Friday, November 12, 2010

OBAMA FIGHTS FAILURE WITH FAILURE--Based on the Democratic Party's failures at the 2010 mid-term election, followed by President Obama's 3 November press conference, it is safe to conclude that, at this stage of his life., the President does not learn from his mistakes. Its as if he proves the canard, IF YOU LOSE SIGHT OF THE THE GOALS, REDOUBLE YOUR EFFORT. Let us get specific.

Obama 's 3 November press conference is now ancient history, quickly submerged in his 10-day trip to Asia that almost immediately followed this press conference . Despite this change of focus by MSM, this conference remains as a precursor to the Presidents next two years in office.The President was contrite in the conference--he admitted that he was beaten badly and took much of the blame. He did not project any serious policy regeneration or bravado, such as ,ONE STEP BACKWARD, TWO STEPS FORWARD. Instead he provided an almost child-like bromides for bipatisanship--when the Republicans heard this, they must have rushed to sharpen their political knives as they had cut him to pieces as he sought unsucessfully to achieve it in previously in his term.The two and half wars the president is fighting in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq, obviously are ripping his domestic agenda apart, yet neither the White House press corps or the president brought up the issue of wars. CNN did ask about the status of DO NOT ASK DO NOT TELL. Ho Hum--why not ask about the failure of the volunteer military --50 percent of the US forces deployed overseas are mercenaries. Or inquire about US special operations military forces being subordinate operationally to CIA. . Do we have the birth of a Praetorian Guard ?There is evidence that the SECDEF Gates is floating policy changes and wants to extend US troops in Iraq beyound 2011 and avoid draw downs in Afghanistan beyond 2012--failures being componded? With Obama's chief advisor Axelrod signalling extension of GW Bush tax cuts and now extending wars, the value of the dollar is expected to sink; you soon will need a 100.00 dollars to buy a BIg Mac. On the day of the president's departure to Asia his FED CHAIRMAN Bernanke announced that he was prepsred to spend 600 billion dollars to buy up US treasurer bonds from banks to stimulate lending. Does anyone believe the banks will lend money to main street when there there are less risker,more lurcetive opportunities ? More bail out to the banks that has not worked with TARP and the previously spawned stimulus packages.This latest economic move will drive down the value of the dollar. If you think the Red Chinese with their slave labor force will allow their goods to be more expensive than those of the US, you are mistaken--Chinese have already begin developing a currency market outside the Euro and dollar zone and are competitively driving up the price of oil with cheap dollars held by them from the US bonds, sold them to fund its foolish wars..By now we understand President Obama is at best BUSH LITE-his antedote for failue is more failure. His only hope for reelection is that the Republican Party with its Tea Party faction and war lovers will be come accross as screw ball zealots that are a greater threat to the US stability than the Democratic Party's incompetence. Colonel;Robert E Bartos USA Ret


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