Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Obama in Transition

Transition period in a change election in Washington, DC is the best of times or the worst of times. Winners savor their victory, congratulating themselves on their sagacity and buy homes; losers blame others for their misfortune, indulging in self-pity, and sell their homes.

In the end, the election appeared to be a battle between the secular and non-secular; between perceived good and evil; between fear and hope and finally between the foolish and the astute. In this election the McCain/Palin ticket represented the negative side and Obama/Biden the positive.

McCain predictably again crashed. Blasted even by his own party, he had no idea how to manage a campaign – he believed he could attract the working class with the phony Joe the Plumber and the Hillary disconsolate with Pentecostal Palin – both backfired. McCain is now on the trash heap of history. Sixty-four per cent of the Republicans, however, believe Ms. Palin should run again; one hundred percent of the Democrats are deliriously overjoyed at the prospect.

Palin has returned to her icicle kingdom where she sulks over her unethical conduct sting, defends her wardrobe against the Republican National Committee and frets over whether Africa is a continent or a country. She, like the religious right, must be pondering why Jesus favored the demon Democrats over the god-fearing Republican christian soldiers.

Obama held his first press conference; it was a pleasure to witness an articulate presentation after 8 years of fumbling, bungling GW Bush. At this writing, he has picked three people for his White house staff. His choice for cabinet posts will determine the success of his presidency. Selection depends on how he weighs competency over loyalty. If he is smart, country first, he will avoid the trap of politically correct criteria. Spoils system still operates – especially if you are a product of the Chicago Daley machine, so utopian philosopher king conduct by Obama is not realistically expected.

He needs a Treasury Secretary yesterday. Obama's appointment should be sitting on Paulson's lap right now to insure GW Bush does not pass out bailout funds to his cronies. GW Bush is on the lookout for funds for an egocentric MISSION ACCOMPLISHED presidential library, so these funds could be used to lure donors.

There is a movement to keep Gates on as Secretary of Defense. This is a big mistake. Department of Defense has to be purged of neocons and Gates is not the man to do it. Obama should send General Petraeus into retirement. He is a Bush stooge as much as General Westmoreland was President Johnson's political general. Petraeus will do anything to protect his strategy in Iraq in face of Obama's call for drawdown of US troops. Iraq remains as a Obama's cash cow. He needs to redirect the expenditures on the war to fuel his economic and social programs.

At this stage Secretary of State is critical as it is key office to the end of the occupation of Iraq. My main concern is that the office not be turned into another hotbed of Israel-first fanatics – as with the Department of Defense, it should be purged of neocons. Pampered Paul Wolfowitz should be the first target, although there are many others there that need the pink slip.

Seventy five percent of American Jews went for Obama; they expect political rewards. With the key appointments of Axelrod and Emanuel on his White House Staff, Obama has made his first payment to this minority. Israel has already passed to Obama that it wants no negotiations with Iran. Time will tell whether Obama jumps and how high.

Republicans are lost in the wilderness. They lost latino, black, moderate, female, labor, independent and educated voters. Some of their gun crazies are stocking up on guns, because they believe Obama will outlaw purchase of them. By their standards, everyone needs three semi-automatic AK 47s and a 3.5 magnum to shoot varmints. Right-wing radio mouthpieces are ranting over the economic chaos; already blaming Obama for it. These same radio sources are in a dither because the Democrats may institute a fairness in broadcasting policy and curb their one-sided agenda.

Obama’s sangfroid will certainly be tested shortly; he must shoot the wolves nearest the sled first, but his national security and economic priorities are intertwined. He must be nimble and quick. There is no escape from right-wing criticism. He must make it appear foolish as he did in the campaign.

Nobody predicted the job would be easy; COURAGE. Colonel Robert E Bartos USA Ret


Anonymous stats79 said...

So you're in the tank for Obama too. Obama can do no wrong, despite the fact that he has already signaled, with the appointment of Rahm Israel Emanuel , that foreign policy in the Middle East will not change. Apparently you've got no problem with endless wars for Israel, just so long as the Democrats are in the catbird seat? I should have guessed.

Anonymous Anonymous said...


You should write for Lew Rockwell. Col Hackworth, William Lind is there etc....

You should have a wider following, but you are hidden here.

Have you considered writing a book?


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