Tuesday, May 17, 2011

BIN LADEN KILLED-NOW WHAT ? The killing of Bin Laden by US Forces has incredibly caused serious troubles for US policy makers. Not only did they bungle the post operational media coverage immediatly after Bin Laden was killed, but they continue to leak stories about him that focus his sex habits and dream aspirational plans,most of which appear dated a few years ago.

It is as if there is an atempt to hide the truth in a media smoke screen. The secret burial of the terrorist's corpse at sea and the failure to publish the proof of death photos add foolishly to the mystery and hollowness of the US official version of events.

The reason most given for the disposal of the body so quickly and privately was that this conduct would complicte the martydom of Bin laden by his followers.

You do not need a body to create a martyr--the Christians have done a remarkable job without the body of Jesus Christ. As far as those who will make a martyr of Bin laden , they will do it with his body or without it.

By this time after Iraq invasion and Abu Gharib and killing of non combatants with bombs in Afghanistan ,with hellfire missiles from drones in Pakistan, there is not much inluence left over the islamic people by the US.

The only hope the US has is the Jihadist brand of Islam is more onerous than the Yankees. There are also bribes, but the influence they buy is short term as we are learning in Iraq..

About the only thing that we have been told about Bin laden's discovery in Abbottabad is that US intelligence followed the spoor of Bin Laden's trusted courier to his doorstep. This may be true, but it is hard to believe that the US acted on one source only. And risked a complicated raid just on a single courier source.

It is no accident that the Pakistani Taliban or Jihadist turned first to the Pakistan Army to revenge Bin Laden death last Friday killing .over 80 of the Pakistan military forces. They certainly believed the Pakistani Army withdrew its support from Bin Laden. Hopefully CIA got a source in the Pakistan Army who could not resist the big reward money.

If this is true, the Agency deserves the admiration of the American people instead of the usual opprobrium of the "The Gang that cannot shoot straight " Remember SLAM DUNK on WMD in Iraq.? Hanging out Valerie Plame ? GWB's Torture Club and mis targeting of drones in Pakistan.

Pakistan parliement just passed a non-binding resolution which demands the US stop the drone attacks in Pakistan. It had the votes of the ruling party and opposition. Otherwise the US supply routes to Afghanistan throiugh Pakistan will stopped if the drone attacks continue.

There is some sort of Kabuki going on now in Pakistan. Both the US and Pakistan wear masks of bruised feelings--Pakistan over the raid-US over hiding Bin laden. It will settled as too much money involved both in foreign aid and juicy war contracts.Senator Kerry. US Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee will not let a deal slip through his fingers--sadly whatever the cost.

Curiously Kerry was sent to negoiate, not Hillary.

One thing the Pakistan Army has to be concerned over is US Special Forces raid on their nuc weapons.The US certainly now demonstrated the capability in the latest raid.

With the demise of Bin Laden the US has a perfect excuse to end the occupation of Afghanistan--at two billion dollars a week in spending on the war. there it is certainly an incentive. It also would allow President Obama to make first payment on his Nobel Peace Prize--just one small step in curbing rampant hipocrasy that has flooded his administration.

The US policy has collapsed in the Middle East. These Arab states are not moving toward democracy, but rather toward Islamic rule or a brand of Baathist socialism.--Obama tossed Egypt Mubarek to the mob; his authoritarian allies Yemen and Baharian are killing their subjects as fast they can--distabilization of Syria cannot help the region. Israel is now facing a united Palestine movement brokered by new Egypt--Israel just killed 15 Palestinians along its different borders. In Libya NATO/US is killing to prevent killing--Gaddafi's response to choke France and Italy with Third World refugees.

With Bin Laden's. death , it appears things are just getting started from the Arab standpoint. Despite a bump in the polls, Osama did not rescue Obama. Colonel Robert E Bartos USA Ret,


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