Thursday, June 05, 2008

Disloyal Loyalist: Scott McClellan

Your conclusions on the deeds of Scott McClellan, a recently fallen GW Bush angel, depends on your viewpoint. His so-called tell all book What Happened does not reveal much that was unknown. His declaration that GW Bush was involved in the outing of Joe Wilson's wife may tighten the sphincter muscle of GW Bush, but is not the stuff from which impeachment is hatched.

The fact that he believes the real reason for GW Bush’s invasion of Iraq was not for the control of oil, but because of coercive democracy planted by the US sword in the mid East, assumes his readers are imbeciles. Poor McClellan is still spinning – even now. Alan Greenspan in his book confessed it was war for oil; the other reason of course, was for the security of Israel, but neither Greenspan nor McClellan would confess to that. The WMD argument for war was just propaganda – Pentagon's Wolfowitz openly admitted it. Oil has always been the first reason and Israeli security was the second, so McClellan did not get that right in his book for one reason or another. He just blew smoke that supported another deceptive reason for the invasion; under any circumstance, dying for oil and Israel was a much harder sell.

If you are a blood seeking liberal, you adore McClellan's book as it provides you aid and comfort proving GW Bush's perversity and incompetence. If you are a current or past member of Team Bush, out of loyalty, you have to excoriate the author. If you are a historian, you puzzle on what percent is truth or fiction. If you are an American patriot, you should never vote for another Republican president or high official... that is, of course, until the next Democratic leadership crashes and burns.

McClellan was predictably attacked for disloyalty by White House stooges, past and present; but the most surprising were the attacks by Viagra Bob Dole and venal Bernie Kerik, the sometimes federally indicted buddy of Rudy Giullani. To get Dole to write a letter of harsh criticism to McClellan, the GOP had to rescue him from the body snatchers; as far as Kerik’s email, McClellan should frame it as a certificate of achievement. Despite heaps of virulence by the republicans towards McClellan's honor, none attacked the substance of the book.

The media made a circus of the book by interviewing the author incessantly since publication. On every main TV channel, McClellan offered as an excuse for his lies that media insufficiently focused on the run up to the invasion of Iraq. The interviews in most cases side-stepped that issue – by promoting the book so frenetically, the media insured that disloyalty pays.

I never thought much of McClellan who sweated before cameras as the president's press secretary – he never was convincing; he was just part of the Bush Texas amateur hour that was running the country. His predecessor, Ari Fleisher at least had the verve and skill of a slimy second-hand suit street salesman. ARI, TURN ON THE GREEN LIGHT, THE MAN WANTS TO BUY A GREEN SUIT.

McClellan's book depicts a squalid inept, reckless, dysfunctional Bush administration; massive failures in national security, domestic programs and economics are now the living proof. As far as McClellan's declaration that he wrote the book for a higher loyalty than to that of his commander and chief, forget it... greed, vanity and to cover his ass work better.

Sickest part of the current drama is the media's role in the book's promotion. Next orgasmic media saga is General Sanchez’s, former Iraq coalition commander, new book that accuses the President of massive strategic blunders... Bring Him On... Colonel Robert E Bartos USA Ret


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good write up as always. We realy liked the write up on Puerto Rico also. We went there last month, what a great place.

Anonymous Peter Bridges said...

Dear Bob,

After these many years since Detachment R I was very pleased to discover your blog. Perhaps sometime we can get together and compare notes. I have recently written a number of essays and reviews for the California Literary Review which you can find if you like at


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