Thursday, March 27, 2008

Three Left Standing
Bomb Bomb McCain, Bill's wife, Burning Spear Obama

Mighty interesting to observe Bill's wife and Burning Spear Obama grapple for phyrric victory for the US presidential nomination in the Democratic Party. Meanwhile Bomb Bomb has recently returned from a world-wide fact finding tour that resulted in picturing him as more senile than Bob Dole... As McCain's staff tucked him in back home, it breathed a sigh of relief that at least Bomb Bomb did not fall off a speakers platform on the trip.

Bill's wife Hillary is becoming more dreary as she relentlessly plugs away at destroying Obama by throwing everything with her kitchen sink at him. Hillary's husband Bill has questioned Obama's patriotism, even indicated that Bomb Bomb is better suited to be president than Obama.

So it is no wonder fetid right wing hacks such as Limbaugh and FOX's Hannity are doing everything they can do to destroy Obama and promote Bill's wife – to even the extent of urging Republicans to cross over in the state primaries and vote for Bill's wife. Republicans have figured out that Obama is a much harder target than the Clinton team as Obama seems to move forward despite Clinton's massive attacks. You can bet the Republicans have already prepared to attack Clintons' sleaze, past and present. You have to wonder whether Bill has been a good boy since departing office – whether there are some hot pictures ready in the can from his globe trotting. The Republican desperation to nominate the Clintons has reached a feverish pitch.

Bill's wife is not an attractive candidate despite the bright colors of her androgynous pant suits. She is shrill on the stump – her main constituency are post menopausal ladies, apparently disappointed in love and hell bent on revenge. Her high octane style contrasts sharply with Obama's low key approach – Hillary is a propagandist. Obama exudes authenticity.

Most recent attack on Obama centered on his religious affiliation to a black church in Chicago. His black preacher wearing an assortment of African dashikis peddled much of the same overheated rhetoric white evangelicals Robertson and Falwell did after 9/11 – the black preacher essentially blamed white driven US foreign policy; the white evangelicals blamed homosexuals. There was an attempt to paint Obama as a Burning Spear insurrectionist like Jomo Keneyatta. This did not succeed, but the attack pushed the explosive race issue front and center in the election. Race remains an important issue. Clintons and Republicans have pinned their hopes that it will undo Obama's push for the president of the US.

Working class whites are on the front lines on tensions with blacks especially in industrial neighborhoods – black crime – failure of black males to work – extensive welfare – disproportionate unwed mothers – even small things like the perception blacks fail to tip white waiters in restaurants piss off this sector of white society. Obama, though clearly not part of this background, is vulnerable unfairly by racial association. Despite the fact many blacks are not part of this profile, this perception is a hurdle for Obama.

Bomb Bomb just returned from his eighth trip to Iraq. It was a three stooges act. He also went with Senators Joe Lieberman and Lindsey Graham – these two senators are part of his campaign apparatus, and often appear with him on the stump. Lieberman's role is to secure Jewish money and votes. Uncertain what Graham's role is other than provide hollow assurance to voters in the South and to comfort those unmarried, fat men gun owners. Bomb bomb screwed up badly on the trip when he blamed Shiite Iran twice for training Sunni Al Qaeda – Joe Lieberman corrected him publicly once on the issue. And you trust McCain's judgment on Surge success?

Bomb Bomb may be the unintentional comic relief in this presidential campaign. This trip did not help his fund raising much; Senator Joe must work harder. You got to wonder what Bomb Bomb will come up on his 9th trip to Iraq. One thing is for certain; he better keep his head down and stay away from the windows in the Green Zone as his Surge explodes.

America's choice for the next president at this stage is confounding. With the Clintons you get two sleaze balls for the price of one and lots of special interest influence with more NAFTA type deals; also expect an ambiguous position on the Iraq War and stay the course diplomacy. With Bomb Bomb McCain hundred more years of war, more economic chaos as he will continue to fuse big business with big government – Bomb Bomb is like a coon dog infested with ticks as he is a walking, talking nourishing host for special interests that run his life.

Obama is considered a usurper by the Clinton Democratic Party hierarchy, who believe a good Democrat must wait his turn. You know like the sudden new governor of New York Paterson who really should not be a dog catcher. Burning Spear Obama at least offers hope, intellect and some new faces. Sure, it is the roll of the dice, but Bomb Bomb and the Clintons already have the reputation of tossing snake eyes... Colonel Robert E Bartos USA Ret.


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