Friday, July 04, 2008

On the Good Ship Lollipop
Bomb Bomb McCain Churns

Charles Black, Bomb Bomb McCain's lobbyist head of his campaign, declared in a recent article in Fortune magazine that McCain would be helped by a terrorist attack on the US. As a lobbyist for all occasions, Mr. Black has a record of protecting international thugs like Mobutu Sese Seko, Marcos and Savimbi, but his record on terrorism directed against the US is unknown. We know, however, that he is the son of child star Shirley Temple Black of the On the Good Ship Lollipop; Mr. Black's mother developed significant ties to the Republican party which are passed on to Charles.

Reaction to Black's statement by the main stream media was surprising. All agreed that it was a gaffe; all piously protested against the impropriety of his statement, and then almost all agreed that Black was probably right that a terrorist attack on the US favors Bomb Bomb's candidacy. Since the media has had serious problems analyzing anything in this election, let us examine this latest conclusion.

Media missed on the inevitability of Bill's wife's candidacy; surprising win of Bomb Bomb as the Republican candidate; and, the terrible flop of Bill Clinton's campaign for his wife. Media still persists, almost as an act faith to conclude Bomb Bomb is a war hero when his record demonstrates otherwise. So how does a terrorist attack help Bomb Bomb? It does not.

Look, the Republicans doped off at 9/11; Bomb Bomb's party stood by and watched it happen. Their misguided response has wrecked the US economy; destroyed Iraq and Afghanistan; has destabilized Pakistan; and, it called in terrorist attacks in Spain and England. Al Qaeda has expanded its operation and decentralized its organization, making it harder to hit – bin Laden lives despite GW Bush's pathetic incantations.

Bush's Home Land Defense Department has been an expensive keystone cop operation– it blew Katrina; has left ports and air cargo insecure; has not made a dent in illegal immigration; and, its airport passenger inspection fails nearly every time it is tested. Its color alert was used for political fear mongering. So why would anyone prefer a Republican over a Democrat to protect the country from terrorism?

The USA has not been attacked since 9/11. Uncertain to what or to whom to thank for this security... Is it Allah? Is it our Saviour Jesus Christ? Is it the great God Buddha, Beelzebub or Donald Duck? One thing for certain, it is not GW Bush. He has left our borders open for eight years. Mexicans have regularly run tons of drugs over the porous US borders and semi trucks loaded with starving, suffocating illegal aliens have been delivered to US cities. You gotta agree that the Jihadists are as clever as the Mexicans who cross into US territory undetected.

Maybe Bush benefited from Kismet; he just lucked out. If that is the case, by that standard, we then must also blame him for the bad: hurricanes, tornados, wildfires and floods that have engulfed our country.

So why have not the terrorists attacked? My sense is that Bush's goofy over-the-top response to the Jihadist 9/11 attacks are working to their advantage to such a degree that they do not want to risk changing the situation. The Taliban are more back together than ever. Iraq is a big tar baby that costs 3 billion a week and averaging 30 US KIA a month. Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, torture and drum-head justice erode any positive message from the land of the free.

GW Bush probably has taken out the third tier of al Qaeda, but it regenerates faster than a lizard's tail. Bush's policies create more terrorists and are bringing on a war with Iran. So why does anyone believe that Bomb Bomb, who is the second coming of GWB, is a way out of a Republican created mess? Jihadists believe they have a winning hand right now; they will attack again if the situation changes to their disadvantage. And with Bomb Bomb, there will be no change. If Americans want to defeat the terrorists, it will not be with Bush/McCain/Israeli policies... The twisted and ugly part of this thesis is that success against the Jihadists brings on the greater chance of attack against the US. You, therefore, need a policy that defuses the situation and the Republicans with their discredited neocons are unable to this.

Mr. Black has repented publicly for his statement and has gone into political seclusion for the time being. Bomb Bomb, despite his foolishness in the Keating Five lobbyist scandal, still is addicted to government for the lobbyists and by the lobbyists. Charlie Black has a lollipop for anyone who pays for a favor and he fits into Bomb Bomb's demented campaign just right. Colonel Robert E Bartos USA Ret


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