Sunday, December 12, 2010

Obama's Great Leap Backward--With former President Bill Clinton recently taking the White House spotlight, encouraged by President Obama, the Clintonista Coup de Etat is about complete; that is until Clinton engineers the demise of the the two -term presidential limit. It is certainly a squalid marvel for the American democratic way if a disbarred lawyer, with a salacious record of sexual escapades, whose NAFTA program helped wreck US domestic industry, has schemed his way again to the top of the political pile.

Obama, in a moment of desperation over his sellout tax bill, enlisted Clinton to help him twist Democratic Party congressmens' arms to vote for it. Obama met with Clinton in the oval office last Friday and immediately passed the mic to Bill and abruptly left for a White House Christmas Party; smarmy Bill held forth for a set-up briefing for While House press corps. Obama certainly left his read-my-lips, no-extended- tax cuts-for the rich debacle to Clinton to explain

While Obama was sipping holiday eggnog and munching on White House Christmas pastries, Bill explained the tax bill as, I DON"T BELIEVE THERE IS A BETTER DEAL OUT THERE. This is the same guy who said he did not have sex with Monica Lewinsky until a her blue dress popped up with Bill's DNA. Bill also runs a well publicized charity dependent corporation's generosity. Corporations, fat cat republicans and lobbyists adore Obama's tax bill.

Some characterized the tax bill as turned into a Christmas tree with gifts for lobbyists and lawmakers--there are subsidies for rural folks; there are commuter tax breaks for the city folks; there are wind and solar grants for environmentalists. There is over 5 billion for corn-based ethanol and tariff protection This pork is aimed at getting votes from suspicious democrats , especially those rolled by Obama care. The bill is estimated at 857.6 billion. With that imbedded sting,it is no wonder Obama chose a Christmas party than to face the press corps.

President Obama has had a tough week. His DON'T ASK DON'T TELL program was shot down by the senate. His Mid-East policy stopping Israeli settlements was killed by Netanyahu and his own state department. WilkiLeaks set off diplomatic bomblets all over the globe. And is unable to stop the progression of the leaks. Though the stock market goes up, so does the number unemployed as the banker thumb their noses at the White House. Despite military propaganda, there is really no good war news. The two Koreas are on the brink of war with the US right in the middle.

It appears Obama is turning into Hamlet; especially with his passing the baton to Clinton. Had the American people wanted a Clinton administration, it would have voted in Hillary with all her baggage to include Bill. So far Hillary and her hawkish state department has expanded wars, rather than solve issues diplomatically; she is itching to pull the trigger on Iran. She did Natanyahu's bidding on the settlements issue, so why not on Iran? What the Hell. After all she is the former Israeli senator to NYC.

As Obama curls politically into a ball, he should recall that Hamlet ended badly. As far as the American peoples' choice in 2012 it is Hamlet or Hillary or Palin or Huckabee or Gingrich. In this sad case what is Hamlet's first name.?--Colonel Robert E Bartos USA Ret


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