Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Bomb Bomb McCain – His Mid-Summer Madness

US presidential elections are never pretty. Bomb Bomb McCain may surpass this expected ugliness by reaching for new low standards. Last week he launched two TV anti-Obama ads: one attempted to degrade the Democratic candidate to the same level of the celebrity twits, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears; the other mocked his Messianic style by depicting Charlton Heston as Moses parting the Red Sea.

All this even made the world capital of bad taste, Hollywood, gasp in despair as its tinsel crown came under attack. Politically active actors condemned the ad as a desperate act. For good measure, Bomb Bomb also cynically attacked the black presidential candidate for racism.

Paris and Britney are vacuous self-indulgent, self- absorbed creations; you may think Obama is too skinny, too smart, too black or too charismatic, or not black enough, but empty-headed he is not. So for Bomb Bomb to associate him with these two ditzy dames is way way over the top. Obama enemies may savor the attack; his supporters are enraged over it and write more checks for his campaign; the uncommitted have to be revolted by the squalid nature of Bomb Bomb's sleazy attack. The Hilton family, Republican to the core and big-time contributors, i.e. $4600.00 to Bomb Bomb, have even expressed dismay over the the ad; characterized it as frivolous, a waste of money and time – so who said Bomb Bomb was smart?

Last time I checked, Bomb Bomb's base, albeit shattered, is the evangelical religious right. Although there is a wide range of beliefs among this constituency, they all believe in the old testament with those talking burning bushes and the talking snake that leads you into temptation; some even handle venomous vipers as part of their ritual of belief. It is one thing for secular society to ridicule these beliefs, it is quite a different thing when their political emissary, Bomb Bomb, compares Obama to their hero Moses... was Moses Black? Maybe the Democrats should show the ad to these church groups and dub in their own sound. The ad has to piss off some of these holy rollers as it is. Wait until the photoshop boys and girls tweak it to make it even more ridiculous – who said Bomb Bomb was smart?

It is apparent Bomb Bomb's team has prepared on-the-shelf attack ads to rebuff any Obama onslaughts. Problem with this static tactic was similar to those of the Soviet Army's in WWII. It planned to launch on warning, but the scenario was seldom quite what was expected, so the execution was spotty, out of synchronization, and broke up unless the the plan was rescued by smart, flexible leadership at the point of contact – this rigidity is what seized Bomb Bomb's racial thrust. Obama said he was black, looked different than any other president on US bills and implied that his opposition will attempt to use this as a wedge issue. One can judge on how racial is his statement. My sense is that Bomb Bomb raggedly attacked Obama under a false flag; if he wants to understand black racism, he should check out the views of Farrahkan, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton or the writing of Malcolm X... who said Bomb Bomb is smart?

Obama, who is against paying reparations to descendants of former slaves, took on a black heckler in a crowd in Florida. The heckler carried a banner decrying that Obama was not helping the black causes. Obama responded along the following lines: the heckler had three choices: 1) support Obama 2) support his opponent 3) or run for office himself... who said Obama is smart?Anyone with a brain. Colonel Robert E Bartos USA Ret


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