Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mel Gibson Drives Some Jews Nuts

You can the believe that the Dog Days of Summer are rapidly approaching when the NEW YORK TIMES star OP Ed writer Frank Rich devotes his most recent Sunday column to excoriating a sociopath like Mel Gibson.. Frank in this article proclaims he is a Jew, so what does that to do with Mel's latest recorded rant that attacks blacks, Latinos and a girlfriend who is sexually aloof ?

Mel is on record earlier in a DWI arrest making anti semitic remarks about Jewish American cop that collared him. You can probably conclude that Mel is incompatible with Jews;, especially, at a minimum when an officer doing his duty happened to be a Jew; my sense is that had the arresting officer been Chinese or Japanese, the drunken actor would have attacked with other racial epithets.

Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton or usual defenders of the Latino soul have not sent a posse to the rescue from Mel's racial slurs. But Feminiists expectedlly attacked Mel for his rude and brutal remarks about his squeeze; one gasped that his conduct was too " grotesque to ignor" Mel should expect that sort of thing from the sisterhood, especially since he is celebrity and his statements were made public. Mel probably shrugs it off as ladies with those attitudes do not attend his films anyway.

Rich ,however, used Gibson latest screwball rant to settle an old score for Jews whether the incident was appropriate for this purpose or not. Rich wrote the folling last Sunday.

"Gibson is in such disgrace today that it’s hard to fathom all the fuss he and his biblical epic engendered back then. The commotion began with the revelation that his father, Hutton, was a prominent and vociferous Holocaust denier and that both father and son were proselytizers for a splinter sect of Roman Catholicism that rejected the reforms of the Second Vatican Council, including the lifting of the “Christ-killers” libel from the Jews. Jewish leaders and writers understandably worried that “The Passion” might be as anti-Semitic as the Passion plays of old. Gibson’s response was to hold publicity screenings for the right-wing media..

Rich is probably overwrought by Gibson's record 350 million dollar success over the film Passion of Christ." It was a rare Hollywood bonanza production made without Jewish investment or input.. Rich commented as follows in the Sundy NYT:

"Uninvited Jewish writers (like me) who kept raising questions about the unreleased film and its exclusionary rollout were vilified for crucifying poor Mel. Bill O’Reilly of Fox News asked a reporter from Variety “respectfully” if Gibson was being victimized because “the major media in Hollywood and a lot of the secular press is controlled by Jewish people.” Such was the ugly atmosphere of the time that these attempts at intimidation were remarkably successful. Many mainstream media organizations did puff pieces on the star or his film, lest they be labeled “anti-Christian” when an ascendant religious right was increasingly flexing its muscles in the corridors of power in Washington."

Why Rich picked this particular moment to rip the scab off an old wound is open to speculation. Perhaps the American Jewish Zionist community is heady with sucess by backing President Obama down over settlements or surpressing the headlines of murders of 11 turks in the recent Gaza flotillla incident or the continued US approval of the Gaza blocade by Israel-- Was Gibson the one that got away and was Rich off to settle the score when Gibson was vulnerable?, Who knows? Ask Rich. If he were not a Jew with an ax to grind, it would not appear as crass.

Having little interest in bible stories, I still made a point to see the "Passion of Christ ", mainly because of the uproar by some Jews.. It was a griity film; brutal Roman soldiers were thugs rightly depicted. The scouraging of Christ scene was over done to border on sadism, so Rich's view of this was about right. Rich complained that Gibson's Sanhedrin priests , who engineered the death of Christ,. had hook noses and bad teeth. So ? They probably did. These high priests were not angelic--even Christ threw out the money lenders from the temple that surrounded these fellas.

Two Hollywood old time Jewish moguls, Zanick and DeMille.. when Holy Land films were made by them, the Sandhedren looked like grubby, watery-eyed Shylocks. So why is Rich whinning?

Does Rich also want to paint out Judas' money bag as depicted at Michaelangelos' Last Supper ? Rich must live in a New York Jewish echo chamber. Strange conduct. Who annoited him as the arbiter of taste ? Or a revisionist of the history of the Jews.?

If Mel Gibson is not anti semitic by now after all the attacks by Jews on him, it would be surprising. And that is his business and those who believe this affects his acting and picture making abilities. That Mr Gibson has a personality disorder, there appears to be no question--if he was not different , doubt he could have made the off-the-wall films or played a role in them that made them vibrate. He was made by the public and can be destroyed by it--he should be not castigated by those who want to control his output or content.

As both Gibson and Rich appear to be facing some sort of crisis, suggest they each buy themselves a red Porsche, find a serene Japanese woman and hire a skilled Chinese cook {Confuscious say that make all ding hao } Colonel Robert E Bartos USA Ret


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly. Except I'm not sure on what grounds you are calling Mel a sociopath. I'ld hate to have my drunken rants recorded by a vindictive girlfriend. No telling what they might sound like. But I don't think this is evidence of a sociopathic personality. Last 10 years has, I must admit, made me something of a anti-Semite. I can't imagine what Mel thinks of them considering his dad is rather open about it and Mel has spent his entire career working with the the worst of the tribe.

Blogger Shrapnel said...

check definition of sociopath in Google-Mel fits a few, but so do most people who do things against the grain-- Shrapnel


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