Thursday, March 13, 2008

White Flag or Surge?

White House Press Office is now headed by the fourth person in GW Bush's seven-year term in office. Instead of the usual dyspeptic male, the White House fielded a well dressed, pretty female, born in 1972, named Dana Perino. She is pleasant to the eye but callow, and regularly embarrasses herself and her office. She was recently on FOX NEWS and popped off that she cannot remember when she was last asked about Iraq. Well Toots, let's talk about Iraq.

Occupation of other countries by an alien force is always a dirty business. Native populations are killed in large numbers by the invaders. Occupiers try to change the native outlook by forcing indoctrination. Quisling regimes and security forces are developed at bayonet point, but fall apart as the bribe money ends or self revulsion over exploiting your own people for a foreign power has its own final corrosive effect.

Collapse of WHITE MANS burden colonialism was a fact in 20thc. The super organized Nazi war machine with its SS forces and gestapo killed massively to suppress uprisings – remember Czechoslovak village of Lidice and later the Warsaw Uprising when over 250 thousand Poles were killed in 2 months. This was in addition to thousands of European Jews murdered for racial reasons that had little to do with the internal security of the Nazi occupation. The Nazis are remembered in Jewish Holocaust and Russian military museums as the defeated. SIC TRANSIT GLORIA.

It has been over five years since the US invaded, occupied and destroyed Iraq. At this stage Iran is a big winner along with US and foreign war profiteers – by most estimates there are over 180 thousand war contractors feeding at the US trough in Iraq; this is in addition to coalition forces. We are now in a surge strategy that has reduced coalition casualties, but Iraqi deaths remain high as US fails to provide local security.

Under no circumstances should the surge be considered as a winning strategy. For this to occur, there must be an implicit acceptance by the Iraq people of the NEW AMERICAN ORDER. This does not remotely exist. The surge is the first major step to US withdrawal; few in the administration admit this openly. The US has methodically armed Sunni, Kurds and some Shiites; has bribed nearly every group not to kill Americans. Even the violently anti-American Shiite El Sadr takes his bribe, renewed every six months. He is now whining that some of his bloods no longer take orders from him and are striking out on their own.

The Iraqis have figured out that the US is going to withdraw based on a new US president's campaign promises, so why die when all you have to do is wait. While you wait, you get arms and walking-around money. You can settle old scores once the Crusader departs. The Iraqis now are demanding more and more regularly from the US. And the US pays.

There is no way the US can sustain the rupture to its economy as the foolish war drags on – now at 12 billion a month. Smarmy former presidential candidate Edwards has promised a study on the interrelationship between the Iraq war and the destruction of the US economy. Get on with it. LESS TALK – MAKE IT HAPPEN. Had Edwards focused on that issue, he may still have been a contender. Instead, he repeatedly fed us mawkish bullshit on his mill worker origins.

It is clear that the Republicans with Bomb Bomb McCain as their standard bearer will make terror and the Iraq war the main thrust of their campaign. So the Republicans have to kow tow to the Iraqis to encourage them to behave or Bomb Bomb will be seriously undercut by bloody events on the ground. The US will have to bribe Iraqi tribes more and more as the election heats up – it is unique when the victor pays tribute to the conquered – inverted imperialism. Thank you GW Bush.

Some exit strategy. But you take what you can get. Eight US troops killed in one day this week is tragic and sobering – apparently bribes cannot get to all the insurgents.

Bomb Bomb makes a big deal that he is our grandfather of the surge – no white surrender flags this time from our former POW, but his surge has set the stage for the departure of US forces by empowering the Iraqi tribes and enabling them to influence the US presidential elections on a grand scale. Once the US armed those tribes, the situation is irreversible; withdrawal was unintentionally set in motion. Even General Save Us Petraeus knows this – there are rumors he now wants out to head NATO.

So Ms. Perino these are Iraq issues on which our gutless media should focus. The expectation that you can field questions on Iraq is low. If you never heard of the Cuban missile crisis, there is little hope you can grasp the complexities of Iraq. Anyway, bet there is not one red blooded congressman or senator in Washington who would allow a woman with your looks and style to pay for her own drink – that has to be worth something. Colonel Robert E Bartos USA Ret


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