Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Storming Barricades--Street demonstrations, now widespread in the US. make the US right wing cringe and the left wing's heart jump with joy..No one quite knows where these street dramas are headed--there is no self righteous "we shall overcome" fervor, but there is plenty of hot air, anger and sturm and drang--lots of smoke and heat, but no fire--there is no shortage manifestos; there is, however, overwhelmingly almost one for every beef or perceived cause,with lots of bongo drums , signs and distraught young people.

Like gypsy encampments ,these succeed mainly in conveying a mangy desperation and a surreal vagueness without the color of Romani fortune tellers and horse thieves. Living in tents in the center of a city voluntarily takes a special kind of screwball.

If this group wants to be taken serious , get a bath and haircut for starters. Further,tattooed bodies do not either inspire sympathy or confidence. If these masses do not want to be perceived as rabble,at least do not take on its cast. Public sanitation always presents s problem to dense street movements when they try to project civilized conduct. A haze,noise and stench tends to follow their encampments. The public nuisance mounts along with the duration of the camp out. Protesters' First Amendment rights are undermined as public safety becomes an issue to the majority.

There is no shortage of things to get angry over: unemployment, corporate greed, foolish wars, bought politicians, acne, the deficit, and stupid trade and foreign policy. The bromide of electing competent politicians to fix things has demonstrated repeatedly that the newly elected pols are fixed by the elements that donate to their successful election. So manifestations on the street may be the first step for revolutionary change, but few seem in earnest to rip up the foundations of US democracy required to do it. It is doubtful the mob in the end will risk un- employment checks, welfare doles, government backed heath services, retirement, and access to those student loans over angst of Wall Street Greed.

Revolutions are difficult to start. They are almost impossible to sustain. And in those instances when they do succeed, conditions become worse with many killed or dispossessed as society is inverted. The results are seldom more bread or peace. The Russian revolution killed more Russians than the 15 million killed in Hitlers war against the USSR. The average Cuban has not enjoyed a pork sandwich since Castro.s revolution---though you have to admit the Cubans are healthy since meat is scarce and they walk a lot because public and private transportation are problematic..

As far as the NATO sponsored revolution in Libya, Ghadfi is dead; the central government now has disintegrated; weapons are abundant.; law, except for the club and fang is nonexistent. At this stag, the revolution result is too close to call, but one thing for certain, the end will not produce a democratic form of government And now Hamas is believed to have surface-to-air missiles,supplied by revolutionary Libyans to knock Israeli helicopters out of the air. {AH REVOLUTION]

The street demonstrators' obnoxious conduct has forced some communities to quash them; however like a boomerang many sail back--some courts and MSM continue to encourage their absurdly destructive behavior. Police are getting tougher on the dears, so one form of perceived brutality will compel violent over reactive responses--

As Jack Frost pokes his icy finger into their midst, the protest movement should learn to build igloos. One thing for certain in post revolutionary situations, a new gang would take over as the little guy continues to churn water. He just changes bosses. The street demonstrations will amount to little--it has already turned into a mecca for bums,homeless, pan handlers and anarchists; the uniting factor appears they all have dirty pants. Efforts to give this motley bunch a revolutionary aura is misplaced.

It could end either with a whiff of grape shot or massive arrests and incarceration. Hopefully, that will not happen. Like the romantic hippy revolutionaries of the 60s, they will return home spaced out and bug bitten; find a job, raise a family, join the establishment and spin myths about their faux heroic exploits. POWER TO THE PEOPLE-EQUALITY, LIBERTY and A FREE LUNCH--In any case, GET A LIFE--- COLONIAL ROBERT E BARTOS USA Ret



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