Wednesday, September 03, 2008

GW Bush Picking Peaches in Georgia

Let us define the two most important Georgias in the world. There is the one in the USA where peaches, pecans and sweet Vidalia onions grow – the other one is in the Caucasus where the red wine Mukuzani and the the white wine Tsinandali are produced; these wines were used by Russians as chasers for over 200 years to wash down water glasses filled with vodka. To avoid confusing these two political entities, I will use the Russian word Gruziya for the former Soviet Republic and for this posting, avoid the mention of Newt Gingrich's home state.

Bomb Bomb McCain told all Americans to be Gruziyans in sympathy with the invasion of GRUZIYA by Russians. He wanted the Americans desperately to support the Gruziyan people in a knee jerk, follow the flag catharsis. Folks, before you jump on his bandwagon, you might want to know some facts that the main stream media has failed to pass on to you.

GW Bush, who has oil on the brain, has yearned to involve the US in post Soviet Gruziya, mainly because of an oil pipe line and rail tank car transport from Central Asia to the Black Sea; he succeeded and built a complex pipe line called the CEHYAN pipe line. Israel owns a portion of this pipe line. Further there was a large Jewish ex-Gruziyan émigré population in Israel. The Gruziyan prime mister Gugenidze was a Jew who even spoke Hebrew. There were also other Jews in the high level of the Gruziyan government who worked the Tel Aviv/Tibilisi axis with alacrity.

Israel sent nearly 1000 military experts to train the Gruziyan troops. These were non-governmental, somewhat like Blackwater pistoleros in US occupied Iraq. Using US grant money, they provided small arms, ammo, commo equipment, automatic tank turrets, drone aircraft, AAA equipment and training for the Gruziyan army – much of which was commando-type training. An ex-Israeli Defense Force brigadier general named Gel Hirsch was put in charge of the Israeli effort. Hirsch's claim to shame is that he screwed up the Israeli operation against Hetzbollah in the latest war in Lebanon.

On July 4, 2006 GWBush signed an agreement with Israel that the Israelis could use the two airfields in southern Gruziya to launch attacks against Iran; air attack would have come from the north where Iranian air defenses are thin. Russians have now provided modern SA 300 air defense systems to Iran; during their recent operations in Gruziya the Russians bombed the hell out of these two airfields.

In addition the Russians captured massive amounts of Israeli/US stocks of war booty. Most important were the Hermes 450 spy drones with its radio control equipment. (Inadvertent technology transfer, you might call it.) Doubt these systems will continue to fly over southern Russia now. Some experts believe that the Russian attack set back US/Israeli operations 10 years; US defense officials at the Pentagon are reportedly sick over the debacle.

There is some question regarding who is charge in Gruziya. Its inept leader Saakashivili was at a fat farm in Italy when the Gruziyans launched their misguided attack on South Ossetia. The whole thing is foolish enough to be an Israeli over-the-top inspired operation, much like their recent bombing and incursion into Lebanon. The Israelis, in this case, certainly had an opportunity with a US "amen" cohort at its side. The Gruziyan attack on South Ossetia had the opposite of its intent. South Ossetia and Abakazia are now officially autonomous regions under Russian protection. And Russia has not finished in the region.

By now Condoleezza, Bomb Bomb McCain, his wife Cindy, VEEP Cheney, Blowhard Senator Biden, EU, and UN representatives have visited the stricken nation; scores of US officials arrived sending humanitarian aid to compensate for their blunders. While these folks gnashed their teeth, rended their clothing and pulled out their hair, begging the world for pity, the Russians inexorably moved the political goal posts deeper into Gruziya. No Russian remorse – only glee. The Russians have requested the EU set up a police contingent to monitor a new buffer zone. The 130 US military advisors have not returned to Gruziya; the 2000 Gruziyans have not returned to Iraq. For what happened to 1000 Israeli military technicians, ask Bomb Bomb's stooge Joe Lieberman.

Bomb Bomb McCain's foreign policy advisor Randy Scheunemann is a fanatical pro-Israeli neocon and also a paid lobbyist for Gruziya – has been paid $700,000 by the Gruziyian government over the years to deliver the US to Gruziyia. With Bomb Bomb's help, he did his job well. That was underscored by Bomb Bomb's and GW Bush's hysterical reaction to the Russian counter invasion. About time US voters realize that Bomb Bomb is a perpetual magnet for turmoil.

So, Mr. and Mrs. America, knowing these facts, if you want to jump on Bomb Bomb's bandwagon, be my guest. By now you should have concluded that under the Iraqi, Iranian and Gruziyian wood piles, you always find a pro-Israeli neocon and an Israeli. Providing military aid to Israel is like providing money to a drug addict. Colonel Robert E Bartos USA Ret


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