Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Murder-Israel and Gaza

'Murder She Wrote' That is the epilogue to the Israeli Jews' slaughter tomore non-combants in their bloody affair, Gaza. A 19-year Turk withAmerican citizenship was assassinated with four bullets in his head andone in his chest by Israeli commandos assaulting unarmed ships on thehigh seas. It is preposterious that the the Israelis claim self-defense in theincident; it is repulsive that the US solely defends the Jewish state byfailing to condemn the atrocity as a war crime; and further diplomaticallyprotects Israel from international investigation.

Nine Turkish men on board the Mavi Marmara were shot a total of 30 times and five were killed by gunshot wounds to the head, according to the vice-chairman of the Turkish council of forensic medicine, which carried out the autopsies for the Turkish ministry of justice today.The Turkish Prime Minister has accused Israel of State Terror and has withdrawn its ambassador from Israel.

By any standard the Israeli commando operartion was botched. It attacked the main ship in the populated center deck , instead of working its way carefully forward from the aft. As a result four Israeli were captured , disarmed and sent below as POWs . The Israeli s then turned the main deck into a free fire zone--either out of panic, fright or revenge--not exactly conduct of a disciplined force--more like thugs-Even the Somali pirates are more least they can take a ship without killing.

Years ago while on duty as an escort for an Israeli officer at the Pentagon , I asked an Israel colonel on why Israelis were so sucessful in their wars. As I suggest better equipment. planning, elan, but he waved me off and replied JUST FIGHT ARABS. Well folks, Turks are not Arabs. Had the Turks been armed or military trained, the Israelis would be having the the funerals. Turks are a blood-in-the-eye tribe. Doubt they will forget their dead without some form of revenge. Ask the Kurds about this.

This incident could end a symbiotic Turkish/ Jewish relationship since the Spanish expelled the Jews from Spain in 1492. Turks took in refugee Jews who helped them in commerce and letters--In exchange the Turks gave the Jews a place to live safely and prosper. Natanyhu may have ended that with a stupidly arrogant bloody act against the Turks. Mossad surely knew the names and nationalities of the peace activists, so there was no excuse for killing the Turks--All KIAs were Turks.

The US Israeli lobby went into full mode to defend Israeli murders. As Israeli held the kidnapped activists incommunicado, the US media slavishly played Jewish edited versions of visual tapes . Fox interviewed The Israeli Ambassador to US but not the Turkish one. Israeli talking points flooded the airwaves and TV. Pathetc right-wing talk shows fell over themselves to defend the Israeli murders. Poor Chris Matthews , one of those opportunist liberals even defended Israel.

The Gaza Blocade is already started to crack with Egypt relenting on crossings. The Israelis are still in hot water over the UN Goldstone report accusing them of killing non-combatants in the bombing of Gaza as Obama took office. Like it or not Hamas was democratically elected to power in Gaza. There is a good chance the situation could escalate as Turkey and Iran hint at warships to escort aid flotillas to Gaza.

Obama appears helpless as Netanyahu is the ringmaster of a four-ringed circus in the US--ie., the House, the Senate, The State Department and Defense- all under Jewish Lobby control. Given the number of American Jews on the White House staff, it appears Obama has an in-house kibbutz.

Desiree Rogers, Obama former chief of protocol, fired over the first farsical state dinner, reportedly described her role as,"I ' AM HERE TO BRAND THE OBAMA BRAND. As of now the Obama brand is a star of David or a menorah or the yellow and green BP logo. Colonel Robert E Bartos USA ret


Anonymous PIZZABOY said...

Helen Thomas said it best. If the Germans & Poles will have them, the jews should hand over Palestine and go HOME.

Anonymous Bob said...

I find it fascinating that you were once required to "escort" an Israeli officer.

Actually, surprising.


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