Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Obama Embraces His Enemies

Hillary Clinton as Obama's choice for Secretary of State is a move that will strangle his promise of change in his administration before its birth this coming January. About the only change this choice signals is that GW Bush is no longer sitting in the oval office. That Hillary reflects continuity rather than change is best evinced by her effusive endorsement as SECSTATE by Hopeless Henry Kissinger.

Hopeless Henry appears to have a vampire's immortal life span. His reputation for causing pain and shedding blood has eclipsed that of Count Dracula. Nixon concurred in his extension of the Vietnam War for two years; Henry appeased the USSR with a seriously flawed Strategic Arms and ABM treaties; he has advised GW Bush to stay the course forever in Iraq; he advocates the interests of Israel over those of the USA; and he is now a serious lobbyist for Red China for his US clients. He, of course, recklessly advised GW Bush almost weekly.

It is uncertain what Hillary brings to Obama's table. Despite the fact she attacked Obama mercilessly with every dirty trick during the primaries, she did strongly support Obama during the general election. Bill Clinton's campaign support was lukewarm until the very end, especially in Florida, when he appeared with Obama in a joint appearance. If Obama wishes to pay off the Clintons, offer her Postmaster General position. Based on her Harum Scarum primary campaign, her ability to manage anything is seriously questioned. The US Post Office is a history of mismanagement, so what is more or less one more fumbler in charge?

Hillary still bares the self-inflicted scars of her Bosnian sniper fabrications during her primaries which will always haunt her integrity. As far as her foreign policy experience, she travelled as the president's wife, rode camels and elephants and fed monkeys. This is not a resume for a secretary of state – perhaps for a travel agent's position, it might attract an offer. Doubt the lady has knowledge of any foreign language, except the patois of Arkansas.

As if her incompetence as a manager were not enough to bar her from the Secretary of State position, she has an ex-president as an overbearing, restless spouse in Bill Clinton. He is up to his ears in foreign business dealings; has his own pet foreign foundation; there are mysterious contributions to his presidential library; and no one believes he has lost his randiness to embarrass his wife with new dalliances.

For Obama to pick her, Bill would to have share his private contacts with the Obama transition team to be vetted. Obama cannot take the risk to exempt him from this screening. It is doubtful Bill would agree to Obama's specific requirements. So who blinks?

There are others who are loyal to Obama and have supported his campaign who have extensive management experience and believed to see eye-to-eye with Obama on a new course for US foreign policy.

There is speculation that since Obama is from the Land of Lincoln, he shares honest Abe's concept of cabinet of rivals. Absurd. Remember Abe left office in a coffin. Not only do the Clintonistas lust after his power, but the Republicans would undermine Obama from the outset. McCain may be useful as an ally on controversial immigration, but it was obvious from his frenetic election stance, he has contempt for Obama.

Picking enemies as partners in power risks the necessary for the superfluous... Obama has a clear mandate. He uses it or loses it. Sharing power with opponents is losing it for bipartisan utopianism. It does not take long for a Lion sleeping with wolves for one or the other to be devoured. Colonel Robert E Bartos USA Ret


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