Monday, September 13, 2010

CARNAGE=-9/11-USA--Nine years after the Jihadist deadly attack on Twin Towers in NYC and the Pentagon in Washington , DC,, the master mind of the attack, Bin Laden still scampers around, thumbing his nose at the US, taunts saying CATCH ME IF YOU CAN. Both GWB and Obama administration, holding their breath with crossed fingers,, change the the subject to , BUT WE HAVE NOT BEEN ATTACKED SINCE THEN.

You might ask yourself what constitutes an attack--we have had shoe bombers, underwear bombers, Ft hood murders, and Times Square sputtered attack. Except for the FT Hood killer most attacks have failed for technical reasons or the Jihadists lost their nerve at the last minute. The fact that both security and intelligence have been rampted up astronomically since 9//11 does not seem to inhibit the small-fry Jihadists. --THEY KEEP COMING.

All this still cannot explain how the big-fish Bin Laden escapes kill or capture.SECDEF Rumsfeld had a chance to get Bin Laden at TORA BORA early in the Afghan war ,but blew it. Along with Iraq and the Jihad attack on the Pentagon, these are other albatrosses he can wear through history.

The fact Bin Laden has survived the US dedicated attempts to eliminate him is a metaphor for the US for the US inability to snuff out the anti-American terrorist movement. Bin Laden is just one of many; someone else will step into his shoes when he is gone, but his persistent, almost bullet-proof ability to stay alive in the face of the worlds greatest killing machine, inspires other Jihadist to achieve this status.

With the advent of 9/11 this year, it appears Muslims are dancing on or in the head of the American people. Prior to 9/11 about the only Muslims that popped into view were Saudis gamboling in the Rivera, diplomats gilding between receptions in their burnooses in Washington,DC and finally the sweaty Islamic group in Dearborn , Michigan making a living by working. ..

This year we saw whacko Southern minister threatening to burn the Koran and the religious fanatics hysterically sweating an Islamic center near 9/11 ground .Incredibly we witnessed General Petraeus , NATO/US commander in Afghanistan begging the preacher not to burn the Koran, because it would cause turmoil in his area of operations.

Petraeus would make more of an impact if concentrated on limiting civilian casualties in his attacks--10 percent now is the average he kills or wounds in these attacks on Afghan civilians. Further recent stories surfaced of US troops collecting Afghan body parts, so he should focus on his battlefield troop leading problems...

The demented minister did not burn the Koran, but you can bet another pious jackass soon will seek publicity the same way. Since the Jihadists are so wrought over burning Korans, you have to wonder if there is not a deal somewhere --WE DO NOT BURN KORANS, IF THEY DO NOT BURN OUR BUILDINGS AND KILL OUR PEOPLE.

Since 9/11 the US has buried itself in two permanent wars against Islamic people; the Jihadist movement has expanded as more Islamic people are radicalized by US actions. The US has continued to support Israel one-sided, driving more into the Jihadest ranks.

Some senior American military officers are beginning to rethink the idea of piling up Islamic corpses as for everyone killed at least two are replaced. Changes in tactics will come when this futility dawns on the US political leadership.Its seems to me the situation is more dangerous now since 9/11. GWB wars followed by Obama's extensions and wideing of them has embroilled Pakistan.

As far as catching the GHOST THAT WALKS Bin Laden, suggest the search is intensified outside the range of US drones and the Pakistani Army sphere of influence. In 9 years the US has searched under every rock in these areas five times. Suggest a search in an Islamic area of China.



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