Monday, December 20, 2010

US MILITARY FORCES GOING GAY--President Obama has finally succeeded in keeping a campaign promise --he promoted the demise of DON'T ASK DON'T TELL {DADT}. A lame-duck US Senate set up a procedural vote which zigzags toward its eventual end.

Gays in the military reportedly are gushing with enthusiasm over their new found rights. As former Army troop commander, I cringe at what form this expression will take. When does the, YOU DID NOT PROMOTE ME BECAUSE I AM GAY. ?, or YOU DID NOT PROMOTE ME BECAUSE I AM STRAIGHT work its way into the military culture? It is just a matter of time before political correctness dominates the promotion ststem.

Gay in the US forces is now apparently the new normalcy.

The DADT policy is inverted; it has has evolved into , ASK OR I TELL. The gay movement is prone to argue military integration worked with women and blacks, so it will therefore work with homosexuals. Wrong. Women continue to serve . Many of whom do so with distinction, but at a terrible waste-60 percent are raped another 20 percent are sexually assaulted. Pregnancies interupt service and duties. All this confound replacement streams and wastes training. It causes debilitating turbulence in the forces.

Black integration works, because black soldiers do their duty and learned not to ride racism an excuse for failure. Commanders ruthlessly stamp out racism, but it is clear that sexual problems have defied solution by military leaders. Sex and race present a different set of problems; sex remains a troublesome issue in the US military services. Race is not.

The US Department of Defense launched a poll of service people to determine attitudes on DADT.. The results were disputed by some US senators as slanted and overly positive--it was found that a majority of soldiers were ambivalent about serving with gays. {For the record ambivalence is not support; rather it is a dodge by a service person not to commit or go on record.} Further the poll disclosed that those in combat generally did not support eliminating DADT. Do you conclude that the further you are from the rattle of the battle, the more tolerant gays are to you. If so, the poll findings are even more bizarre and they should be discarded.

Despite the change in the DADT law ,the issue is not resolved as military leadership has no idea what will happen when gays openly bunk along side straight guys. Whether gays can resist a sexual smorgasbord or the straights can resist bashing gays remains to be seen . As in the case of female abuse, we know the courts martial regime will not prevent repulsive actions or breach of discipline by either group.

Military chaplains collectively have already voiced disapproval of the elimination of DADT. It is doubtful religious American families will send their daughters to the service to risk her returning with a Rachel Maddow hairdo and smoking a cigar; or a son who returns to march in gay parades ,has only hairdressers and decorators and an antique doll collection as pals. When parents ask how their kids got that way, the reply from them will be the Sergents and officers said it was okay.

It took five Republican senators to join the Democrats in the senate to repeal the act--there were three females Collins and Snow from Maine, Murkowski from Alaska' and two males ,Lame duck Voinovitch from Ohio and Brown from Mass. Why they voted for repeal and against the Republican Party ethos is politics.. Some people believe that the Republicans consented to DADT repeal if the democrats voted for the Bush tax cut extension.

If true, that is a Big Casino trade that makes the Republicans appear as swine. For they risked the necessary cohesion of the services to gain the superfluous tax cut for the rich. Doubt we will ever know--that is unless WikiLeaks is lurking in the shadows--Colonel Robert Bartos Ret.


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