Friday, January 28, 2011

STATE OF PAIN IN THE UNION-OBAMA 2011 ---Now that President Obama has sold out political and economic change for continuity, there seems to little hope for the future; expect more war, more deficits, continued high unemployment and more US stupidity in the middle East and other areas..

No need to pay attention to the president's recent State of the Union speech; he proposes to reduce spending without stopping the expensive US war machine from rolling onward; he wants big spending on infrastructure, fast trains or free lunches for the children of illegal aliens--but there is no money--he spent special rescue funds on bankers, wall street bailouts, auto companies and stimulus packages that saved bureaucratic jobs. Any new proposals to spend are delusional , that is,unless it helps Republican fat cats.

Dismissing his latest speech before both houses of congress as rhetorical puff, the American people are faced by a president that has no fresh agenda-he has surrendered to Republicans on the wars, taxation and social issues by default.

If the US wanted a Republican president after GWBush, it would have voted for the frightening McCain /Palin ticket--as of now both these bizarre Republican candidates have wandered far from reality, making Obama by comparison appear as a bipartisan savior, the black man on a white horse now with poll ratings over 50 percent' approval.

Obama has rescued himself by becoming a Republican on taxes, social security, trade agreements, national and homeland security and foreign policy.--most of these Republican policy positions have driven the country over the edge economically and more isolated the country politically.

Obama has joined the opposition instead of fighting it. His recent appointment as his White House Chief of Chief of Staff..Daley is emblematic of the complete Clintonista take over of his administration. Daley was Clinton's point man for NATFTA which was the beginning of the end of US jobs in heavy and light industry--he is certainly not going to protect US jobs. Expect more trade agreements that favor corporations.

Obama's social agenda is sputtering. His Heath care is up for legal target practice; his DON'T ASK D'ONT TELL revision is tangled in the Pentagon on implementation. Closing Guantanamo is still a political dream.

America's foreign policy is Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen unravel with anti American implications. Hetzbollah has finally taken power in Lebanon democratically; Islamic Turkey is taking a very hard line on the Jewish state after it slaughtered 9 of it citizens. US blind support of Israel has increasing costs in foreign relations and is not sustainable if the trends continue.

Well, the Republicans TALKED THE TALK, lets see if they can WALK THE WALK. Man Tan Boehner, the new WEEPER OF HOUSE and his majority leader Cantor are an underwhelming duo to lead the charge. Cantor was even rejected by a post menopausal dame as a date for the last State Of The Union. So much pain!

The real storey of the week was Jesse "THE BODY" Ventura is suing TSA for foundling him or was it Congressman Kucinich suing a cafeteria for 150,00 thousand over finding an olive pit in a sandwich ? Colonel Robert E Bartos USA Ret


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