Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Snow Maiden Begins to Melt – Sarah Palin

About the only way to judge Sarah Palin as Bomb Bomb McCain's VEEP is whether the lady is ready to take over the presidency. You do that by considering her intellect, experience, health, temperament and ability to function rationally under stress. Her first test, a foray into an unscripted world of national-level question and answer was her recent televised interview with ABC journalist Charles Gibson. The fact that she stumbled badly was driven home by the sisterhood who pathetically claimed that Charlie talked down to her. At this point it is clear sister Sarah is not a budding Margaret Thatcher, Golda Mier or even a simpering Peggy Noonan.

Look, after GW Bush’s father picked Dan Quayle and GW Bush selected Cheney, you come to understand the wide range of factors that go into the VEEP selection process. These two models demonstrate that contrast in the selection requirements. GHWBush, who was not the swiftest on his feet, wanted no competition, so he selected a golfer who could not spell. GW Bush who also was not so swift on his feet, desperately needed someone to think for him, selected a dynamic pistolero Cheney. In both cases the Bush presidencies were doomed. The fault lies in the Bushes, not in their VEEPs. Their legacies are READ MY LIPS, NO NEW TAXES and MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

At this early stage, it can be concluded that Bomb Bomb's selection of the lady from the Tundra has galvanized the evangelical base of the Republican party. Religious fervor will fuel contributions to the Republican campaign and stimulate votes by those who now regard the campaign as a religious crusade. By the same token it should scare the hell out of those voters who detest the GW Bush's GOD IS MY COPILOT rational for an elective preemptive war.

It is apparent Pentecostal Sarah will sharpen the division between urban and rural, secular and non-secular, Church and State and Sunday Church and Sunday Brunch. All this will be enhanced by speaking in tongues and faith healing. There has to be a point when religion becomes a mental illness.

Ms. Palin's abysmal, recent prime time interview should test the judgment of any intelligent voter; that is especially if you consider her in a possible presidential role. Problem is that those voters who qualified as intelligent are more difficult to find than an honest man. M. Dowd, NYTimes columnist coined the phrase positive power of unthinking. Otherwise, how could the two Bushes ever been elected as president? The next national interview of the governor from Alaska will be by Shawn Hannity from FOX NEWs. Let us see if she scores higher, for she is certain to have the questions as well as the answers well in advance. Expect a commercial rather than an interview.

White Fang Palin's vicious practice of shooting wolves from an aircraft has become a metaphor for the whole slash and burn Republican campaign. This disgusting , barbaric slaughter was declared illegal in the lower 48 in 1975, but hangs on in McCain/Palin's Alaska. Bomb Bomb, when asked about his mud-slinging campaign practices, said campaigns are a rough business.

Obama has finally learned playing Mahatma Gandhi in the campaign results in getting his ass kicked. Turning the other cheek is to hear in Sunday sermons, but is not a guide to action in a national election. By now he may have even learned to use logic only as a last resort.

Obama cut his political teeth in Chicago where the gritty Daly machine holds sway – if Obama decides to let those Irishmen loose on Bomb Bomb, all hell will break loose and not even McCain's honor will be spared – the machine will make the rules and rip Bomb Bomb's thin skin to the bone.

By now Palin's apologists should have a sinking feeling as the snow maiden melts down. Her national performance with Gibson was amateur hour. She has problems with her bridge to nowhere; her falsification of issues on her cook, selling airplanes on E-bay, pipe line funding, rape kits and her per diem all stink; all are sleazy and undermine her pistol-packing image. The fact that her husband and several of her staffers have been subpoenaed by state investigators hints at putting her in legal jeopardy for abuse of power. As with the Clintons, with her and her husband, you get two for one.

Further, the lady, same as GW Bush, has serious problems keeping religious and state affairs separate. But what the hell, 61% of the US believes in Noah's Ark, talking snakes and burning bushes, so you understand why it believes in the greatest miracle of all: the Republican working and middle-class will be not exploited by big business. Check your job, health care, mortgage, price of gas and milk before you vote next time.

If Obama's attacks on Bomb Bomb fail, the Chicago gang will suddenly discover some ancient stone tablets in the Sinai desert chiseled in Aramaic; when translated they will read JESUS CHRIST IS BLACK. And, the religious right will go berserk. Colonel Robert E Bartos USA ret


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