Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Putting his Country 2nd – John McCain

The Republican Convention settled one issue: Bomb Bomb McCain puts his country second. His dubious military record as a POW and his addiction to lobbyists in his current campaign with his tarnished record in the Keating Five scandal were enough for me to dismiss him as an opportunist long before this recent convention. His cynical selection of Sarah Palin as his VEEP candidate was ultimate proof that he put mindless right-wing support over the interests of the country – he put his country second to please those Christian soldiers, many of whom have a penchant for war as they believe they are guided by their god.

His VEEP selection was so bad that he refuses to have her face questions by the media. According to his campaign management, Ms. Palin, who is unprepared for office, has to be trained by Jerusalem Joe Lieberman before she meets the press. Her world view to date has been formed in the bucolic state of Alaska. Her higher educational background is such that she attended five schools in six years. We wonder if there is enough time for Lieberman to turn her into a neocon tool and Zionist – he certainly is working with a blank slate. Her position on the Israeli Palestine situation is unknown. Her pastor advocates JEWS FOR JESUS, i.e. convert Jews to Christianity. Good luck Joe.

Her administrative experience as a small town mayor and governor of Alaska is tarnished by controversy – she appeals to the Holy Roller, Jesus Freak base of the Republican Party – she interprets the bible literally with a God is with us fanaticism which underpins her philosophical outlook. She enjoys an 80% approval rate in Alaska which underscores the provinciality of the state. The local permafrost must extend to the citizens' brains who were chanting robotically at the convention DRILL DRILL DRILL – the petrochemical industry's lobbyists must have fed them double cocktails or potent moonshine made from Arctic berries.

Robert Service who wrote THE CREMATION OF SAM McGEE poetically observed that there are strange things done in the midnight sun... Ms. Palin’s life and times appear to prove that the Arctic trails have their secret tales that would make your blood run cold. Her husband was involved with a secessionist political party. Her family situation, having problems with her five children, by most standards is dysfunctional. Apparently there is a national-level shotgun wedding event in the family coming soon. Even the radio wacko, ultraconservatist psychological advisor to the maladjusted, Dr. Laura Schlesinger, has advised her to stay home and take care of her brood.

As governor of Alaska, Ms. Palin faces problems not normally found in the Zone of the Interior: lawlessness in the Eskimo rural settlements, great tension over federal control of large masses on Alaskan land areas to include hunting and fishing rights, and major issues over public or private development of natural resources – she probably is qualified for a job at the US Department of Interior, but president of the US – not even close.

One wag has observed that Ms. Palin was chosen, because she was the only person Bomb Bomb could find who was shorter than he... runt complexes die hard. Another observation, more to the issue, observed that Bomb Bomb had to find a religious freak to pacify the holy roller delegates who populated the Republican convention floor. Secular-leaning McCain was afraid he might be chased from the convention platform. Sarah's views on abortion are so fervid that even rape and incest victims are precluded from ending pregnancies. Some believe that his selection of a woman was done to court Hillary's distressed minions. Only the main-stream media is dumb enough to believe such nonsense; HRC's castrating ladies, who burn their bras, will not vote for an anti-Malthusian baby factory like fecund Sarah.

Palin is a Republican Clarence Thomas for the feminist movement.

Time will tell whether Bomb Bomb will have to dump Sarah as the media brings more damaging facts out on her. It is obvious that Bomb Bomb did not vet her and her selection was an impulsive decision. That impulsiveness has followed Bomb Bomb most of his life. And as such, he is not a person who should control a nuclear trigger. Trusting Bomb Bomb with the presidency is like permitting him to pilot an airplane; odds favor he will crash.

Every time I see Bomb Bomb on TV, he seems more fragile, spastic and pasty. Whether he fills out his four-year term of office is an open question; the appalling fact that an unqualified Eskimo Queen like Palin would ice skate into the presidency upon his death or incapacitation, is a thought more frightening than four more disastrous years of incompetent GW Bush. Colonel Robert Bartos Colonel USA ret


Blogger jSinSaTx said...

I generally read your posts with great interest. Generally I can find myself in agreement. Here however you seem to go above and beyond to marginalize the 'provincial' and 'religious'. That approach is obviously working out well for the Democratic party as they continue to give away what should have been a slam dunk election guarantee with comments about clinging to God and guns and disparaging remarks about fly over country.

Everyone has a world view. Neither Secular Wilsonian Democratic Revolution or Socialistic Utopia is more lucid, coherent or logical than the most rabid Bible thumping caricature you can generate in your mind.

Palin is certainly not the traditional candidate and she very well may be 'unqualified'. There simply however is not much to hang a hat on with regards to the qualifications of Obama unless you believe that a degree from Columbia means anything more than a paper from some other school or that the ability to throw elbows in backrooms of the Chicago machine indicates Oval Office credentials.

Democrats would be much stronger on this issue if this was not the same mantra they pulled out for every Republican who achieves success (particularly if they are black or female). Ronald Reagan is stupid, Clarence Thomas is stupid... GW is stupid. They are all apparently incapable of thinking and yet rose to the top of their respective areas.

As horrible as a McCain presidency would be he continues to out perform the much more 'urbane' and 'intelligent' Obama. It is amazing how often that seems to happen to the democrats.

For McCain, Palin represents an opportunity for victory that he simply had no other way. A Lieberman pick, Guiliani pick or some other less 'mindless' or 'radical' choice would have imploded his campaign. Even if you believe Plagiarizing (how intelligent that was) Biden is a great VP it surely does not seem to be helping the Obama cause.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a load of vitriolic nonsense.

Anonymous WLindsayWheeler said...

Dear Sir, it was "religious freaks" the Puritans that started this country and up until the 1960's Cultural Revolution, their puritan Calvinist ideology formed the basis of this country.

Where did you drop in? Or where are you from? Pluto?

Christianity is an INTEGRAL part of America and you, calling religious people "Freaks" is out of line. What are you a secular Atheist--Atheists that have killed more people in all of history? An Atheist that Plato called for their execution because they ARE dangerous?

Christianity is the heart and soul of Western Civilization and Culture. Atheists only destroy. Atheists, with Freemasonry and Jews, are the three destructive elements within Western Culture. Millions of Christians have served in the military and Roman Catholics have served a disproportion of the officer corps.

You sound like you belong in the Atheist Soviet Union than in a country started, financed and built by Christians.

Anonymous stats79 said...

I've got to agree with everyone here. Was a great fan of your blog. Always knew you were an atheist, but until now you had kept your vilest prejudices to yourself. This website just got a lot lonelier I think. Lindsey, JSinsatx and myself may very well have been your ownly readers.

Sigh. Maybe Daily Kos and DU readers will start to gravitate here. Probably time for the "Jesus freaks" to move on.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This nut fell in love with the Russians. He sees history from a very narrow view and rewrites it to suit his own bias. Typical these days. This is the modern intellectual snob except he is not an intellectual.

Read Norm Geisler's works if you have the guts to do it.

Anonymous stats79 said...

This nut fell in love with the Russians.

What the hell are you talking about? Give the devil his due. I see no evidence that Bartos is a nut or that he has any particular affection for the Russians. And despite his religious prejudices, he does seem to have a glancing knowledge of history, well, at least military history, which was part of the attraction of his blog.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the "devil" is speaking thru this moron.


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