Thursday, July 10, 2008

Independence Day USA 2008

The birth of a nation is cause for celebration; the fact it was not strangled in its crib is further cause for jubilation; that it keeps on living, like a man over 200 years, is a cause for self congratulation; but, recently signs of disintegration auger there might be more yesterdays than tomorrows. In this context, let us examine the stars and stripes forever.

The American Revolution and the War of 1812 tested the survival of the United States at the end of the 18th century and early 19th century. The Civil War tested the strength of the Union of the states and it was preserved at high cost in American blood. Had the Union not prevailed, there would be at least five or six sovereign countries within the borders of todays USA. So why be concerned over the future of the USA? It has weathered vicious wars and economic chaos throughout its history. The difference today is there is no effective leadership; only self interest that tears the country apart.

Start with the borders. The US land borders are still wide open. Latino minorities want it that way as an illegal route to a free lunch. Sure, most find stoop labor and are welcomed, encouraged by big business who pays cheap wages while US tax payers donate for their heath, welfare and education. Most send a large part of their earnings home, so in spending, they do not fuel the US economy much. Neither of our future leaders, Bomb Bomb McCain or Burning Spear Obama wants to change this much – and that is fine with their supporters: big business, the Catholic Church, trade unions and ethnocentric self interests. All are trying to snag souls albeit for different reasons. In the process the nation spins apart. The American brand disappears without a replacement: a unifying concept.

Globalization came with the advent of contaminated food imports and hazardous goods. It began with GW Bush's daddy, was enhanced by Bill Clinton through NAFTA, and refined by GW Bush's unabashed selling out to Red China. Jobs have vanished, a rust belt in the midwest has been created and the US heavy industrial base destroyed; we will need a domestic Marshall Plan to recreate it. All this as unemployment soars.

The mighty US auto industry is on verge of collapse. The
military industrial complex seems to enjoy growth, but that has to be financed by the US government with sweetheart contracts and fueled by war; and, only three out of ten American youth are qualified to serve in the military even under todays lowered standards. This whole mercantile scenario is driven by special interest greed that spreads through both major parties. How else can you explain the failure to end the war in Iraq years ago? With a crumbling national infrastructure, the US spends 3 billion a week on the War in Iraq that does not threaten US national security. This is national suicide.

High cost of living is a threat to good life in the USA. Gasoline is four dollars plus a gallon. Airlines are cutting service and charging higher rates. The value of the dollar has plummeted, but it has not helped the balance of payments that favor foreign governments by the billions. The Chinese alone hold enough paper to crush the US currency completely if dumped. Home ownership has been severely damaged by mortgage and loan scams. Much of this economic chaos is attributable to US Government deregulation and Bush's hysterical borrowing to fight wars. Foreign interests are now feverishly buying US capital assets with cheap dollars. Bush is even trying to pass laws that permit them to buy our airlines, acting as shill for selling out the US; our special-interest dominated Congress says AMEN.

As for foreign policy, it is dominated by the Israel Lobby which is dominated by Israel. There is a quip in the film CHARLIE WILSON 'S WAR: when asked about American Jewish vote, Wilson replied it does not have that many votes, but it has the money. Next time ending the Iraq war and permanent occupation comes up on TV discussion, focus on the Jewish American talking heads; almost to a person, like the invasion, they now want America in Iraq forever. How can we have a functioning government promoting US national interest if it is dominated by a self-serving alien entity?

Neither of the presidential candidates has a plan to restore America to the path of glory and a sane economic stability. Obama at least wants to end the war in Iraq and distribute the federal funds to domestic projects to benefit many Americans. As for Bomb Bomb, he wants more war, confrontation with Iran and like a robot, will follow the foreign guidance of Jerusalem Joe Lieberman into the abyss at whatever cost. The USA of 21st century does not even resemble the USA of the recent 20th century. This change has not been measured in progress but rather in the current decline of our nation state. Colonel Robert E Bartos USA Ret

There are two things which a democratic people will always find very difficult - to begin a war and to end it.
Alexis de Tocqueville


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How come this is not on the front page of every newspaper in America? Oh, I forgot no one reads them anymore. My brother an I talk about the best days to be an American where when we were young.
I hope not.


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