Thursday, July 08, 2010

Michael Steele--Democratic Party Trojan Horse

Michael Steele, Republican National Party Chairman{RNC} is a Democratic Party Trojan Horse'. Steele just publically expressed his dismay over the Afghan war--neocon Republican ultras are having a calf over Steele's public criticism of the Afghan war. Steele has already openly callied for getting out of Iraq, so his new prouncement is an another major blow to the war party Republicans who promote permanent war. It is apparant something has got to go--Steele or the frenzied neocon influence in the Republican Party

After all the RNC is the main fund raiser for the Republican Party. In this capacity it also distributes campaign funds to selected Republican Party candidates,so it would appear Steele is out of bounds pontificating on national security policy--especially if those views are contrary to those of the Republican Party. The Republicans adore war so Mr Steele is way out of step. Steele has called the Afghan war Obama's war-- Goddamit, it is a Republican war according to them--Are these sickos who do not want to share the glory of war ?

Mr Steele is black. He was selected by the Republican Party because of his race not his executive talents or red hot connections with Republican fat cats. There are plenty of black rich donors, but that list belongs to the Democrats, so like McCain /Palin, we remain confounded by his leadership selection.

Despite the fact his views on abortion, global warming and gay marriage are mainstream republican, Steele's perceived banners are closer to the Rainbow Coalition, except he cannot rhyme as well as Jesse Jackson.. His snappy dress, Jive talk and KOOL pulls him unintentionally into the Rainbow.

When Steele was Lt Governor in Maryland, his main contribution was with black business men and affirmative action-he spent 70 million on such projects. The fact that he spent three years studying the priesthiod at a Catholic seminary must have appealed to the religious right fixated in the Party, but he was not ordained. Association with the Catholic priesthood should not be that positive in a resume for a position that does not demand holiness, but you have to remember the Republican Party is the Party of God.

During his campaign for Lt Governor his opponents used to roll Oreo cookies on stage when he was speaking--black on the outside but white on the inside. This may explain his later affirmative action stances to demonstrate he was not an Oreo, but it also substanciated that he was not a Repubican Party true believer.

His selection to the RNC was sick ploy by Republican Party to put a multi racial face on the Party, So far it has backfired. Steele.s fund raising is dismal; he has the image of a gaffe- prone buffoon and is an embarassment to most serious blacks As for most white Republicans, he makes them cringe.,

The irony of this latest Steele fracus is that he is dead right on Afghanistan Obama seriously reenforced and bought into nation building. No sane educated person believes the war can be won, anymore than the Iraq war.. It is another military/industrial/congressiuonal stimulus package--30 billion supplemental just approved by the Democratic congress for the war; 110 billion is the cost estimate for the war in 2010.

After being attacked for giving credit for the war to Obama by neocons like Kristol, McCain, Graham, Lieberman and other misguided neocons, Steele tried to walk back his statement, Ron Paul was the only high ranking republican to complement him for his honesty,

At this stage the Afghan war has taken on a banal quality. Petraues took command of the war--for the record he is still in command of CENTCOM so is he giving orders to himself and wearing eight stars since he now commands two four-star billets. There are a reported 50-100 al Qaeda in Afghanistan, so why the full-scale war ? Is General Petraeus to be known as a "Ghost Buster", for he is killing and chasing an almost amorphus enemy.

So if the Republicans are smart the war should branded as Obama's War-- it is dumb ass to do otherwise.. The Democrats should make burnt offerings that Steele remains at the RNC as he sows discord in the Republican Party.Colonel Robert E Bartos USA Ret.


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