Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lost Souls

It was quite a week. The Catholic Pope said mass to fervent thousands in two US baseball parks and several churches. The Democrats in Pennsylvania selected a faux heroine of Bosnia to be a candidate for our next commander a chief. And, another American Jew was arrested by the FBI in New Jersey for passing military secrets to Israel. Over 400 children from a breakaway Mormon sect are to be tested for DNA to determine their parentage – and, about the only linkage in these events is that in all cases lost souls are involved.

Over the years I have listened carefully what visiting Pontiffs have to say. My problem is that it comes out that it is speech that is profound in an obscure way – it is almost as if Alan Greenspan writes his stuff. Assume the homilies are written in Italian, translated into English. In this German Pope's case, these texts are read vit a heavy German accent. The Pope's message in the US was anchored in a repentance for the excessive child abuse by Catholic priests. Catholic bishops condoned it by transferring priests to other parishes as their misconduct was discovered. Apart from wide personality differences between Pope John Paul, a Polish Pope, and that of the current German Pope, is that they each a carry a different crucifix cross staff – the Polish Pope used a Jansenist crucifix with Christ's arms almost closed. This symbolizes that one must meet Christ's rules to enter paradise; the German carries the more common with Christ's arms wide open – everyone is welcome to the Kingdom of Christ – in both cases they follow in the shoes of the fisherman, St. Peter, and cast their nets for lost souls.

Bill's wife Hillary is a serial liar. She just does not tell good natured fish tales, but spews outright prevarication's. Her delusional, self serving fibs are used to promote images. Her sick, repeated story on her visit to Bosnia under fire was designed to puff up her image as a commander and chief – her story was ripped apart by historical video tapes. With Bush's history of deceiving the US into the Iraq war, her documented lies should repulse the average voter – or are those voters just lost souls? By the way, the poor thing cannot even play by the rules of her party in Michigan and Florida.

Another American Jew was picked up for espionage for providing US secret military information to Israel. It involved data on nuclear weapons, and missiles. The spy's name was Ben Ami Kadish who worked as a mechanical engineer for the US army. Curiously, he was picked up for crimes he committed in the 1980s when he was handled by the same Mossad agent who controlled the captured Israeli spy Pollard. Apparently he was rolled up, because he recently communicated with his old handler in Israel. At least this is one tangible accomplishment of GW Bush’s new surveillance programs. Kadish is over 80 years so he is an old spy that never learned. More importantly, after the Pollard case in 1985, Israel promised never to spy on the US again, but since then the FBI has picked up and convicted one Israeli US spy, and has indicted two more pending trial. Uncertain whether Kadish is considered also as a post Pollard spy or not. One thing for certain however, those who believe Israel is a friend of America are indeed lost souls.

Those Mormons' really like their polygamy. Can understand the lascivious nature of old men and younger women, but never could rationalize the women willingly behaving like brood mares in a stockade – maybe the I am a woman crowd can explain it without blaming the men. How this cult was permitted to function as long as it did is something Texas authorities should explain. Or should we just blow it off as lost souls standing by to be saved? So many souls; so little time... Colonel Robert E Bartos USA RET


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