Thursday, June 19, 2008


Bomb Bomb McCain's epitaph could read Blood Oil and Sand only if the tomb stone maker is friendly – if unfriendly, the word CATASTROPHE will added. Before Bomb Bomb and his bumbling shadow GWB came along, blood and sand evoked brave matadores bleeding to death, gored by a black Barcelona bull in a Madrid bullring; if you are film savvy, you have to remember Tyrone Power dramatically slowly dying his in suit of lights – alas, time marches on as new images roll over the old ones. While the story line Tyrone Power's Blood and Sand permitted him to die with bravado and stature, this will not be remotely possible in Bomb Bomb's case

The main stream media has decided that it will not discuss Bomb Bomb's military record or his age during the campaign – this is stunning as it provides the very matrix to understand Bomb Bomb's conduct and sometimes weird behavior. But this is the same bunch of incompetents that accepted Bush's crooked misleading march to war in Iraq, for fear of being unpatriotic. Some female pundits seem in the vanguard of this shield – they offer as an explanation that such attacks are unkind and self-defeating to the sensitive American electorate. BLUSH GUSH MUSH SLUSH ABSURDITIES.

So let us dare to examine the high points of Bomb Bomb's military career as they may serve as transfer of training to the president of the US, an office with commander-in-chief role. His five years as a POW would qualify him as a prison guard – not even that as warden. The fact that he broke under torture when others did not and supported the enemy propaganda may qualify for John Three XVIth redemption role on Skid Row for victims of substance abuse. The fact that he was shot down by enemy fire and crashed three aircraft in training flights, puts him on the bottom rung of naval aviators; it may qualify him as an acquisition point for 2nd hand aircraft parts, since he knows how to produce them. US naval aviators are the best world, but Bomb Bomb is not part of that elite group with his dreadful performance failures. There is no McArthur, Eisenhower or Patton in Bomb Bomb. Given his proclivity for self promotion, he should have renamed himself as Captain Hornblower. McCain's most useful military career assignment linked to high national office was as a naval liaison officer to Congress which started his political career.

Apart from Bomb Bomb's career as a military aviator, it is generally agreed that military aviation is narrow, high skilled, technical training – pilots kill from 30,000 feet, perceive the world as series of targets and with their heads in the clouds, walk away from the damage inflicted on the ground with a surreal attitude--so it is uncertain how this qualifies them for national security policy problems related to the presidency – you just cannot bomb your problems away.

As far as a battered 72 year old man with his crippled body, scared face, and past serious health problems becoming president, his expected creeping senility is an appalling thought – the last impaired president was FDR and he gave away Eastern Europe to Stalin at Potsdam and Yalta. To promote his family longevity, Bomb Bomb introduced his 80 year plus old mother on Matthew's Hardball TV. A little ditzy, out of the blue, she promptly embarrassed him by blasting Romney's Mormonism. Look, Bomb Bomb makes a gaffe nearly every time he opens his mouth; another way to regard him as GW Bush, but 12 years older – those who know both of them, believe Bush is smarter and Bomb Bomb is a bigger jack ass. That should be enough to frighten any knee-jerk Republican.

Bomb Bomb's signature issue is Iraq. It is a strategic loss by any standard. Soon the Democrats will figure out the cost of war is wrecking the US economy. It will be ended next year despite squeals from Israel and its US lobby. You should note Bomb Bomb almost never focuses on Afghanistan; if he did, we have to title this blog: BLOOD, OPIUM, ROCKS AND BOMB BOMB McCAIN. Colonel Robert E Bartos USA Ret


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And this is YOUR America---a failed turd world banana republic.

Anonymous stats said...

It will be ended next year despite squeals from Israel and its US lobby.

Do you really think Obama is going to end the war...or our involvement in the Middle East? Didn't he give the farm away at a recent AIPAC meeting? My guess is that he is where he is because all of the "right" people made it possible. And all of the "right" people seem intent on keeping American soldiers in the Middle East indefinitely.

Anonymous stats said...

Oh, not to mention the fact that Pelosi seems to have sold her soul to AIPAC as well. I think your belief that the Democrats will get wise and do the right thing is just wishful thinking.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have never heard of a Navy pilot crashing more then one plane and keeping his wings. It is an amazing "achievement" to crash three and be able to stay in the Navy and retire.

Owww, but I forgot his Dad was a Admiral? That changes things....


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