Friday, April 22, 2011

ESCALATION OF WAR--LIBYA 2011--The eagerness for more war by Obama and the international and US corporations is astounding. War in Afghanistan is as best a stalemate with no prospects of victory. Iraq is lurching toward new internal strife, more war ,especially if the US fails to end its occupation this year as agreed.

Is this the blossoming of America's Punic wars in Iraq? Pakistan missile attacks by the US is at least a partial war .Pakistan leadership has decided the US Death by Drones of its tribes is not worth the American foreign aid and is now saying Yankee go home. Capture or killing Bin Laden has seemed to have lost its cache.

Add all this death and chaos to the new war in Libya and you have an over committed nation rushing to economic disaster as the US deficit soars. We cannot win the wars in which we are engaged, so we start a new one in Libya. Why can we not finnish what we start? Or have the Troskyite Neocons finally succeeded in their doctrine of permanent war?

The American Jewish lobby appears to support the war with our old failed fired chump Wolfowitz beating the drum.

It appears now that we have come full circle with the GWB/NEOCON policy of permanent war when the American people are forced to spend and die for another's democracy-- now this same Trotskyite rubbish is being fed the USA for the war in Libya. The War appears to be over the control over Libyan oil'

There is a dissenting view by Phyllis Bennis,from a Washington,DC think tank,The Institute of Policy Studies. She contends thar Ghadafi had a sweet deal with the Europeans and US before the Libyan war. And that the war is over an effort to reassert the US in the Middle East with toppling of US supported Arab authoritarian regimes. She believes that the NATO/US goal is to make a protectorate out of Eastern Libya.

She is probably right in the short term, but dominance is about the long term control of oil. This is especially true with the Chinese and Russian lurking to pay more for oil. This may also explain why the American Israel lobby is for the war as the it wants US presence in the Middle East as their security blanket.

Each day the US gets into Libya deeper. It provides 35 percent of the air sorties; has CIA troops on the ground; runs a drone program over Libya and has donated 25 million in for non lethal aid to the rebels. Meanwhile France and England are sending military advisers . The French will probably send Foreign Legioneers who are mostly Englishmen-so they should get along better than average when dealing just with the French military.

The Arab world will have to make up their mind soon whether to deal with an Arab swine like Ghadafi or crusader infidels of the US and NATO--that is not clear as the Libyan rebels grab at anything to save themselves from Ghadafi's wrath.

Hillary Clinton in effort to blacken the black heart of Ghadafi has charged that Ghadafi may have used cluster bombs in his anti revolutionary war. My dear, the US and Libya are some few countries that did not sign the Oslo treaty not to employ them. The US is the main manufacture ofothe bombs--these bombs,made in the USA, were used against the Lebanese civilians by the Israel --Hillary, also beware of Libyan snipers. Colonel Robert E Bartos USA Ret.


Anonymous wlw said...

Great article! Spot on!

14 Trillion in debt. 50 Trillion in unfunded Federal government liabilities. And we started another war by a person who won the Nobel Peace Prize!

America is doomed. America has gone looney-tunes.


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