Thursday, July 17, 2008

Vexations of Colonialism – GW Bush in Iraq

When the US invaded Iraq, it threw the baby out with the bath water. It hanged Saddam, shot his sons, but destroyed the country by standing by as its cultural past from museums was looted and heartlessly created 4 million refugees. As a result the invasion, over a million Iraqis have been killed and Iranian power has been enhanced because Saddam's Batthist regime, now destroyed, had kept it in check. Bush appears shocked that the democratically elected Iraqi regime has told him officially, YANKEE GO HOME.

This all comes at an awkward time for Bush. He has about six months left in power to arrange to keep a foothold in the country. Republican Bomb Bomb McCain will keep the faith if elected, but there are not enough NASCAR fans or squirrel hunters in the US to make that happen – there is a chance Bomb Bomb will gaffe himself into political death before the Republican Convention. One of his his latest goofs was about Viagra in his health plan... if Bomb Bomb was not so toxic, he would beat the late night shows in comedy relief. His Marie Antoinette LET THEM THEM EAT CAKE economic plan should doom him even with the squirrel hunters. Once his NASCAR crowd listens to country singer Donna Fargo's latest song, WE CAN DO BETTER IN AMERICA, many of them will peel away.

The ’08 campaign, the lynch pin to the future of Iraq, is based on who is elected US president: Bomb Bomb or Obama. Each perceive the US national interest differently: stay or not stay. Obama pretends he has no interest in remaining, but wants a residual force to remain.(Whatever that means?). Bomb Bomb, like his Israeli stooges, is willing for the US to stand, bleed and pay. The US generals have told us the that Iraqi forces are ready to handle their own security by mid-2009. They pass on this disinformation periodically, so they should not believed now... they can teach Iraqis to march, shoot, perform military courtesies and not dress like desert rats, but no matter what amount of time and money is spent, US trainers cannot instill political reliability. They, however, can buy it with continuous bribes.

Drop the mask and you find out that GENERAL SAVEUS PETRAEUS' surge rests on bribing Iraqi factions not to kill each other or Americans – it seems to pacify the tribes as long as the US dole continues to roll, but at 3 billion a week, this foolish US charity cannot last. However, this artificial situation provides a fig leaf for Obama to pull troops out.

Pulling out is a calamity for Bush and his neocon losers. They constructed some 60 bases and, additionally, an embassy in Baghdad that cost over 850 million. This edifice has major problems: it cannot use its sprinkler system; its walls crumble because of intentional cheating by cutting cement in sand and water mix; its toilet flushing is a sometime thing. To get an idea what 800 million should buy, note the the landmark Chrysler Building in NYC sold to some Arabs for 800 million dollars last week. The Baghdad Embassy is five times the size of the Pentagon and larger than the Vatican. It is a colossal White Elephant...

Withdrawing from Iraq will not be a Sunday school picnic. The US has more than enough security there to keep it safe such as roads into Turkey, Jordan and Kuwait, plus, many airfields provide exit routes. Tons of damaged equipment will be abandoned. There is at least a 50% chance the Iraqi troops will provide security. They would be motivated by a good-riddance mentality. You, however, can expect that there is a hard core Iraq that broods over Abu Gharib and the ruthless smashing of Fallujah.

Last figure I saw was that there are over 16,000 detainees under US control in Iraq. This number is augmented today faster than numbers are released. This population should be passed to Iraqi control soonest.

The other issue is what to do with Iraqis who cooperated with US forces. The big-time collaborators already got their money and families out. It is the thousands of little guys such as interpreters, cooks, clerks and trash collectors who will have their throats cut; there is no re-indoctrination programs in Islam, only revenge. Personally, I would give them all a ticket to Crawford, Texas to be paid by Big Oil. The choice is resettlement or let them fend for themselves. The US has a responsibility here that must be addressed, if it is to salvage a speck of integrity in the operation.

You have to wonder at this stage what GW Bush has achieved with his war in Iraq. We are certain the US military industrial complex both in the US and in the countries of the coalition received fists full of dollars. Saddam's death is a mixed blessing when viewed in the context of regional security and enhanced Iranian power. GW Bush got a big slobbery Judas kiss from Israel that now insists he perform similar martial surgery on Iran. His oil deals signed by the Kurds with Big Oil are rejected as illegal by the central Baghdad Government. In open competition with China, flushed with devaluated US dollars, it can easily out bid US Oil in fair competition for rights to the Iraqi oil business.

The Iraqis understand the GW Bush's bash, mash and slash era is ending in a few months. They are not concerned over Al Qaeda in Iraq. They know that they can settle internal differences without US interference in their own bloody traditional fashion. So they wait patiently, meanwhile being paid by the US, now letting the US believe the surge is a success.

GW Bush, formerly an oilman, never brought in a oil well. His Iraqi explorations followed this pathetic history. This time his own people and others were killed in massive numbers; he destroyed Iraq and he pissed away our nation's wealth and prestige in the process. What a guy! Elect Bomb Bomb and you get the same.

As Obama sky walks, trying to protect his privates from cruel surgery by the Reverend RUN JESSE RUN Jackson, the Republicans are desperately trying to start the ‘08 model of McCain's STRAIGHT TALK EXPRESS... they just cannot start it as it always backfires... God has to be a humorist. You cannot invent this stuff. Colonel Robert E Bartos USA Ret


Anonymous stats79 said...

Once again, fucking brilliant.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

outstanding, again

Blogger guayames said...

So, here we are with 2 candidates, one that will change nothing and another whose only change is his constant change of mind.


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