Friday, May 06, 2011

BIN LADEN DEAD DEAD DEAD--After nearly 10 years , three and half wars, trillions of dollar spent, over 100,000 of foreign civilians killed,thousands of US servicemen killed or permanently damaged, the US finally killed bin Laden.

It was a high price to kill the snake, but the US got its pound of flesh. Apart from revenge,justice or retribution, whatever all this is worth, bin Laden managed to hatch his serpent eggs and his organization is now world wide , scattered regionally, multiplied, ope rationing semi-independently.

Failure by GWBush/Rumsfeld to nail bin Laden at Tora Bora early in the Afghan war will go down in history as a big military blunder. GWB and his Israeli fixated Neocons were staging for the invasion of Iraq and could not spare the troops needed to bloc bin Laden's escape--this was despite repeated requests from US forces on the ground at Tora Bora. Since then one can argue the al Qaeda has done more damage since 9/11. and continued develop it's potential. An estimated 500 billion was spent on damages apart from the wars.

Reports indicate the compound where he lived or was hiding for about 6 years in Abbottobad Pakistan had no Internet or hard wire lines. He apparently used couriers-the slowest and most unreliable of communication systems. He may have well used carrier pigeons, semaphore flags or Indian smoke signals. As the US Army Signal Corps slogan goes "If you ain't got communications, you ain't got nothing."

Apparently bin Laden 's house was stashed with computers, disks and telephone numbers that when exploited may provide serious leads. Why the Administration announced that it seized this material is beyond me. It is almost as it provided the terrorist network a heads up.

Curiously, less the $1000.00 was found during the raid.. There were no gold or silver bars or precious gems. You have to wonder how he paid his grocery bills,especially with 22 children and three wive to feed. One thing for certain with all those offspring, his DNA will survive. His house was a breeding center.

There is no question that the Pakistani Army knew the location of bin Laden. By any standard the building was lightly defended. The raid lasted 40 minutes with explosions, helicopters roaring around and the rattle of the battle with small arms fire--very hard to ignore, yet no Pakistani military or constabulary interfered.

Ben Laden was surprised and unarmed, so he felt secure before he was hit. This was despite the fact the Seals practiced for a year on a full scale mock-up of the building on a US base in Afghanistan. Pakistani intelligence would not ignore this. The double dealing comes into play if the Pakistanis dropped a dime on Bin Laden for whatever reason. Maybe bin Laden did not pay his bills or stopped his bribes.

I believe the Pakistanis were involved both in hiding and the raid. We will see how the US diplomatic relationship with Pakistan proceeds now after the raid. If there is a rupture I am wrong; if there are just minor adjustments and business as usual, I am right.

Apart from the intrigue, the raid was a remarkable success.--MISSION REALLY ACCOMPLISHED. The Seals involved should all be promoted and decorated. That there were no leaks in Washington of operation in view of five national security meetings. VEEP Biden, a well documented blow hard, even made a public point of no leaks in the operation.

The Obama administration fell apart on the media/press management of the raid. It changed it story a few times; had officials speaking off different talking points and provided too much detail that could be used by the Jihadists.

It reminded me of giddy school girls with a juicy morsel.. Five days after the raid the administration , announced that it did not want to talk about the operation any longer. Good luck !

There were around 80 personnel involved in the operation,so it is just a matter of time we learn what really happened--there will be leaks and more photos Until then ,without physical proof of death, Hollywood's Oliver Stone will give us his version--like Elvis impersonators ,we may see new Bin Ladens appear while Bin Laden ,a sand Arab , sleeps among the fish in the Arabian Sea.

Reportedly the US has little credibility in Pakistan, so anything it says will be rejected by the Pakistan people.

Another way to get rid of the corpse was to drop his body in front of a Jihad mosque in Pakistan with a sign around his neck--YOU GAVE HIM SANCTUARY--YOU BURY THE SON OF A BITCH.---Colonel Robert E Bartos USA Ret.


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