Monday, May 30, 2011

ISRAELI MOUSE ROARS AS US EAGLE SWOONS- When the next Gibbon writes "The Rise and Fall of the American Empire" President Obama's and US Congress's pandering to Israeli in May of 2011 should used as a highlight in the sad tale of America's demise' How a pip-squeak theocratic bloody state like Israel with pretenses of democracy can bend the US to its warped wishes is example how the "land of the free and the home of the brave' accepted a self destructive path.

The most recent theatrical performance staring Obama and Netanyahu was a four-act play staged this May over several days. At this point it is judged a comedy, but its long term implication can be a tragedy for both the USA and Israel.
American educated Netanyahu comes across as an arrogant fella , corpulent with a double chin; he has the skills of Meyer Lansky, the dash of Bugsy Siegal and the scruples Bad-Eye Zalutsky. With this buzz saw persona, he stands in contrast to the Bambi-like Obama...a man that can deliever a glorious speech to which normally no one pays any attention
Act I consisted of Obama's speech at the US State Department. Its aim was to articulate a new US policy in the Mid East as the old one was rapidly falling to pieces. Thrust of speech was encourage democracy by bombarding he area with aid and cure the running sore of Israeli/Palestine occupation with new peace talks. In this connection Obama called for negotiations that used the 1967 Israeli Palestine borders as a basis of the new talks with agreed territorial swaps'.

At least the Israelis listened to his speech this time-its powerful lobby in the US erupted in anguish over Obama's proposal especially on the eve of Netanyahu's visit to the US. It stormed the US media. All this outrage, despite Obama's promise to insure Israeli security.

Act II is Natanyahu and Obama;s meeting in the White House. It was a tense meeting in which the Israeli rejected Obama's proposal s publicly, concurrently with Israelis back home announcing more illegal settlements. It was ugly and corrosive meeting. At best I can see , Obama just turned the other cheek and failed to get even a good will gesture from Netanyahu,as the Israeli huffed puffed and bullied in camera.

Act III is when Obama immediately went to speak be the AMERICAN ISRAEL POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE, the biggest American Jewish lobby in the US. Apparently Obama went to the meeting waving a white flag-. He backed down on the emphasis on the 1967 borders and emphasized negotiating new borders using agreed territorial swaps.

Obama apparently needs American Jews politically. 73 percent voted for him in the last election and they possess enormous influence in the media and the entertainments They make major contributions to his campaign; hence the surrender. He pays them off by political appointments, a supreme court justice-3 billion plus to Israel in aid. and embarrassing diplomatic and military support to cover Israel's reckless policies.

Netanyahus was scheduled to speak at the same AIPAC meeting, but that was anticlimactic--Natanyahu there expectedly would evoke the same mindless joy that Sarah Palin does when she speaks gibberish to Republican evangelists.

Act IV was to be Netanyahu's moment in the sun; it was to come before a joint session of Congress. There he enraptured the US law makers who honored him with 4 more standing ovations than accorded Obama at his recent state of the union speech. The Arabs took note.

Those congressmen and senators probably did pandering for the same sick reasons that Obama scuttled his own policy at AIPAC. It is obvious to most that blind support of Israel is not in American interests, but certainly in the interests of US politicians
Israeli news sources reported that Netanyahus polls went up by 14 points in Israel. No reports on Obama's polls in the US for the same period in May.

Change in the Middle East has not been kind to Israel. A big hole in their Gaza blockade was made by opening permanently the Rafah crossing into Egypt.The military junta in Egypt is working closely with the Muslim Brotherhood. Lebanon is now run by Hetzbollah-their rockets resupplied with more with bigger payload and ranges. The UN General Assembly is prepared to recognize a Palestine state in September . Arab birthrate inside current Israeli borders far exceeds the Jewish rate..

Time is not on the Israel side. Even the Turks, long time friends, have severed relations with them over the murder of Turks.

George Mitchel quit as US envoy to the peace process just before Obama's speech at the State Department--he got no support from the Obama administration to stop Israeli settlements. No cooperation in negotiations by Palestine until that happens. US has leverage as it insures the loans on the settlements.

For the US to change its one-sided policy with Israel ,change must come from outside. A time when expediency exceeds ideology will set the change. There is no mutual defense treaty between the US and Israel-so there is no need to abrogate anything legislatively.Just the US needs to get practical and sane and pursue self interest..--Colonel Robert E Bartos USA Ret


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