Thursday, June 12, 2008

Losing It – Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is not the first person in the world to lose an election. Her anguish over her loss reached a form of dementia. Her narcissistic conduct and reluctance to admit defeat in the Democratic primary, once it was conclusive, evinced an ALice-in-Wonderland syndrome that is found normally in children or seriously troubled adults.

Democrat leadership should give a big sigh of relief that Bill's wife went down to defeat in the primary. It was apparent that the stress of the campaign had deranged her and clouded her judgment. At the end she was robotically repeating talking points. She dashed from state to state in a mad hatters frenzy. She tried to change the rules of the primary by extolling popular vote importance over delegate votes. She begged to count primary votes that violated the Party's rules to which she had agreed. She joined and supported Bomb Bomb McCain to slam her opponent. One person told me that he had voted for Obama, because Bill's wife does not play by the rules. It was no accident that Obama asked Howard Dean to continue as chairman of the Democratic National Committee, for he held her to the rules despite all the blandishments by Clinton stooges.

Her repeated lies on attacks on her by Bosnia snipers and her fixation on assassination as a route to power are not the products of a heathy mind.

If you believe Bill's wife was crushed by her defeat, that was nothing compared to Republican party's despair over her loss. Hillary had many vulnerabilities, but her husband Bill was a superbly rich target for Republican attack. Republican junk yard dog Limbaugh even encouraged his followers to cross over and vote for Bill's wife in the Democratic primary. Republican pundits consistently supported Bill's wife on TV talk shows while they diminished Obama. The Republicans had prepared a devastating attack on President Clinton's personal conduct and financial affairs.

On the eve of Obama's triumph, Vanity Fair published a story which advertised Hillary's husband's questionable financial affairs and brought attention to Bill's high-flying life style since he left the presidency. It was based on sourced material, but sources were anonymous. Bill was furious. He responded with a White Paper that outlined his good deeds, but failed to spike the personal attacks or reply to his earnings. He lost his cool and called the reporter, the husband of his former press secretary, a scum bag.

Wild Bill returned to his Harlem, NY redoubt to play spin the bottle with his staff. The Republicans put their anti-Clinton quiver of arrows in storage just in case another Clinton would pop up. And Bill's wife swooned over the possibility of Vice Presidential selection.

Four days after Obama won the Democratic primary, forced by her super delegates, Hillary finally conceded to Obama and promised to support him in the general election. She did not release her elected delegates. Hillary was not a woman full of grace in this episode.

There is much speculation on what Hillary wants. Some believe it is the Vice Presidency. Others believe she does not know. Sally Quinn, a long time reporter for the Washington Post who specializes in pithy personality profiles suggested that Bill's wife is a tortured soul and should take time off to rest and smell the flowers.

Her selection as VEEP would doom the Obama – a woman and black on the same ticket is too much a jump for the American electorate – especially the woman Hillary. The Republicans would pull that quiver out of storage immediately and send their arrows flying – the election would be about HIllary and Bill not Obama. While Hillary threw the kitchen sink at Obama, Obama did not really counter attack ad hominem in the interest of long term party unity – he gave her a free ride that Republicans would never do. This may explain some of her popular votes.

One pundit said with Hillary as VEEP, Obama would need a food taster. The Republicans are now supporting Hillary for VEEP as their last hope.

Hillary's fall-back position, as her hopes for VEEP go aglimmering, is to to be the senator queen of the feminist movement. Votes for her in the primary by the sisterhood were in the main limited to white uneducated females over 60 years old – not exactly the sharp cutting-edge of the sisterhood. If she is the best leader of the movement, put me down as sexist. Anyway, find a female candidate that does not have to disguise her lumps and bumps in unfashionable attire. Colonel Robert E Bartos USA Ret.


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