Thursday, April 03, 2008

Surge Busted – GW Bush trapped in Iraq

Shiite Iraq is burning. Forget about Al Qaeda; it appears the US is now trying to break Saddam's record on killing Shiites. Al Qaeda in Iraq was never more than six per cent of the insurgency. GWB and his clone, Bomb Bomb McCain intentionally exaggerated its size, because they believed they could justify the US Stand and Die policy in Iraq by killing terrorists.

US forces in the last few days have shifted from killing terrorists to killing extremists; what happened? Run out of terrorists? Bomb Bomb McCain just a few days ago made the preposterous statement that he, General Saveus Petraeus and bin Laden all agreed that Iraq is the main front in the Jihad War. Bin laden must be rolling on the floor in his cave with delirious joy that Bomb Bomb took the bait to continue to focus main US military resources on Iraq while playing cops and robbers in Afghanistan and Pakistan where his main base, heart of Jihad operations, is located.

The Iraqi government, such as it, decided to achieve political reconciliation in Iraq by militarily destroying its arch rival, the Mahadi Militia headed by Shiite cleric el Sadr. Government forces attacked his stronghold in Basra in Southern Iraq and areas in Sadr City in Baghdad. El Sadr responded by pushing back in Baghdad and daily bombarding the Green Zone with rockets and mortars. In Basra, he contained Government forces and has begun to roll them back – he also blew up an oil pipe line for good measure. The protected Green Zone in Baghdad now is beginning to resemble the battlefield Marne with its population living under combat conditions. Wonder if Bill's wife and Chelsea will now visit?

As the Maliki government military operations stalled and began to backfire, US officials there claimed they had no knowledge that the forces they trained, equipped and pay were about to launch an attack on el Sadr's forces. If this is true, the FBI should be sent to Iraq and arrest the top State, CIA, and Military leadership for dereliction of duty. Coalition forces are now up to their ears in the operations, trying to salvage what is left of Maliki's Lilliputian security forces and army.

Bomb Bomb McCain, facing the destruction of his misguided, cherished Surge, tried to limit the damage to his policy by declaring that el Sadr sued for a cease fire. It was a desperate lie – dead wrong. Maliki realizing the weakness in his forces, implored El Sadr for a cease fire. He sent an envoy to Iran to negotiate and had to accept el Sadr's terms in the form of a manifesto. El Sadr remains in charge of Basra and Sadr city in Baghdad, and is stronger. England suddenly announced it will not withdraw its 1500 troops at the airport in Basra as planned. If you are searching for the locus of power in Iraq, find out where a thirty-ish fat ayatollah named el Sadr, with a black beard and turban, hangs out. As far as Bomb Bomb, he grows more demented as the events unfold in Iraq.

Depending on the degree of the American peoples' anger and disgust over these recent events, this well could be GWB's and Bomb Bomb's TET; a time when The American people decide the Iraq war is a serial disaster that should end immediately.

It takes about 15 years to build reliable military fighting forces – and that is with some cohesive national unity that does not exist in Iraq. Maliki's forces fight for $300.00 a month and what they can steal. According to el Sadr, his militia fights to rid Iraq of its occupiers – big difference.

Only a moron or neocon thinks the Surge is working. GWB and Bomb Bomb have no credibility left as Iraq continues to be overwhelmed in bloody chaos. GW Bush has yet to define victory in Iraq and General Saveus Petraeus provides platitudes instead of conquest – this incompetence and arrogance persist as we Stand, Die and Spend. CUT THE GORDIAN KNOT – GET OUT NOW. If the military establishment cannot develop a withdrawal plan soonest, hire WAL-MART logistic experts – what is one more pathetic outsourcing by the Pentagon?

El Sadr effectively cut the heart out of the Surge. General Saveus Petraeus will be in Washington later this month begging to halt US troop withdrawals from Iraq; if he succeeds, this will effectively trap the US forces there until GW Bush spastically drives his white pick-up truck into the Texas sunset. Colonel Robert E. Bartos USA Ret


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