others.

These groups argue that the richness of diverse cultures now in the US enhance the US – they may be right, if you bound their ethnic contributions to to music, science, food, dance, language, the arts and literature; but the fact is, many of these foreign elements became agitators for policies that pressure the US to support policies not in the US national interests.

The US has a legal systemic weakness that permits this exploitation. It is called campaign contributions, directed advertising contracts to media and ethic solidarity. The great irony is that all are eager for the economic fruits of the US, but seek concurrently to move the US to self destructive objectives

The US House Foreign Affairs Committee recently passed a resolution condemning Turkey (then the Ottoman Empire) for its nonfeasance, or alternatively, it's malfeasance in the atrocities against the Armenian people, calling it a genocide. The resolution has not passed the full house. The resolution was driven by US Armenian groups. The Turkish reaction to it was sharp: the Turkish ambassador to Washington was recalled. Relations between Washington are still strained. The US has serious strategic interests with Turkey, both military and economic, now jeopardized because American Armenians want to call a massacre that occured in 1915 in Turkey a genocide. What does this have to do with the US?

Mexicans in the US, millions who are there illegally, stridently demonstrate and advocate open borders and amnesty. Sanctuary cities where immigration laws are unenforced, abound. There is strong opposition by these groups to any effort to enforce the law as witnessed by the uproar over the recent Arizona law.

Illegal Mexicans are an economic and social burden. Though a source of stoop labor, they absorb enormous resources while much of their income is returned to Mexico. There are millions swarming in the US as the federal government does little to enforce the laws. Mexican drug cartels reach into most areas of the US.

Recently, Mexican President Calderon, before a joint session of the US Congress, audaciously hectored the US on the Arizona law. Democratic lawmakers stood and applauded this affront while the Republicans did not. It is evident why the Democratic Party choose a jackass as its symbol.

The Republicans should have booed and hissed Calderon; maybe even thrown soft tamales or cold burritos at him. One of these Washington wizards is going to figure out that without nationalism, there is no country.

Calderon was asked on TV why he condemned the Arizona law when Mexican immigration laws are even more stringent. He replied, THAT IS A GOOD QUESTION. WE ARE WORKING ON THE LAWS.

American Jews are a diverse group. They are bound together by an ancient religion that has different subsets, but they are united in their support of the state of Israel. American Jews have organized powerful lobbies that have been very effective promoting pro Israeli policies and foreign aid. Despite this support by the US, Israel sends spies against the US and has killed American sailors in the USS Liberty incident.

Unbalanced US political and military support of Israel against Palestinian and Lebanese Arabs has fueled Jihadist terrorism against the US; it will remain a source of continued anti-Americanism. The misguided Iraq war was promoted by largely Jewish American neocons to solve Israeli security problems with Saddam Hussein. It did, however, have the aid of the US military/industrial/congressional complex. The same drumbeat by the same people for war on Iran is louder each day.

The three ethic groups singled out have made contributions to the US. The question is when will their advocacies become destructive enough to undermine the US and outweigh their positive actions. A 19th century French writer observed that the US will disintegrate based on the greed and self-interest of power groups in the US. The US may be well on this path. Colonel Robert E Bartos USA ret


Anonymous WLindsayWheeler said...

Good post and finally, someone in the military gets it! Usually, the military types are non-philosophers, they know how to kill---they just are not taught what "The Good" is.

Karl Rove the counselor to Jorge Busheron, stood at a La Raza conference and said, "We are a nation of diversity"!

That is an oxymoron. A "nation" is what has SAMENESS. Sameness of blood, sameness of culture, sameness of language, sameness of heritage! Do you see the word "diversity" in the definition of a nation?

What made America great was the German and Anglo-Saxon character of the first immigrants with a smattering of French and Dutch. Angles and Saxons are Germanic Groups that invaded Britain. The French are Franks---another Germanic group.

This is what made America. The saying is "Culture forms politics". America is a European country. What do Semites have to do with European culture?

But destroy it. Karl Rove is part of the Republican intelligentsia. He is a flaming idiot along with everybody else who succumb to Political Correctness and multiculturalism. Multiculturalism and Political Correctness are Communist/Masonic Terms.

Furthermore, just like the Jews arose in Europe to become the aristocracy of Europe, now the Jews are the aristocracy in America. They control America, They form its culture and its laws and its foreign policy! All three major networks, ABC, CBS, and NBC were all started by Jews. Jews control this Protestant Country. It is their country---so it should be their foreign policy.

And the stupid goy Euro Protestants go along with this. This is why they are called "goy". This is a nation of not the "Brave and the free" but the stupid silly cattle.

And by the way Admiral Mullens, head of the Joint Chief of Staff has an Israeli as a staff member. Our whole government is infected with Jews from Rahm Emanuel to Kagan, to Axelrod, to Bernake, Kissenger, to Greenspan. America is a Jewish country for Jewish self interests. Duh.

And stupid Europeans in military uniforms are dumb smiling sycophants who now live and work in a Communist country. We are communists!


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